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Name Level Req. Level Slot Source Type
Noosegrip Gauntlets
14Hands Mail
Gloves of the Mailed Fist
13Hands The Twilight's Hammer Mail
Protective Field Gloves
13Hands Catch and Release Mail
Saldean's Working Gloves
13Hands It's Alive! Mail
Grasp of Victory
12Hands Victory! Mail
Caravan Escort's Gloves
12Hands Crossroads Caravan Pickup Mail
Chicken Stuffers
12Hands It's Only Poisonous if You Ingest It Mail
Margene Repair Gloves
12Hands Dozercism Mail
Fortified Oven Mitts
11Hands Anok'suten Mail
Gallywix Laborer's Gloves
11Hands The Gallywix Labor Mine Mail
Moss-Covered Gauntlets
10Hands Oakenscowl Mail
Stonebreaker's Gauntlets
10Hands Grimaxe's Demise Mail
Stormwind Chain Gloves
10Hands Manhunt Mail
Battle Worn Gauntlets
8Hands Bandits! Mail
Cold Steel Gauntlets
8Hands Graverobbers Mail
Spy Strangler Gloves
8Hands Infrared = Infradead Mail
Swoopskin Gloves
8Hands Mazzranache Mail
Durotar Gauntlets
6Hands The War of Northwatch Aggression Mail
Gallow's End Gauntlets
6Hands Holland's Experiment Mail
Gatewatcher's Chain Gloves
6Hands The Dead Scar Mail
Gloves of Protection
6Hands Save the Children! Mail
Herb-Stained Gauntlets
6Hands The Perfect Stout Mail
Green Chain Gauntlets
5Hands Thirst Unending Mail
Painted Chain Gloves
5Hands Mail
Vault Cracker Gloves
5Hands The Great Bank Heist Mail
Willem's Mitts
5Hands Ending the Invasion! Mail
Friction Gloves
3Hands Finishin' the Job Mail
Bragger's Gauntlets
2Hands Cutting Teeth Mail
Worg Handler's Gloves
2HandsQuest Mail
Boar Handler Gloves
1Hands Mail
Goblin Brawler's Gauntlets
1HandsStarting Item Mail