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Name Level Req. Level Slot Source Type
Wolf Handler Gloves
1Hands Leather
Tiger Palm Wraps
1Hands Tiger Palm Leather
Sun Bleached Bracer
1Wrists Rite of Strength Leather
Straw Hat
1HeadVendor Leather
Rockbitten Gloves
1Hands Primal Strike Leather
Red Cloud Gloves
1Hands Our Tribe, Imprisoned Leather
Primitive Kilt
1Legs Leather
Primal Shirt
1Chest Leather
Primal Pants
1Legs Leather
Primal Boots
1Feet Leather
Lockpicker's Glovelettes
1Hands Eviscerate Leather
Goblin Trapper's Shirt
1Chest Leather
Goblin Trapper's Pants
1Legs Leather
Goblin Trapper's Boots
1Feet Leather
Goblin Thug's Tunic
1Chest Leather
Goblin Thug's Pants
1Legs Leather
Goblin Thug's Boots
1Feet Leather
Goblin Primitive's Mantle
1Chest Leather
Goblin Primitive's Belt
1Waist Leather
Gilnean Trapper's Tunic
1Chest Leather
Gilnean Trapper's Pants
1Legs Leather
Gilnean Trapper's Gloves
1Hands Leather
Gilnean Trapper's Boots
1Feet Leather
Gilnean Novice's Tunic
1Chest Leather
Gilnean Novice's Pants
1Legs Leather
Gilnean Novice's Gloves
1Hands Leather
Gilnean Novice's Boots
1Feet Leather
Gilnean Footpad's Tunic
1Chest Leather
Gilnean Footpad's Pants
1Legs Leather
Gilnean Footpad's Gloves
1Hands Leather
Gilnean Footpad's Boots
1Feet Leather
CRobinson Leather Shoulders
1Shoulders Leather
CRobinson Leather Pants
1Legs Leather
CRobinson Leather Helm
1Head Leather
CRobinson Leather Gloves
1Hands Leather
CRobinson Leather Chest
1Chest Leather
CRobinson Leather Boots
1Feet Leather
CRobinson Leather Belt
1Waist Leather
Beast Tracker's Bracers
1Wrists Steady Shot Leather
[PH] Rising Dawn Mitts
1Hands Leather
[PH] Rising Dawn Cap
1Head Leather
Art Template Leather Chest - Leather_PVPDruid_G_01 - Dark
179ChestUnobtainable Leather
6.0 Leather Hand - Leather_PVPRogue_O_01 - Blue
179Hands Leather
ZG Leather Shoulder 1
1Shoulders Leather
Scraggy Leather Pants
2LegsLooted Leather
Ragged Leather Pants
2LegsLooted Leather
Winter Jacket
2Chest Make Hay While the Sun Shines Leather
Tunnel Worm Vest
2Chest Trouble in the Mines Leather
Runner's Boots
2Feet Beating Them Back! Leather
Runner's Belt
2WaistQuest Leather
Lent Hands
2Hands Hold the Line! Leather
Initiate's Handguards
2Hands The Disciple's Challenge Leather
Initiate's Bracers
2Wrists The Lesson of the Sandy Fist Leather
Initiate's Belt
2Waist The Lesson of Stifled Pride Leather
Fierce Heart Vest
2Chest Consort of the Sea Witch Leather
Borderlands Bracers
2WristsQuest Leather
Boar Hide Belt
2Waist Cutting Teeth Leather
Big Trogg Armbands
2Wrists Give 'em What-For Leather
Scraggy Leather Boots
3FeetLooted Leather
Ragged Leather Boots
3FeetLooted Leather
Tight-Fitting Leather Leggings
3Legs Rolling with my Homies Leather
Thorned Cinch
3Waist Stop the Thorncallers Leather
Spymaster's Legs
3LegsQuest Leather
Scout Hunter Vest
3Chest Invaders in Our Home Leather
Rabbit Chaser's Leggings
3Legs Rite of Courage Leather
Poison-Cured Britches
3Legs Sting of the Scorpid Leather
Moraya's Belt
3Waist Young and Vicious Leather
Initiate's Vest
3Chest The Way of the Tushui Leather
Dwarven Leather Pants
3LegsUnobtainable Leather
Debt Collector's Gloves
3Hands Do it Yourself Leather
Armstead Bracers
3Wrists While You're At It Leather
Acceleration Belt
3Waist Finishin' the Job Leather
Scraggy Leather Gloves
4HandsLooted Leather
Scraggy Leather Bracers
4WristsLooted Leather
Ragged Leather Gloves
4HandsLooted Leather
Ragged Leather Bracers
4WristsLooted Leather
Vile Boots
4Feet Vile Familiars Leather
Torque-Applying Gloves
4Hands No Tanks! Leather
Scarred Battleboar Chest
4Chest The Battleboars Leather
Initiate's Footgear
4Feet Fanning the Flames Leather
Initiate's Britches
4Legs The Way of the Huojin Leather
Frostmane Leather Vest
4Chest Leather
Dempsey's Gloves
4Hands By the Skin of His Teeth Leather
Cold Focus Leggings
4Legs No More Mercy Leather
Scraggy Leather Vest
5ChestLooted Leather
Scraggy Leather Belt
5WaistLooted Leather
Ragged Leather Vest
5ChestLooted Leather
Ragged Leather Belt
5WaistLooted Leather
Zombie Skin Leggings
5Legs Night Web's Hollow Leather
Woodland Tunic
5Chest Precious Waters Leather
Wolfskin Bracers
5Wrists Leather
Whitebeard's Bracer
5Wrists Ice and Fire Leather
Weathered Leather Vest
5Chest The Blood Elves Leather
Vigorous Bracers
5WristsQuest Leather
Unmarred Waistband
5Waist The Lesson of Dry Fur Leather
Tasseled Shoes
5Feet The Great Bank Heist Leather
Sweat-Caked Leather Vest
5Chest Leather
Sunwalker's Belt
5Waist Rite of Honor Leather
Sunspire Cord
5WaistQuest Leather
Sun Pearl Vest
5Chest The Sun Pearl Leather