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Name Level Req. Level Slot Source Type
Reconstructing Hauberk
318Chest Missing Parts Mail
Rebel Breastplate
26Chest Deep Roots Mail
Ravenchain Vest
578Chest Sethe, the Dead God Mail
Ravager's Armor
4439ChestLooted Mail
Ravager Chitin Tunic
10Chest Beasts of the Apocalypse! Mail
Rangari Initiate Vest
513Chest Swamplighter Queen Mail
Raider's Chestpiece
2015ChestLooted, Fished Mail
Radiant Breastplate
5449ChestCrafted Mail
Protector Breastplate
5449ChestLooted Mail
Prismscale Hauberk
57Chest Mail
Plainhunter's Chestpiece
138ChestQuest Mail
Pillager's Chestguard
3732ChestLooted Mail
Phalanx Breastplate
3530ChestLooted Mail
Packrunner Vest
593100ChestLooted Mail
Oversized Ogre Hauberk
102Chest The Spirit Polluted Mail
Outrunner's Chestguard
2419ChestLooted Mail
Osul Peak Chestguard
429Chest Grounded Welcome Mail
Ornate Breastplate
5853ChestLooted Mail
Orcish War Chain
23Chest Mail
Orca Armor
14671ChestLooted Mail
Oozing Vest
46Chest See the Invisible Mail
Onyx Shredder Plate
3530ChestLooted Mail
Onslaught Scalemail Hauberk
146Chest Mail
Njord Chain Vest
13468ChestLooted Mail
Nifflevar Chestpiece
14270ChestLooted Mail
Nexus-Strider Breastplate
9060ChestLooted Mail
Netherstorm Chestpiece
12070ChestLooted Mail
Netherstalker Armor
8759ChestLooted Mail
Nerubian Chestguard
13868ChestCrafted Mail
Nazferiti Vest
27277ChestLooted Mail
Myrmidon's Breastplate
5146ChestLooted Mail
Mountainscaler Ringmail Armor
39387ChestVendor Mail
Mountainscaler Chain Armor
39387ChestVendor Mail
Mountain Vest
40087ChestLooted Mail
Mercurial Breastplate
6459ChestLooted Mail
Merciless Surcoat
5752ChestLooted Mail
Merciless Breastplate
54Chest Lumbering Oafs Mail
Merciless Breastplate
54Chest Lumbering Oafs Mail
Masterwork Breastplate
6560ChestLooted Mail
Marshcreeper Fen-Vest
9963ChestLooted Mail
Marker's Hauberk
318Chest Call in the Artillery Mail
Marauder's Tunic
4035ChestLooted Mail
Mammoth Chestpiece
16275ChestLooted Mail
Mail Combat Armor
3631ChestLooted, Fished Mail
Magnificent Breastplate
6257ChestLooted Mail
Lord's Breastplate
5348ChestLooted Mail
Lordaeron-Made Breastplate
27Chest Alina's Reward Mail
Links of the Sleep-Watcher
174Chest The Art of Being a Water Terror Mail
Links of the Battlemender
174Chest Ebon Blade Prisoners Mail
Leafscale Chestguard
52590Chest Mail
Large Ogre Chain Armor
3025Chest Big Crate of Salvage Mail
Lambent Scale Breastplate
2722ChestLooted Mail
Konu's Chainmail
35Chest More Than Illness Mail
Knight's Breastplate
3934ChestLooted Mail
Kingslayer's Breastplate
22Chest Kasha Will Fly Again Mail
Khan's Chestpiece
4944ChestLooted Mail
Kavem's Trimmed Chestguard
312Chest Kavem the Callous Mail
Kargal's Breastplate
12Chest The Far Watch Offensive Mail
Kadrak's Breastplate
21Chest Gorat's Vengeance Mail
Jessera's Fungus Lined Hauberk
16Chest Ysera's Tears Mail
Jazeraint Chestguard
4237ChestLooted Mail
Jadescale Breastplate
59Chest Mail
Jade Witch Armor
384Chest The Silkwood Road Mail
Ironspine Chain Vest
10565ChestLooted Mail
Ironhide Breastplate
5651ChestLooted Mail
Ironheart Chain
15Chest Mail
Ironforge Chain
1611ChestCrafted Mail
Ironforge Breastplate
2015ChestCrafted Mail
Infested Breastplate
30Chest Spy Infestation Mail
Infantry Tunic
138ChestLooted, Fished Mail
Improvised Breastplate
50Chest Taking the Horn For Ourselves Mail
Improvised Breastplate
50Chest Taking the Horn For Ourselves Mail
Impenetrable Breastplate
6156ChestLooted Mail
Ichor Stained Vest
11Chest A Cure In The Dark Mail
Ice Heart Chestguard
146Chest Really Big Worm Mail
Husk of Naraxis
2722Chest Big Crate of Salvage Mail
Huntsman's Jerkin
158Chest Clipping Their Wings Mail
Humbert's Chestpiece
2823ChestLooted Mail
Hulking Chestguard
2823ChestLooted Mail
Huangtze Scale Vest
399Chest Mothallus! Mail
Hiri'watha Vest
29581ChestLooted Mail
Highperch Vest
30082ChestLooted Mail
Highland Vest
51693ChestLooted Mail
Hide-Lined Chestguard
154ChestQuest Mail
HF28 Mail Physical Chest4
138Chest Mail
Hero's Breastplate
6257ChestLooted Mail
Heavy Scorpid Vest
5348ChestCrafted Mail
Heartsick Breastplate
28Chest Stromgarde Badges Mail
Hauberk of Shock
318Chest Unfamiliar Waters Mail
Hailwood Chestpiece
9Chest Stranded at the Marsh Mail
Guerrilla Armor
1510Chest Big Crate of Salvage Mail
Guerilla Breastplate
25Chest Stopping Kurzen's Legacy Mail
Gryphon Mail Breastplate
5146ChestLooted Mail
Grunt's Chestpiece
2621ChestLooted Mail
Gronnling Vest
49491ChestLooted Mail
Grimfrost Frostmail
512Chest The Eldest Mail
Golden Scale Cuirass
4035ChestCrafted Mail
Glimmering Mail Breastplate
3126ChestLooted Mail
Gentling Breastplate
40Chest A Gift For Fiona Mail
Gelkis Marauder Chain
42Chest Mail