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Name Level Req. Level Slot Source Type
Orca Legwraps
14671LegsLooted Mail
Orcish War Leggings
4237LegsCrafted Mail
Ornate Legguards
5752LegsLooted Mail
Oronok's Old Leggings
114Legs The Cipher of Damnation - The Second Fragment Recovered Mail
Osul Peak Kilt
429Legs Seeing Red Mail
Osul Peak Legguards
429Legs Improvised Ammunition Mail
Outrider Chainmail
53Legs The Bait for Lar'korwi Mail
Outrider Leggings
56Legs Mail
Outrunner's Legguards
2217LegsLooted Mail
Packrunner Legguards
593100LegsLooted Mail
Phalanx Leggings
3429LegsLooted Mail
Pillager's Leggings
3631LegsLooted Mail
Plainsguard Leggings
29Legs Mail
Plainstrider Leg Armor
10Legs Preparation for Ceremony Mail
Pounding Leggings
48Legs Curse These Fat Fingers Mail
Protector Legguards
5348LegsLooted Mail
Proto-Scale Pants
174Legs Taking on All Challengers Mail
Radiant Leggings
6156LegsCrafted Mail
Raider's Legguards
1914LegsLooted Mail
Rangari Initiate Leggings
514Legs Ancestor's Memory Mail
Ravager's Woolies
4338LegsLooted Mail
Ravenchain Leggings
577Legs Hot Seat Mail
Razaani-Buster Leggings
108Legs Show Them Gnome Mercy! Mail
Rear Guard Britches
13Legs Deeper into Darkness Mail
Redridge Legguards
18Legs Detonation Mail
Reforged Chain Leggings
174Legs Forging an Alliance Mail
Renegade Leggings
3732LegsLooted Mail
Restored Mennaran Mail
12Legs Mystery of the Sarcen Stone Mail
Roland's Legguards
23Legs Roland's Doom Mail
Rough Bronze Leggings
2116LegsCrafted Mail
Runed Copper Pants
138LegsCrafted Mail
Rust-Scrivened Leggings
272Legs In the Rear With the Gear Mail
Rusty Mesh Leggings
138Legs Surrender... Not! Mail
Salvaged Mail Leggings
14Legs Windrunner Village Mail
Sarjun Leggings
399Legs Apply Directly to the Forehead Mail
Sarjun Legguards
399Legs Tread Lightly Mail
Saurok Legguards
36483LegsLooted Mail
Scaled Draenic Pants
8457LegsCrafted Mail
Sea Legs
33Legs Mok'rash the Cleaver Mail
Seaspeaker Legguards
138LegsQuest Mail
Sentry's Leggings
2924LegsLooted Mail
Settler's Leggings
17Legs Mail
Sharkdiver's Leggings
146Legs Meat on the Hook Mail
Sha'tari Deadeye Leggings
545LegsQuest Mail
Shoveltusk Legguards
15874LegsLooted Mail
Silvered Bronze Leggings
3126LegsCrafted Mail
Skettis Legguards
11167LegsLooted Mail
Skom Leggings
13869LegsLooted Mail
Skymaster's Pants
44Legs The Twilight Skymaster Mail
Slayer's Pants
3227LegsLooted Mail
Snake Legguards
39085LegsLooted Mail
Snarlthorn Legguards
57198LegsLooted Mail
Snowden Legwraps
50Legs Threat of the Winterfall Mail
Soldier's Leggings
1712LegsLooted, Fished Mail
Southfury Legguards
27878LegsLooted Mail
Spare Part Leggings
27Legs Spare Parts Up In Here! Mail
Sparkleshell Legguards
4035LegsLooted Mail
Spectral Legwraps
18280LegsLooted Mail
Spiderlord Legguards
17879LegsLooted Mail
Spiked Chain Leggings
2722LegsLooted Mail
Spirestrider Legguards
56097LegsLooted Mail
Stabilized Incendicite Legguards
20Legs Incendicite Ore Mail
Steadfast Legplates
4136LegsLooted Mail
Steppe Legguards
37784LegsLooted Mail
Stillfire Leggings
99Legs Skywing Mail
Stormbinder Leggings
23280LegsVendor Mail
Stormbinder Legguards
23280LegsVendor Mail
Stormbinder Legwraps
23280LegsVendor Mail
Stormscale Leggings
38485LegsCrafted Mail
Stormsteppe Leggings
587LegsQuest Mail
Stormwind Guard Leggings
13Legs Wanted: "Hogger" Mail
Straw-Lined Leggings
162Legs Flown the Coop! Mail
Streamtalker Leggings
640100Legs Mail
Streamtalker Leggings
48390Legs Mail
Streamtalker Leggings
48390Legs Mail
Streamtalker Legguards
640100Legs Mail
Streamtalker Legguards
48390Legs Mail
Streamtalker Legguards
48390Legs Mail
Streamtalker Legwraps
640100Legs Mail
Streamtalker Legwraps
48390Legs Mail
Streamtalker Legwraps
48390Legs Mail
Stromgarde Cavalry Leggings
37Legs Mail
Sundered Legguards
11468LegsLooted Mail
Sundown Legguards
28379LegsLooted Mail
Sunspring Legguards
58299LegsLooted Mail
Sunstrider Legguards
93Legs A Pilgrim's Plight Mail
Talhide Lined-Leggings
11769LegsLooted Mail
Talondeep Legguards
31284LegsLooted Mail
Tangleheart Legguards
50592LegsLooted Mail
Thelsamar Chainmail
22Legs Mail
Thick Scale Legguards
3530LegsLooted Mail
Thornsnarl Legguards
30683LegsLooted Mail
Togrik's Legguards
12Legs The Tortusk Takedown Mail
Tough Scorpid Leggings
4944LegsCrafted Mail
Tragic Legguards
52Legs Can't Take It With Them Mail
Trailseeker Legguards
640100Legs Mail
Trailseeker Legguards
48390Legs Mail
Trailseeker Legguards
48390Legs Mail
Tranquillien Scale Leggings
16Legs Report to Magister Kaendris Mail
Trapper Leggings
15473LegsLooted Mail