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Name Level Req. Level Slot Source Type
Sea Dog Belt
13Waist Hair of the Dog Leather
Sabots of Red Waters
13Feet The Waters Run Red... Leather
Riverpaw Leather Vest
138ChestLooted Leather
Researcher's Gloves
13Hands Catch and Release Leather
Pioneer Tunic
138ChestLooted, Fished Leather
Mortar-Slinger Belt
13Waist First Degree Mortar Leather
Morra's Gloves
13Hands Timely Arrival Leather
Molotov Gloves
13Hands Profitability Scouting Leather
Jessera's Fungus Lined Bands
13Wrists Mac'Aree Mushroom Menagerie Leather
Hard Crawler Carapace
138ChestLooted Leather
Footman Tunic
13Chest Wanted: "Hogger" Leather
Fanatical Treads
13Feet The Twilight's Hammer Leather
Embossed Leather Gloves
138HandsCrafted Leather
Drunken Style Bracers
13Wrists Deeper into Darkness Leather
Chewed Belt
13Waist It's Alive! Leather
Britches of Desperate Measures
13Legs Nowhere to Run Leather
Warped Leather Pants
149LegsLooted Leather
Warped Leather Belt
149WaistLooted Leather
Lupine Cuffs
149WristsLooted Leather
Hunting Bracers
149WristsLooted, Fished Leather
Hunting Boots
149FeetLooted, Fished Leather
Grizzly Gloves
149HandsLooted Leather
Gnoll Kindred Bracers
149Wrists Redridge Thrasher Leather
Ceremonial Leather Belt
149WaistLooted Leather
Worn Defias Bracers
14Wrists Evidence Collection Leather
Wolfsbane Vest
14Chest In Time, All Will Be Revealed Leather
Vindicator's Leather Moccasins
14Feet I Shoot Magic Into the Darkness Leather
Unabashed Vest
14Chest Leather
Troublesome Gloves
14Hands Big Trouble in Moonbrook Leather
Spothide Leggings
14Legs Jango Spothide Leather
Padded Running Shoes
14Feet Windrunner Village Leather
Light Leather Bracers
149WristsCrafted Leather
Gypsy Trousers
149LegsLooted, Fished Leather
Grizzly Pants
149LegsLooted Leather
Fuzzy Gloves
14Hands In Fungus We Trust Leather
Forsaken Belt
14Waist The Looting of Althalaxx Leather
Dryweed Belt
14Waist Leather
Croc-Skin Boots
14Feet Leather
Boarhide Leggings
148LegsLooted Leather
Belt of the Forgotten Pool
14Waist Kolkar Leaders Leather
Warped Leather Boots
1510FeetLooted Leather
Deprecated Hands of the Quarter Moon
15Hands Leather
Ceremonial Leather Ankleguards
1510FeetLooted Leather
Wendigo Collar
1510Waist Big Crate of Salvage Leather
Vyrin's Belt
15Waist Vyrin's Revenge Leather
Very Tranquil Bracers
15Wrists Against the Wind Leather
Stretched Leather Trousers
15LegsUnobtainable Leather
Spore-Covered Tunic
15Chest Root Samples Leather
Silver-Trim Leggings
15Legs The Stolen Silver Leather
Rutsak Carriers
15Hands Vengeance for Our Soldiers Leather
Lupine Cord
1510WaistLooted Leather
Kodo Hunter's Leggings
15Legs Leather
Kessel's Sweat Stained Elekk Leash
15Waist Declaration of Power Leather
Hunting Gloves
1510HandsLooted, Fished Leather
Herbalist's Gloves
15HandsCrafted Leather
Harvester's Pants
15Legs Leather
Gypsy Tunic
1510ChestLooted, Fished, Pick Pocketed Leather
Gnoll War Harness
1510ChestLooted Leather
Fine Leather Gloves
1510HandsCrafted Leather
Farstrider's Belt
15Waist Curbing the Plague Leather
Embossed Leather Pants
1510LegsCrafted Leather
Embossed Leather Boots
1510FeetCrafted Leather
Doody Boots
15FeetQuest Leather
Deathstalker's Vest
1510ChestVendor Leather
Ceremonial Leather Gloves
1510HandsLooted Leather
Ceremonial Leather Gloves
1510Hands Leather
Boots of the Prolific Sire
15Feet Still Assessing the Threat Leather
Bogwalker Boots
1510Feet Leather
Bogwalker Boots
1510FeetVendor Leather
Bingles' Flying Gloves
15Hands Leather
Binding Girdle
15Waist Leather
Bard's Bracers
1510WristsLooted, Fished Leather
Bard's Belt
1510WaistLooted, Fished Leather
Archaeologist's Britches
15Legs The Last Refugee Leather
Silver Embossed Boots
15Feet Disturbing Connections Leather
Waptor Skin Boots
16Feet Waptor Twapping Leather
Ventillated Leggings
16Legs Like a Fart in the Wind Leather
Starvation Vest
16Chest Like a Fart in the Wind Leather
Retainer Vest
16Chest WANTED: Cap'n Garvey Leather
Nozzlepot's Vest
16Chest Sludge Beast! Leather
Murderous Bracers
16Wrists Verog the Dervish Leather
Mongrel Leggings
16Legs Yowler Must Die! Leather
Lupine Slippers
1611FeetLooted Leather
Lupine Handwraps
1611HandsLooted Leather
Leverage Bracers
16Wrists Saving Foreman Oslow Leather
Jessera's Fungus Lined Vest
16Chest Ysera's Tears Leather
Irregular Belt
16Waist Miner's Fortune Leather
Hunting Pants
1611LegsLooted, Fished Leather
Grizzly Jerkin
1611ChestLooted Leather
Godfrey's Belt
16Waist The Great Escape Leather
Gazlowe's Gloves
16Hands WANTED: Cap'n Garvey Leather
Fine Leather Belt
1611WaistCrafted Leather
Feral Bindings
1611WristsLooted Leather
Clean Room Boots
16Feet Samophlange Leather
Black Leather Jerkin
16Chest Report to Magister Kaendris Leather
Belt of Recurring Raids
16Waist Lake Everstill Clean Up Leather
Bard's Boots
1611FeetLooted, Fished Leather
Aetherion Imbued Vest
16Chest Call Down the Thunder Leather
Vest of Fortune
16Chest Gazlowe's Fortune Leather
Patched Leather Gloves
1712HandsLooted Leather