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Name Level Req. Level Slot Source Type
Volunteer's Greaves
1510FeetVendor Mail
War Paint Anklewraps
1712FeetLooted Mail
Warlords Intro Zone PH Mail Sabatons
500Feet Mail
Warmonger's Greaves
4843FeetLooted Mail
Warpscale Greaves
52794FeetLooted Mail
Warstrike Sabatons
6257FeetLooted Mail
Wasteland Chain Sabatons
40888FeetVendor Mail
Wasteland Ringmail Sabatons
40888FeetVendor Mail
Wicked Chain Boots
3126FeetLooted Mail
Wild Bark Boots
14Feet The Looting of Althalaxx Mail
Wild Plains Sabatons
399Feet Muddy Water Mail
Wildwood Wrangler Sabatons
531FeetQuest Mail
Willow Greaves
40386FeetLooted Mail
Windbound Boots
31681FeetCreated Mail
Wind-Reaver Shoes
437Feet Amber Arms Mail
Windroc Boots
105Feet Windroc Mastery Mail
Withered Wood Shoes
437Feet Amber Arms Mail
Wolfcall Stompers
272Feet Sweeping the Shelf Mail
Wolfrunner Boots
25Feet True Power of the Rod Mail
Wolvar Greaves
16676FeetLooted Mail
Wrathfin Greaves
9361FeetLooted Mail
Yak Greaves
42988FeetLooted Mail
Yak Herder Boots
414Feet The Fearmaster Mail
Yak Herder Sabatons
414Feet The Burlap Grind Mail
[PH] Mail Boots of the Brilliant Dawn
100100FeetUnobtainable Mail
[PH] Mail Boots of the Rising Dawn
100100Feet Mail
[PH] Mail Boots of the Shining Dawn
100100Feet Mail
Agamand Family Riding Boots
9Feet The Family Crypt Mail
Augmented Chain Boots
3732FeetVendor Mail
Battle Chain Boots
127FeetLooted Mail
Battok's Bloody Boots
8Feet Eliminate the Resistance Mail
Bloody Chain Boots
83Feet Fury Shelda Mail
Boots of the Blameless
2Feet Give 'em What-For Mail
Brigandine Boots
5045FeetVendor Mail
Cadet Boots
138FeetLooted, Fished Mail
Carapace Boots
3Feet Sting of the Scorpid Mail
Chainmail Boots
1712FeetVendor Mail
Charger's Boots
105FeetLooted Mail
Cliff Runner Boots
10Feet Mail
Copper Chain Boots
94FeetCrafted Mail
Cryptwalker Boots
8Feet Mail
Dancing Boots
6Feet Missing Mallet Mail
Gas Soaked Boots
5Feet 447 Mail
Gilnean Recruit's Boots
1Feet Mail
Goblin Brawler's Boots
1Feet Mail
Green Chain Boots
5Feet Reclaiming Sunstrider Isle Mail
Grunt's Chain Boots
5045FeetVendor Mail
Infantry Boots
116FeetLooted, Fished Mail
Initiate's Boots
4Feet Fanning the Flames Mail
Leader's Boots
6Feet Leader of the Pack Mail
Light Chain Boots
105FeetVendor Mail
Light Mail Boots
105FeetVendor Mail
Lightweight Boots
10Feet Cleanup on Isle E. Mail
Marrowpetal Boots
7Feet Variety is the Spice of Death Mail
Naga Scale Boots
10Feet Warlord Sriss'tiz Mail
Orcish Scout Boots
8Feet The Enemy of My Enemy Mail
Outfitter Boots
5FeetQuest Mail
Perrine's Boots
94Feet Mail
Polished Scale Boots
2722FeetVendor Mail
Quill Impaled Boots
1Feet Our Tribe, Imprisoned Mail
Reinforced Mail Boots
7Feet Nightstalker Clean Up, Isle 2... Mail
Rusted Chain Boots
5FeetVendor Mail
Salvaged Chain Boots
105FeetVendor Mail
Scalemail Boots
2217FeetVendor Mail
Snow Stomping Boots
5Feet Mail
Swiftroot Boots
7Feet Twisted Hatred Mail
Tarnished Chain Boots
5FeetVendor Mail
Tracking Boots
5Feet Fel Moss Corruption Mail
Unadorned Chain Boots
5FeetVendor Mail
Veteran Boots
149FeetLooted, Fished Mail
War Torn Greaves
138FeetLooted Mail
Warrior's Boots
105FeetLooted, Fished Mail
Clammy Mail Boots
15080FeetLooted Mail
Corroded Mail Boots
7267FeetLooted Mail
Double Mail Boots
3227FeetLooted, Gathered Mail
Eroded Mail Boots
6661FeetLooted Mail
Flimsy Chain Boots
3FeetLooted Mail
Frigid Mail Boots
13277FeetLooted, Gathered, Pick Pocketed Mail
Grime-Fouled Mail Boots
29490FeetLooted Mail
Icy Mail Boots
11871FeetLooted, Gathered, Pick Pocketed Mail
Inferior Mail Boots
22987FeetLooted, Mined Mail
Laced Mail Boots
2015FeetLooted Mail
Laminated Scale Boots
5348FeetLooted Mail
Linked Chain Boots
2116FeetLooted Mail
Loose Chain Boots
94FeetLooted Mail
Moist Mail Boots
18085FeetLooted Mail
Overlinked Chain Boots
4641FeetLooted, Pick Pocketed Mail
Reinforced Chain Boots
2722FeetLooted Mail
Ripped Mail Boots
24590FeetLooted Mail
Shoddy Chain Boots
3FeetLooted Mail
Sooty Mail Boots
19982FeetLooted Mail
Sterling Chain Boots
6560Feet Mail
Worn Mail Boots
138FeetLooted Mail