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Name Level Req. Level Slot Source Type
Champion's Greaves
4641FeetLooted Mail
Chief Brigadier Boots
3934FeetLooted Mail
Chilled Mail Boots
138FeetQuest Mail
Claimant Treads
30Feet The Karnitol Shipwreck Mail
Cormorant Footwraps
17077FeetLooted Mail
Crusader's Boots
5348FeetLooted Mail
Crustacean Boots
17Feet Mail
Darkbreaker Treads
22Feet Keep the Fires Burning Mail
Darkspear Boots
42Feet Mail
Darksteel Ringmail Greaves
138FeetQuest Mail
Deathweb Greaves
53895FeetLooted Mail
Deepwild Greaves
399Feet Wisdom Has A Price Mail
Defender Boots
2318FeetLooted Mail
Demolitionist's Footguards
12Feet Good-bye, Sweet Oil Mail
Den Whomper Boots
42Feet Two-Tusk Takedown Mail
Den Whomper Boots
42Feet Two-Tusk Takedown Mail
Der'izu Greaves
10866FeetLooted Mail
Diver's Chain Boots
680101FeetLooted, Fished Mail
Doody Shoes
15FeetQuest Mail
Dragonmaw Chain Boots
2722FeetLooted Mail
Dreadroot Linked Greaves
680101FeetLooted Mail
Dreaming Spirit Boots
414Feet The Fearmaster Mail
Dreaming Spirit Sabatons
414Feet The Burlap Grind Mail
Dredge Boots
22Feet Mail
Duro Footgear
111Feet Rightful Repossession Mail
Dustbelcher Boots
47Feet Half-Ton Holdouts Mail
Dustbelcher Boots
47Feet Half-Ton Holdouts Mail
Dusty Treads
16Feet Samophlange Mail
Earthmover Sabatons
429Feet The Field Armorer Mail
Ebonhold Boots
5550FeetLooted Mail
Elementally-Infused Boots
680Feet Nobundo's Last Stand Mail
Encroaching Boots
32Feet Thornar Thunderclash Mail
Enduring Boots
3732FeetLooted Mail
Engraved Boots
5853FeetLooted Mail
Enohar's Old Hunting Boots
55Feet Curtail the Darktail Mail
Ered'ruin Boots
810101FeetLooted Mail
Excelsior Footwear
28Feet Excelsior Mail
Faded Forest Chain Sabatons
37285FeetVendor Mail
Faded Forest Ringmail Sabatons
37285FeetVendor Mail
Faithful Footguards
22Feet Gurtar's Request Mail
Faronaar Chain Greaves
680101FeetLooted Mail
Felmonger's Treads
680Feet They Have A Pitlord Mail
Felpaw Boots
45Feet Culling the Corrupted Mail
Felscale Boots
9361FeetCrafted Mail
Felstone Greaves
8458FeetLooted Mail
Fenclaw Footwraps
9662FeetLooted Mail
Firebrand's Footguards
333Feet Rival's Crate of Battlefield Goods Mail
Flayer-Crush Boots
289Feet Take Him to the Earthcaller Mail
Fleet Refugee's Boots
99Feet Helping the Lost Find Their Way Mail
Footpads of Sin'Dall
28Feet Tiger Mastery Mail
Formidable Sabatons
4944FeetLooted Mail
Fortified Boots
2520FeetLooted Mail
Fox Grove Sabatons
384Feet Pages of History Mail
Frayfeather Greaves
31885FeetLooted Mail
Freedom-Path Treads
158Feet Trolls Is Gone Crazy! Mail
Friendfinder Treads
318Feet Finding Beak Mail
Frog Stompers
36Feet Marsh Frog Legs Mail
Frostlink Greaves
48390FeetLooted Mail
Frostscale Boots
14673FeetCrafted Mail
Frostwolf Ringmail Boots
512Feet Gormaul Tower Mail
Fungal Reisistant Chainmail Boots
583Feet The Right Parts for the Job Mail
Galvanized Stormscale Boots
680101FeetLooted Mail
Garmaul Footwraps
13067FeetLooted Mail
Glimmering Mail Greaves
3126FeetLooted, Fished Mail
Gold Star Boots
27Feet Call to Arms Mail
Golden Scale Boots
4035FeetCrafted Mail
Gor'Tesh's Boots
51Feet SEVEN! YUP! Mail
Grass-Stained Stompers
12Feet Twice Removed Mail
Grassy Bracers
11Feet The Waters of Teldrassil Mail
Grease-Covered Footguards
32Feet Siegebreaker Mail
Greaves of the People's Militia
15Feet Mail
Green Iron Boots
2924FeetCrafted Mail
Greenhorn's Footguards
43Feet Crate of Battlefield Goods Mail
Grom'gar Chain Boots
517Feet The Master Siegesmith Mail
Gronnling Greaves
49491FeetLooted Mail
Grunt's Ankle Wraps
2116FeetLooted Mail
Gryphon Mail Greaves
4742FeetLooted Mail
Heavy Scale Boots
4035FeetCrafted Mail
Heavy-Duty Engineering Boots
108Feet Elemental Power Extraction Mail
Hero's Boots
6055FeetLooted Mail
Highland Greaves
51693FeetLooted Mail
Highperch Greaves
30082FeetLooted Mail
Hill Ranger Treads
10Feet The Eyes of Ashenvale Mail
Hillstride Greaves
680101FeetLooted Mail
Hiri'watha Greaves
29581FeetLooted Mail
Huangtze Scale Sabatons
399Feet Muddy Water Mail
Hulking Boots
2419FeetLooted Mail
Imbued Infantry Boots
116FeetLooted Mail
Impenetrable Sabatons
5954FeetLooted Mail
Impressive Greaves
272Feet Trial By Fire Mail
Inconspicuous Footguards
18Feet A Wolf in Bear's Clothing Mail
Inter-Feather-Linked Greaves
18Feet Shear Will Mail
Ironbranded Footguards
605Feet Savage Crate of Battlefield Goods Mail
Ironheel Boots
45Feet Mail
Ironhide Greaves
5247FeetLooted Mail
Ironspine Greaves
10565FeetLooted Mail
Isle Watcher's Boots
810101FeetLooted Mail
Jade Witch Sabatons
384Feet Pages of History Mail
Jangdor's Handcrafted Greaves
45Feet The Mark of Quality Mail
Jazeraint Boots
4035FeetLooted Mail