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Name Level Req. Level Slot Source Type
Rockhide Leggings
630100LegsLooted Mail
Savage Gladiator Leggings
5247LegsLooted Mail
Savage Gladiator's Chain Leggings
20080LegsVendor Mail
Savage Gladiator's Linked Leggings
20080LegsVendor Mail
Savage Gladiator's Mail Leggings
20080LegsVendor Mail
Savage Gladiator's Ringmail Leggings
20080LegsVendor Mail
Scale Leggings of the Skirmisher
8560LegsLooted Mail
Scaled Greaves of Patience
10366LegsLooted Mail
Scaled Legs of Ruination
88LegsQuest Mail
Scales of Aku'mai
28LegsQuest Mail
Scales of the Beast
10366LegsLooted Mail
Scarlet Leggings
3732Legs Mail
Scarshell Legguards
46390Legs Greater Cache of Treasures Mail
Scavenged Feathery Leggings
18778LegsVendor Mail
Seafury Leggings
6860Legs Mail
Searingscale Leggings
5247LegsLooted Mail
Seer's Linked Leggings
11570LegsVendor Mail
Seer's Mail Leggings
11570LegsVendor Mail
Seer's Ringmail Legguards
11570LegsVendor Mail
Sharpeye Legguards
630100LegsLooted Mail
Silvermoon Leggings
4540LegsLooted Mail
Snowpack Waders
45890LegsVendor Mail
Sparkmail Legguards
325Legs Scorched Satchel of Helpful Goods Mail
Sparkmail Legwraps
325Legs Mail
Stalker's Chain Leggings
11570LegsVendor Mail
Stone Guard Greaves
18Legs The Dark Shaman Mail
Stone Guard Greaves
18Legs Taragaman the Hungerer Mail
Stonespite Scale Leggings
57796LegsLooted Mail
Stormbreaker's Leggings
10066LegsVendor Mail
Stormbrew Legguards
46390Legs Greater Cache of Treasures Mail
Stormhide Legguards
18778LegsCrafted Mail
Stormscale Leggings
41585Legs Mail
Streamslither Legguards
630100LegsLooted Mail
Stubborn Legguards
33Legs Delicate Negotiations Mail
Sunfury Legguards
109LegsQuest Mail
Swiftarrow Leggings
18778LegsCrafted Mail
Thaelrid's Greaves
28LegsQuest Mail
Tidefury Kilt
11570LegsLooted Mail
Traveling Leggings
54092LegsCrafted Mail
Tristam Legguards
6055Legs Mail
Vicious Charscale Legs
37785LegsCrafted Mail
Vicious Dragonscale Legs
37785LegsCrafted Mail
Warchief's Leggings of Foresight
146Legs Mail
Warchief's Leggings of Valor
146Legs Mail
Warsong Leggings
60090LegsVendor Mail
Wilderness Legguards
34685LegsVendor Mail
Wildwood Wrangler Leggings
534LegsQuest Mail
Windbound Leggings
32582LegsCreated Mail
Windforged Leggings
5247LegsCrafted Mail
Windrunner Legguards
5651LegsLooted Mail
Woollies of the Prancing Minstrel
4742LegsLooted Mail
Wrynn's Leggings of Foresight
146Legs Mail
Wrynn's Leggings of Valor
146Legs Mail
Yak Herder Leggings
434Legs Prophet Khar'zul Mail
70 TEST Green Shaman Legs
11468Legs Mail
Abandoned Leggings
53Legs Marshal's Refuse Mail
Amberpine Legguards
15072LegsLooted Mail
Ancient Legguards
4439LegsLooted Mail
Anub'ar-Husk Leggings
146LegsQuest Mail
Appointed Scalemail Leggings
138LegsQuest Mail
Arcane Ringed Greaves
81LegsQuest Mail
Astranaar Legguards
23Legs Return Fire Mail
Auberdine Chainmail
16Legs Call Down the Thunder Mail
Azurehunter Legguards
146LegsQuest Mail
Bael'dun Chain Leggings
34Legs Bael'dun Rescue Mail
Banded Leggings
3227LegsLooted Mail
Bat Claw Legguards
44Legs Duskwing, Oh How I Hate Thee... Mail
Battered Saurscale Leggings
42990LegsLooted Mail
Battle Chain Pants
127LegsLooted Mail
Battle Scarred Leggings
81LegsQuest Mail
Battleforge Legguards
2823LegsLooted Mail
Beastsoul Legguards
23280LegsVendor Mail
Blackforge Leggings
4641LegsLooted Mail
Blademoon Chain Leggings
514Legs Rotting Riverbeasts Mail
Blood Knight Greaves
10264LegsLooted Mail
Bloodbinder's Links
158Legs Too Much of a Good Thing Mail
Bloodlust Britches
5752LegsLooted Mail
Bloodspattered Loincloth
1813LegsLooted Mail
Blood-Stained Chain Leggings
138Legs Dragonflayer Battle Plans Mail
Bonelink Legplates
4641LegsLooted Mail
Brackwater Leggings
1611LegsLooted Mail
Brain-Splattered Leggings
34Legs Smarts-is-Smarts Mail
Bramblescar Legguards
28980LegsLooted Mail
Brigade Leggings
4540LegsLooted Mail
Brittle Flamereaver Leggings
42990LegsLooted Mail
Brood Mother Leggings
108Legs Slay the Brood Mother Mail
Brutal Legguards
29Legs Mail
BT47 Mail Physical Legs3
138Legs Mail
BT55 Mail Physical Legs4
138Legs Mail
Burnished Leggings
2116LegsLooted Mail
Cadet Leggings
149LegsLooted, Fished Mail
Captain's Leggings
4338LegsLooted Mail
Cauterizing Chain Leggings
138Legs Saragosa's End Mail
Champion's Leggings
4843LegsLooted Mail
Charger's Pants
116LegsLooted Mail
Chief Brigadier Leggings
4035LegsLooted Mail
Cobalt Legguards
27Legs King of the Foulweald Mail
Cormorant Leggings
17077LegsLooted Mail
Crusader's Leggings
5449LegsLooted Mail
Crystal-Studded Legguards
12Legs Learning from the Crystals Mail