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Name Level Req. Level Slot Source Type
Vicious Dragonscale Boots
37785FeetCrafted Mail
Warsong Boots
60090FeetVendor Mail
Wavefury Boots
11570FeetLooted Mail
Wild Stalker Boots
11570FeetLooted Mail
Wind Dancer Boots
6055FeetLooted Mail
Windreaver Greaves
4540Feet Mail
Wind-Reaver Sabatons
450Feet Fires and Fears of Old Mail
Withered Wood Sabatons
450Feet Fires and Fears of Old Mail
Abyssal Mail Sabatons
6055FeetLooted Mail
Amberpine Greaves
15072FeetLooted Mail
Ancient Greaves
4439FeetLooted Mail
Atoll Treaders
272Feet Swift Action Mail
Atoll Treaders
272Feet Swift Action Mail
Banded Boots
3227FeetLooted Mail
Barbaric Iron Boots
3631FeetCrafted Mail
Bat Claw Boots
44Feet Mail
Battered Saurscale Boots
42990FeetLooted Mail
Battleforge Boots
2924FeetLooted Mail
Beastsoul Greaves
23280FeetVendor Mail
Big Footwear
39Feet Sasquatch Sighting Mail
Big Footwear
39Feet Sasquatch Sighting Mail
Blackened Chain Greaves
114FeetQuest Mail
Blackforge Greaves
4540FeetLooted Mail
Blackrock Boots
1914FeetLooted Mail
Blackrock Chain Boots
477FeetLooted Mail
Blood Knight Boots
10264FeetLooted Mail
Blood-Encrusted Boots
174Feet The Rider of the Unholy Mail
Bloodlust Boots
5853FeetLooted Mail
Bloodspattered Sabatons
1611FeetLooted Mail
Bloodtaint Boots
22Feet Pierce Their Heart! Mail
Bonelink Sabatons
4540FeetLooted Mail
Boots of Delivery
45Feet A Strange Request Mail
Boots of Explosive Dancing
32Feet Recipe for Disaster Mail
Boots of Financial Victory
55Feet Pick Your Fate Mail
Boots of Intimidation
55Feet Ogre Combat Mail
Boots of the Deliverer
23Feet All's Well Mail
Boots of the Earthcaller
93Feet The Rock Flayer Matriarch Mail
Boots of the Fallen Brother
31Feet Silencing Rageroar Mail
Boots of the Great Sacrifice
158Feet The Leaders at Jin'Alai Mail
Boots of the Skybreaker
114Feet Enraged Spirits of Air Mail
Boots of Zua'tec
45Feet Mail
Bootscuff Boots
47Feet Just Trying to Kill Some Bugs Mail
Brackwater Boots
1510FeetLooted Mail
Bramblescar Greaves
28980FeetLooted Mail
Brigade Boots
4338FeetLooted Mail
Brittle Flamereaver Treads
42990FeetLooted, Mined Mail
Brunnhildar Snowkickers
174Feet Making a Harness Mail
Burnished Boots
2116FeetLooted Mail
Captain's Boots
4237FeetLooted Mail
Champion's Greaves
4641FeetLooted Mail
Chief Brigadier Boots
3934FeetLooted Mail
Chilled Mail Boots
138FeetQuest Mail
Clear Path Boots
25Feet Return to Stardust Mail
Cliff Running Boots
10Feet Wildmane Cleansing Mail
Cormorant Footwraps
17077FeetLooted Mail
Creeping Boots
20Feet Glorious Harvest Mail
Crusader's Boots
5348FeetLooted Mail
Crustacean Boots
17Feet Mail
Dark Iron Hobnail Boots
10Feet Dark Iron Scheming Mail
Darkspear Boots
42Feet Mail
Darksteel Ringmail Greaves
138FeetQuest Mail
Deathweb Greaves
53895FeetLooted Mail
Deepwild Greaves
399Feet Wisdom Has A Price Mail
Defender Boots
2318FeetLooted Mail
Den Whomper Boots
42Feet Two-Tusk Takedown Mail
Den Whomper Boots
42Feet Two-Tusk Takedown Mail
Der'izu Greaves
10866FeetLooted Mail
Disarray Boots
22Feet Wet Work Mail
Dragonmaw Chain Boots
2722FeetLooted Mail
Dreaming Spirit Boots
414Feet The Fearmaster Mail
Dreaming Spirit Sabatons
414Feet The Burlap Grind Mail
Dredge Boots
22Feet Mail
Duro Footgear
111Feet Rightful Repossession Mail
Dustbelcher Boots
47Feet Half-Ton Holdouts Mail
Dustbelcher Boots
47Feet Half-Ton Holdouts Mail
Earthmover Sabatons
429Feet The Field Armorer Mail
Ebonhold Boots
5550FeetLooted Mail
Enduring Boots
3732FeetLooted Mail
Engraved Boots
5853FeetLooted Mail
Enohar's Old Hunting Boots
55Feet Curtail the Darktail Mail
Faded Forest Chain Sabatons
37285FeetVendor Mail
Faded Forest Ringmail Sabatons
37285FeetVendor Mail
Felpaw Boots
45Feet Culling the Corrupted Mail
Felscale Boots
9361FeetCrafted Mail
Felstone Greaves
8458FeetLooted Mail
Fenclaw Footwraps
9662FeetLooted Mail
Fire Stompers
19Feet Jadefire Braziers Mail
Flayer-Crush Boots
289Feet Take Him to the Earthcaller Mail
Fleet Refugee's Boots
99Feet Helping the Lost Find Their Way Mail
Formidable Sabatons
4944FeetLooted Mail
Fortified Boots
2520FeetLooted Mail
Fox Grove Sabatons
384Feet Pages of History Mail
Frayfeather Greaves
31885FeetLooted Mail
Freedom-Path Treads
158Feet Trolls Is Gone Crazy! Mail
Friendfinder Treads
318Feet Finding Beak Mail
Frostlink Greaves
48390FeetLooted Mail
Frostscale Boots
14673FeetCrafted Mail
Frostwolf Ringmail Boots
512Feet Gormaul Tower Mail
Fungal Reisistant Chainmail Boots
583Feet The Right Parts for the Job Mail
Garmaul Footwraps
13067FeetLooted Mail