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Name Level Req. Level Slot Source Type
Green Iron Leggings
3126LegsCrafted Mail
Silvered Bronze Leggings
3126LegsCrafted Mail
Glimmering Mail Legguards
3025LegsLooted Mail
Mercenary Leggings
30Legs Mail
Barechus' Greaves
29Legs The G-Team Mail
Dual Reinforced Leggings
29Legs Mail
Brutal Legguards
29Legs Mail
Fire Hardened Leggings
29Legs Mail
Legguards of Winding Ways
29Legs Seen Better Days Mail
Nimboya's Legguards
29Legs Saving Yenniku Mail
Plainsguard Leggings
29Legs Mail
Sentry's Leggings
2924LegsLooted Mail
Scales of Aku'mai
28LegsQuest Mail
Thaelrid's Greaves
28LegsQuest Mail
Battleforge Legguards
2823LegsLooted Mail
Fort Livingston Legguards
28Legs The Mind's Eye Mail
Legguards of the Promising Hero
28Legs Death From Below Mail
Cobalt Legguards
27Legs King of the Foulweald Mail
Darn Legguards
27Legs The Queen and Her Court Mail
Irongoat Legguards
Juggernaut Leggings
27Legs Mail
Spare Part Leggings
27Legs Spare Parts Up In Here! Mail
Spiked Chain Leggings
2722LegsLooted Mail
Polished Scale Leggings
2722LegsVendor Mail
Dreamsinger Legguards
2621LegsLooted Mail
Darkshire Mail Leggings
26Legs Mail
Electrostatic Legguards
26Legs Who's a Big Troll? Mail
Electrostatic Legguards
26Legs A Physical Specimen Mail
Lambent Scale Legguards
2621LegsLooted Mail
Malleable Chain Leggings
26Legs Mail
Reinforced Chain Pants
2621LegsLooted, Pick Pocketed Mail
Fortified Leggings
2520LegsLooted, Pick Pocketed Mail
Hulking Leggings
2520LegsLooted Mail
Linked Chain Pants
2520LegsLooted Mail
Chausses of Westfall
24Legs Mail
Grunt's Legguards
2419LegsLooted Mail
Legionnaire's Leggings
2419LegsVendor Mail
Marsh Fire Legguards
24Legs For Peat's Sake Mail
Astranaar Legguards
23Legs Return Fire Mail
Defender Leggings
2318LegsLooted Mail
Mighty Chain Pants
2318LegsVendor Mail
Roland's Legguards
23Legs Roland's Doom Mail
Deerstalker Leggings
22Legs Before You Go... Mail
Lethality Leggings
22Legs Trail of Filth Mail
Outrunner's Legguards
2217LegsLooted Mail
Thelsamar Chainmail
22Legs Mail
Scalemail Pants
2217LegsVendor Mail
Burnished Leggings
2116LegsLooted Mail
Forestkeeper Legguards
21Legs Explosives Shredding Mail
Legguards of Abandoned Virtue
21Legs Playing With Felfire Mail
Rough Bronze Leggings
2116LegsCrafted Mail
Foreman's Leggings
2015LegsLooted Mail
Goblin Mail Leggings
2015LegsLooted Mail
Stabilized Incendicite Legguards
20Legs Incendicite Ore Mail
Kalecgos' Gift
19Legs Fade to Black Mail
Leg Bone Covers
19Legs From the Belly of the Beast Mail
Raider's Legguards
1914LegsLooted, Fished Mail
War Paint Legguards
1914LegsLooted Mail
Laced Mail Pants
1914LegsLooted Mail
Stone Guard Greaves
18Legs Taragaman the Hungerer Mail
Stone Guard Greaves
18Legs The Dark Shaman Mail
Bloodspattered Loincloth
1813LegsLooted Mail
Gargoyle Leggings
18Legs Mail
Guststorm Legguards
18Legs Mail
Redridge Legguards
18Legs Detonation Mail
Settler's Leggings
17Legs Mail
Soldier's Leggings
1712LegsLooted, Fished Mail
Vindicator's Iron Legguards
17Legs Matis the Cruel Mail
Chainmail Pants
1712LegsVendor Mail
Dividend Leggings
16Legs Gazlowe's Fortune Mail
Auberdine Chainmail
16Legs Call Down the Thunder Mail
Brackwater Leggings
1611LegsLooted Mail
Brackwater Legguards
1611LegsLooted Mail
Legguards of Invasion
16Legs Yowler Must Die! Mail
Tranquillien Scale Leggings
16Legs Report to Magister Kaendris Mail
Veteran Leggings
1510LegsLooted, Fished Mail
Veteran Legguards
1510LegsLooted Mail
Cadet Leggings
149LegsLooted, Fished Mail
Dust Plains Greaves
14Legs Jango Spothide Mail
Salvaged Mail Leggings
14Legs Windrunner Village Mail
War Torn Pants
149LegsLooted Mail
Emberstone Mail
13Legs Slaves to No One Mail
Rear Guard Britches
13Legs Deeper into Darkness Mail
Runed Copper Pants
138LegsCrafted Mail
Stormwind Guard Leggings
13Legs Wanted: "Hogger" Mail
Battle Chain Pants
127LegsLooted Mail
Crystal-Studded Legguards
12Legs Learning from the Crystals Mail
Infantry Leggings
127LegsLooted, Fished Mail
Ironband Legguards
12Legs Protecting the Shipment Mail
Oil-Stained Leggings
12Legs Good-bye, Sweet Oil Mail
Restored Mennaran Mail
12Legs Mystery of the Sarcen Stone Mail
Togrik's Legguards
12Legs The Tortusk Takedown Mail
Worn Mail Pants
127LegsLooted, Pick Pocketed Mail
Charger's Pants
116LegsLooted Mail
Heavy Chain Leggings
11Legs Gurf's Dignity Mail
Woven Mail Leggings
11Legs The Corruption's Source Mail
Brass Scale Pants
11Legs Mail
Hammerfoot's Mail Leggings
10Legs A Pilot's Revenge Mail
Plainstrider Leg Armor
10Legs Preparation for Ceremony Mail
Warrior's Pants
105LegsLooted, Fished Mail