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Name Level Req. Level Slot Source Type
Glass Encrusted Boots
32Feet Recipe for Disaster Mail
Glimmering Mail Greaves
3126FeetLooted Mail
Gold Militia Boots
25Feet Mail
Golden Scale Boots
4035FeetCrafted Mail
Gor'Tesh's Boots
51Feet SEVEN! YUP! Mail
Greaves of the People's Militia
15Feet Mail
Green Iron Boots
2924FeetCrafted Mail
Grom'gar Chain Boots
517Feet The Master Siegesmith Mail
Gronnling Greaves
49491FeetLooted Mail
Grunt's Ankle Wraps
2116FeetLooted Mail
Gryan's Boots
14Feet Big Trouble in Moonbrook Mail
Gryphon Mail Greaves
4742FeetLooted Mail
Head Kickers
32Feet Gan'dranda Mail
Heavy-Duty Engineering Boots
108Feet Elemental Power Extraction Mail
Heedless Treads
10Feet Ignoring the Warnings Mail
Hero's Boots
6055FeetLooted Mail
Highland Greaves
51693FeetLooted Mail
Highperch Greaves
30082FeetLooted Mail
Highstrider Boots
14Feet Kolkar Leaders Mail
Hiri'watha Greaves
29581FeetLooted Mail
Hotfoot Boots
11Feet Losing Your Tail Mail
Huangtze Scale Sabatons
399Feet Muddy Water Mail
Hulking Boots
2419FeetLooted Mail
Imbued Infantry Boots
116FeetLooted Mail
Impenetrable Sabatons
5954FeetLooted Mail
Impressive Greaves
272Feet Trial By Fire Mail
Ironheel Boots
45Feet Mail
Ironhide Greaves
5247FeetLooted Mail
Ironspine Greaves
10565FeetLooted Mail
Jade Witch Sabatons
384Feet Pages of History Mail
Jazeraint Boots
4035FeetLooted Mail
Junglewalker Boots
26Feet The Altar of Naias Mail
Junglewalker Boots
26Feet An Unusual Patron Mail
Kelly's Booties
37Feet A Gnoll's Resolve Mail
Khan's Greaves
4641FeetLooted Mail
Knight's Boots
3732FeetLooted, Skinned Mail
Krom'gar Sergeant's Chain Greaves
26FeetVendor Mail
Krom'gar Sergeant's Mesh Greaves
26FeetVendor Mail
Lambent Scale Boots
2722FeetLooted Mail
Landfall Chain Boots
372Feet Mail
Landfall Chain Boots
372Feet Seeking Zin'jun Mail
Landfall Chain Boots
372Feet Kung Din Mail
Landfall Sabatons
372Feet Kung Din Mail
Landfall Sabatons
372Feet Seeking Zin'jun Mail
Landfall Sabatons
372Feet Mail
Landing Boots
114Feet Dealing with the Overmaster Mail
Lava Boots
51Feet Not Fireflies, Flameflies Mail
Layered Scale Boots
138Feet Mail
Leafscale Boots
57590Feet Mail
Legend Eater Boots
53Feet A Bird of Legend Mail
Lifecrusher Treads
318Feet Coup de Grace Mail
Lifecrusher Treads
318Feet Coup de Grace Mail
Lifestep Treads
42990FeetLooted Mail
Lightstep Boots
27Feet Attack on the Tower Mail
Lightweight Mesh Boots
19Feet Galaen's Fate Mail
Lord's Boots
5146FeetLooted Mail
Magnificent Greaves
6055FeetLooted Mail
Mail Combat Boots
3530FeetLooted Mail
Mammoth Boots
16275FeetLooted Mail
Mammoth Mukluks
174Feet Demolitionist Extraordinaire Mail
Marauder's Boots
3833FeetLooted Mail
Marshcreeper Sludgeboots
9963FeetLooted Mail
Masterwork Boots
6358FeetLooted Mail
Merciless Greaves
5449FeetLooted Mail
Mercurial Greaves
6156FeetLooted Mail
Misshapen Boots
16Feet Miner's Fortune Mail
Moonchain Boots
512Feet Circle the Wagon Mail
Mountain Greaves
40087FeetLooted Mail
Mountainscaler Chain Sabatons
39387FeetVendor Mail
Mountainscaler Ringmail Sabatons
39387FeetVendor Mail
Mr. Tauren's Boots
47Feet Hazzard Disposal Mail
Mud Stompers
15Feet Mail
Myrmidon's Greaves
4944FeetLooted Mail
Nazferiti Greaves
27277FeetLooted Mail
Negotiation Stompers
17Feet The Blackmaw Doublecross Mail
Nephropsis Treads
272Feet Come Prepared Mail
Nephropsis Treads
272Feet Come Prepared Mail
Nerubian Boots
14272FeetCrafted Mail
Nethergarde Boots
55Feet Eliminate the Okril'lon Mail
Netherstalker Greaves
8759FeetLooted Mail
Netherstorm Greaves
12070FeetLooted Mail
Nexus-Strider Greaves
9060FeetLooted, Gathered Mail
Nifflevar Boots
14270FeetLooted Mail
Night Watch Boots
21Feet Wolves at Our Heels Mail
Njord Boots
13468FeetLooted Mail
Orca Footwraps
14671FeetLooted Mail
Ornate Greaves
5752FeetLooted Mail
Osul Peak Sabatons
429Feet The Field Armorer Mail
Outhouse Boots
41Feet A Little Payback Mail
Outhouse Boots
41Feet A Little Payback Mail
Outrunner's Slippers
2015FeetLooted Mail
Packrunner Greaves
593100FeetLooted Mail
Padded Lamellar Boots
16Feet Mail
Phalanx Boots
3429FeetLooted Mail
Pillager's Boots
3328FeetLooted Mail
Plane-Shifted Boots
154Feet Voices From the Dust Mail
Polished Steel Boots
3732FeetCrafted Mail
Protector Ankleguards
5045FeetLooted Mail
Protector's Boots
102Feet Protecting Our Own Mail
Quagmire Galoshes
25Feet Mail