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Name Level Req. Level Slot Source Type
Handguards of Extermination
154Hands Therapy Mail
Azurehunter Handguards
146HandsQuest Mail
Guiding Gloves of the Seer
146Hands Imprints on the Past Mail
Ridgehunter Gauntlets
146Hands Wanted: Gigantaur Mail
Wyrmfire Gloves
146HandsQuest Mail
Banded Chain Gloves
138HandsQuest Mail
BT56 Mail Healer Gloves2
138Hands Mail
Glimmering Ringmail Gloves
138Hands Rescuing Evanor Mail
Nimblefinger Scaled Gloves
138HandsQuest Mail
Seaspeaker Gloves
138Hands A Visit to the Curator Mail
Spiked Magmoth Gloves
138HandsQuest Mail
Westrift Handcovers
138HandsQuest Mail
Whispersteel Handguards
138Hands Leader of the Deranged Mail
Surger's Hand Wraps
114Hands Delivering the Message Mail
Cowpoke's Riding Gloves
111Hands When the Cows Come Home Mail
Ar'tor's Mainstay
109Hands The Cipher of Damnation - The Third Fragment Recovered Mail
Gauntlets of the Redeemed Vindicator
109Hands Deathblow to the Legion Mail
Junior Technician 3rd Grade Gloves
108Hands You're Hired! Mail
Whelpscale Gauntlets
108Hands Whelps of the Wyrmcult Mail
Murkblood Oven Mitts
105HandsQuest Mail
Scalewing Gloves
105Hands Ride the Lightning Mail
Sha'tari Marksman's Gloves
99Hands The Fallen Exarch Mail
Gloves of Marshmanship
93Hands Leader of the Bloodscale Mail
Windcaller's Gauntlets
93Hands Return to the Marsh Mail
Verdant Handwraps
91Hands Natural Remedies Mail
Handguards of Precision
85HandsQuest Mail
Earthbound Grips
64HandsLooted Mail
Handguards of Undead Slaying
63HandsQuest Mail
Beastmaster's Gloves
60Hands Mail
Gauntlets of The Five Thunders
60Hands Mail
Voone's Vice Grips
60Hands Mail
Desertstalkers' Gauntlets
56Hands Armaments of War Mail
Wastewalker's Gauntlets
56Hands Armaments of War Mail
Gloves of Foolish Innocence
56Hands Watching Our Back Mail
Gloves of Foolish Innocence
56Hands Watching Our Back Mail
Bricksteel Gauntlets
55Hands Runecloth Mail
Brazen Gauntlets
54Hands A Little Slime Goes a Long Way Mail
Maddening Gauntlets
53Hands Mail
Silithid Scale Gloves
53Hands The Fledgling Colossus Mail
Azurite Fists
52Hands Mail
Prankster's Fingers
52Hands Yetiphobia Mail
Blackrock Shaman's Gloves
51Hands Enough Damage For One Day Mail
Gauntlets of Completion
51Hands Enough Damage For One Day Mail
Princess Zoe's Old Hunting Gloves
50Hands High Chief Winterfall Mail
Incendosaur Gloves
49Hands The Mysteries of the Fire-Gizzard Mail
Gordok's Gauntlets
47Hands Unfinished Gordok Business Mail
Branded Gloves
46Hands Dead Man's Chest Mail
Gold Pot Gloves
46Hands Open Their Eyes Mail
Nose Thumber Gloves
46Hands Dead Man's Chest Mail
Gloves of Journey's End
45Hands Journey's End Mail
Fastfuse Gloves
45Hands Behind You! Mail
Rash Gloves
43Hands Ix'lar the Underlord Mail
Finder's Keepers
41Hands I'm Not Supposed to Tell You This Mail
Ice Cream Mitts
41Hands We All Scream for Ice Cream... and then Die! Mail
Grasps of the Forsaken
39Hands Mail
Grasps of the Insane
39Hands Mail
Swamp Gas Gauntlets
37HandsQuest Mail
Earthbound Handgrips
35HandsLooted Mail
Gut Opener Gloves
35Hands War Machines Mail
Gut Opener Gloves
35Hands War Machines Mail
Bloodhilt Gloves
32Hands Siegebreaker Mail
Rockgrab Crushers
32Hands Mystery Solved Mail
Trawley's Gloves
32Hands Marching On Our Stomachs Mail
Brutal Gauntlets
31Hands Mail
Collector's Padded Gauntlets
31Hands Early Adoption Mail
Fire Hardened Gauntlets
31Hands Mail
Hierophant's Blessed Hands
30Hands Brood of Seldarria Mail
Gloves of the Jungle King
29Hands Big Game Hunter Mail
Shackling Gloves
28HandsQuest Mail
Warsong Gauntlets
27HandsUnobtainable Mail
Flamethrower's Gloves
27Hands Ashes to Ashes Mail
Commandeered Gloves
26Hands Commandeer That Balloon! Mail
Head Inspector's Gloves
26Hands Headhunting Mail
Tsul'kalu's Strikers
26Hands Sacred to the Bloodscalp Mail
Grasps of the Unyielding
25Hands Silence of the Dwarves Mail
Palestrider Gloves
25Hands Mail
Gloves of Brawn
24Hands Mail
Curse Lifter's Gloves
22Hands The Cursed Crew Mail
Gloves of Unforgotten Vows
22Hands Gurtar's Request Mail
Heartwise Boon
22Hands That Which Has Risen Mail
Polar Gauntlets
22Hands Mail
"Jenny's" Gloves
21Hands Do it for Twinkles Mail
Dirty Rotten Gloves
21Hands Deliver the Thread Mail
Hands of Encouragement
21Hands Management Material Mail
Maestra's Gloves
21Hands The Lost Gem Mail
Night Watch Gauntlets
21Hands Mail
Bridgeworker's Gloves
20Hands Mail
Corin's Handguards
20Hands Clearing the Way Mail
Riveted Gauntlets
20Hands Mail
Rugged Mail Gloves
18Hands Mail
Unmistakable Gloves
18Hands A Wolf in Bear's Clothing Mail
Ancient Handguards
17Hands The Devourer of Darkshore Mail
Maltendis' Handguards
17Hands Troll Juju Mail
Scalding Gloves
17Hands Full of Hot Water Mail
Bailiff's Gloves
16Hands Lake Everstill Clean Up Mail
Bellipotent Gloves
16Hands Ammo Kerblammo Mail
Croc-Scale Gloves
14Hands Mail
Gloves of the Mailed Fist
13Hands The Twilight's Hammer Mail
Protective Field Gloves
13Hands Catch and Release Mail
Protective Field Grips
13Hands Mail