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Name Level Req. Level Slot Source Type
Worn Mail Vest
149ChestLooted Mail
Sterling Chain Armor
6257Chest Mail
Sooty Mail Armor
19982ChestLooted Mail
Shoddy Chain Vest
5ChestLooted Mail
Ripped Mail Armor
24590ChestLooted Mail
Reinforced Chain Vest
2823ChestLooted Mail
Overlinked Chain Armor
4540ChestLooted Mail
Moist Mail Armor
18085ChestLooted Mail
Loose Chain Vest
105ChestLooted Mail
Linked Chain Vest
2217ChestLooted, Skinned Mail
Laminated Scale Armor
5449ChestLooted Mail
Laced Mail Vest
1611ChestLooted Mail
Inferior Mail Armor
22987ChestLooted, Mined Mail
Icy Mail Armor
11871ChestLooted Mail
Grime-Fouled Mail Armor
29490ChestLooted Mail
Frigid Mail Armor
13277ChestLooted Mail
Flimsy Chain Vest
5ChestLooted Mail
Eroded Mail Armor
6661ChestLooted, Gathered Mail
Double Mail Vest
3328ChestLooted Mail
Corroded Mail Armor
7267ChestLooted, Skinned Mail
Clammy Mail Armor
15080ChestLooted Mail
Wolf Hunter's Vest
2ChestQuest Mail
Weathered Mail Tunic
5Chest The Blood Elves Mail
Vile Jersey
4Chest Vile Familiars Mail
Vagash Pelt Vest
8Chest Protecting the Herd Mail
Unadorned Chain Vest
5ChestVendor Mail
Tunic of Celebration
8Chest Lost But Not Forgotten Mail
Trogg Repeller Chainmail
2Chest Mail
Tarnished Chain Vest
5ChestVendor Mail
Spitescale Mail
4Chest No More Mercy Mail
Siege Brigade Vest
10Chest Mail
Scalemail Vest
2217ChestVendor Mail
Salvaged Chain Armor
105ChestVendor Mail
Rusted Chain Vest
5ChestVendor Mail
Rugged Mail Vest
5Chest Night Web's Hollow Mail
Rough Copper Vest
72ChestCrafted Mail
Rockjaw Breastplate
2Chest Make Hay While the Sun Shines Mail
Ritual Breastplate
9ChestQuest Mail
Recruit's Tunic
1Chest Mail
Prisoner's Shirt
10Chest Mail
Polished Scale Vest
2722ChestVendor Mail
Mountaineer Chestpiece
72Chest Mail
Merchant's Chestguard
3Chest While You're At It Mail
Mag'hari Chain Vest
9070ChestVendor Mail
Light Mail Armor
105ChestVendor Mail
Light Chain Armor
105ChestVendor Mail
Kilag's Vest
8Chest Weed Whacker Mail
Jasperlode Chestguard
7Chest Gold Dust Exchange Mail
Jagged Chain Vest
5Chest Mail
Initiate's Breastplate
3Chest The Way of the Tushui Mail
Holey Mail Shirt
5Chest Mail
Grunt's Chain Vest
5045ChestVendor Mail
Green Chain Vest
5Chest Unfortunate Measures Mail
Goblin Brawler's Harness
1Chest Mail
Glistening Breastplate
5Chest A New Friend Mail
Gilnean Recruit's Tunic
1Chest Mail
Fur Lined Chain Shirt
7Chest Pelt Collection Mail
Frostmane Chain Vest
5Chest Grik'nir the Cold Mail
Crosscheck Breastplate
3ChestQuest Mail
Chestguard of the Beating Drum
7Chest The Restless Earth Mail
Chainmail Armor
1712ChestVendor Mail
Brigandine Vest
5045ChestVendor Mail
Barkmail Vest
5Chest Iverron's Antidote Mail
Augmented Chain Vest
3732ChestVendor Mail
[PH] Mail Chestguard of the Shining Dawn
100100Chest Mail
[PH] Mail Chestguard of the Rising Dawn
100100Chest Mail
[PH] Mail Chestguard of the Brilliant Dawn
100100ChestUnobtainable Mail
Yak Vest
42988ChestLooted, Mined Mail
Yak Herder Vest
414Chest Thumping Knucklethump Mail
Yak Herder Armor
414Chest One Traveler's Misfortune Mail
Wyrmfire Links
146Chest On Ruby Wings Mail
Wrathfin Armor
9361ChestLooted Mail
Workforce Chestguard
49Chest Slap and Cap Mail
Woodguard Vest
21Chest Agents of Destruction Mail
Wolvar Armor
16676ChestLooted Mail
Withered Wood Breastplate
437Chest Falling to Pieces Mail
Withered Wood Armor
437Chest Fresh Pots Mail
Wind-Reaver Breastplate
437Chest Falling to Pieces Mail
Wind-Reaver Armor
437Chest Fresh Pots Mail
Windbound Chest
33383ChestCreated Mail
Willow Vest
40386ChestLooted Mail
Willow Band Hauberk
59Chest Mail
Wild Plains Breastplate
399Chest Mothallus! Mail
Wicked Chain Chestpiece
3429ChestLooted Mail
Wax-Polished Armor
1510ChestLooted Mail
Wasteland Ringmail Armor
40888ChestVendor Mail
Wasteland Chain Armor
40888ChestVendor Mail
Warstrike Chestguard
6459ChestLooted Mail
Warrior's Tunic
116ChestLooted, Fished Mail
Warpstalker Breastplate
99ChestQuest Mail
Warp-Shielded Hauberk
108Chest Measuring Warp Energies Mail
Warpscale Vest
52794ChestLooted Mail
Warmonger's Chestpiece
5045ChestLooted, Pick Pocketed Mail
Warlords Intro Zone PH Mail Vest
500Chest Mail
War Torn Tunic
1611ChestLooted Mail
War Paint Chestpiece
2318ChestLooted Mail
Waptor Scale Bweastpwate
16Chest Waptor Twapping Mail
Veteran Armor
1611ChestLooted, Fished Mail
Vest of the Den Watcher
58Chest Winterfall Activity Mail
Vessel of the Dark Lady
19Chest Transdimensional Warfare: Chapter III Mail