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Name Level Req. Level Slot Source Type
Boots of the Illidari Crusade
870Feet Soul Prism of the Illidari Mail
Portal-Link Sabatons
835Feet Mail
Footpads of the Nightrunners
800FeetVendor Mail
Croc-Resistant Waders
680Feet Muck-Covered Shoes Mail
Sabatons of the Receding Nightmare
680Feet Darkheart Thicket: Enter the Nightmare Mail
Thornbrace Boots
680Feet To Old Friends Mail
Whitewater Boots
680Feet The Three Mail
Blighthound Master's Greaves
680Feet A Grim Trophy Mail
Elementally-Infused Boots
680Feet Nobundo's Last Stand Mail
Felmonger's Treads
680Feet They Have A Pitlord Mail
Runesworn Boots
680Feet Regal Remains Mail
Seaspray Chain Boots
680Feet The Scythe of Souls Mail
Seaspray Sabatons
680Feet Save Yourself Mail
Thornbrace Sabatons
680Feet Spread Your Lunarwings and Fly Mail
Tinkmaster's Buzzing Kickers
680Feet Signal Boost Mail
Whitewater Sabatons
680Feet Ormgul the Pestilent Mail
Stormsteppe Sabatons
593FeetQuest Mail
Fungal Reisistant Chainmail Boots
583Feet The Right Parts for the Job Mail
Ravenchain Sabatons
572Feet Hatred Undying Mail
Sha'tari Deadeye Sabatons
558Feet Nightmare in the Tomb Mail
Wildwood Wrangler Sabatons
531FeetQuest Mail
Grom'gar Chain Boots
517Feet The Master Siegesmith Mail
Rangari Initiate Sabatons
513Feet Escape From Shaz'gul Mail
Frostwolf Ringmail Boots
512Feet Gormaul Tower Mail
Moonchain Boots
512Feet Circle the Wagon Mail
Blackrock Chain Boots
477Feet Blackrock Slaghauler Mail
Treads of the Neferset
333Feet The Source of Their Power Mail
Fireball Treads
325Feet Gnomebliteration Mail
Friendfinder Treads
318Feet Finding Beak Mail
Lifecrusher Treads
318Feet Coup de Grace Mail
Lifecrusher Treads
318Feet Coup de Grace Mail
Repair Crew Treads
318Feet Parting Packages Mail
Smoking Stride Treads
318Feet Mercy for the Bound Mail
Tank Director's Treads
312Feet Battlezone Mail
Treads of the Starry Obelisk
312Feet A Disarming Distraction Mail
Flayer-Crush Boots
289Feet Take Him to the Earthcaller Mail
Rockslide Treads
289Feet Sealing the Way Mail
Treads of Restoration
288Feet Aessina's Miracle Mail
Atoll Treaders
272Feet Swift Action Mail
Atoll Treaders
272Feet Swift Action Mail
Impressive Greaves
272Feet Trial By Fire Mail
Nephropsis Treads
272Feet Come Prepared Mail
Nephropsis Treads
272Feet Come Prepared Mail
Treads of the Dreamwolf
272Feet Sweeping the Shelf Mail
Wolfcall Stompers
272Feet Sweeping the Shelf Mail
Dragon Slayer's Sabatons
200FeetLooted Mail
Scaled Boots of Fallen Hope
175FeetQuest Mail
The Darkspeaker's Sabatons
174Feet Mind Tricks Mail
Blood-Encrusted Boots
174Feet The Rider of the Unholy Mail
Brunnhildar Snowkickers
174Feet Making a Harness Mail
Mammoth Mukluks
174Feet Demolitionist Extraordinaire Mail
QR IC32 Mail Physical Feet2 - PH
174Feet Mail
Savryn's Muddy Boots
174FeetQuest Mail
Skeleton Smashers
162Feet An Issue of Trust Mail
Treads of Bound Life
162Feet Exterminate the Intruders Mail
Cleated Ice Boots
159FeetLooted Mail
Husk Shard Sabatons
159Feet Death to the Traitor King Mail
Boots of the Great Sacrifice
158Feet The Leaders at Jin'Alai Mail
Freedom-Path Treads
158Feet Trolls Is Gone Crazy! Mail
QR ZD25 Mail Physical Feet2 - PH
158Feet Mail
Spiked Treads of Mutation
155Feet Quickening Mail
Plane-Shifted Boots
154Feet Voices From the Dust Mail
Short-Circuiting Boots
154FeetQuest Mail
Treads of the Valiant Struggle
146FeetQuest Mail
DB54 Mail Physical Feet3
146Feet Mail
DB58 Mail Healer Feet2
146Feet Mail
Star's Rest Treads
146FeetQuest Mail
Tightened Chainmesh Boots
146Feet Something That Doesn't Melt Mail
Verdant Linked Boots
146Feet The Plume of Alystros Mail
Chilled Mail Boots
138FeetQuest Mail
Darksteel Ringmail Greaves
138FeetQuest Mail
Layered Scale Boots
138Feet Mail
Sharkproof Boots
138Feet Mail
Streamlined Stompers
138FeetQuest Mail
Sun-Fired Striders
138FeetQuest Mail
Tank Commander's Treads
138Feet The Plains of Nasam Mail
Tundrastrider Boots
138FeetQuest Mail
Auchenai Boots
115Feet Into the Heart of the Labyrinth Mail
Outland Striders
115FeetLooted Mail
Wavefury Boots
115FeetLooted Mail
Blackened Chain Greaves
114FeetQuest Mail
Boots of the Skybreaker
114Feet Enraged Spirits of Air Mail
Landing Boots
114Feet Dealing with the Overmaster Mail
Duro Footgear
111Feet Rightful Repossession Mail
Greaves of Spellpower
109Feet Turning Point Mail
Heavy-Duty Engineering Boots
108Feet Elemental Power Extraction Mail
Windroc Boots
105Feet Windroc Mastery Mail
Protector's Boots
102Feet Protecting Our Own Mail
Fleet Refugee's Boots
99Feet Helping the Lost Find Their Way Mail
Boots of the Outlander
97FeetLooted Mail
Earthbreaker's Greaves
97Feet Levixus the Soul Caller Mail
Boots of the Earthcaller
93Feet The Rock Flayer Matriarch Mail
Venn'ren's Boots
93Feet Wanted: Blacktalon the Savage Mail
Malignant Footguards
72Feet Lethon Mail
Boots of the Endless Moor
71Feet Emeriss Mail
Beastmaster's Boots
60Feet Mail
Earthbound Boots
55Feet Satchel of Helpful Goods Mail
Boots of Financial Victory
55Feet Pick Your Fate Mail
Boots of Intimidation
55Feet Ogre Combat Mail
Enohar's Old Hunting Boots
55Feet Curtail the Darktail Mail