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Name Level Req. Level Slot Source Type
Sterling Chain Shoulderpads
6964Shoulders Mail
Sooty Mail Shoulderpads
19982ShouldersLooted Mail
Reinforced Chain Shoulderpads
2722ShouldersLooted Mail
Overlinked Chain Shoulderpads
4237ShouldersLooted Mail
Moist Mail Shoulderpads
18085ShouldersLooted Mail
Linked Chain Shoulderpads
2116ShouldersLooted, Skinned Mail
Laminated Scale Shoulderpads
5550ShouldersLooted Mail
Laced Mail Shoulderpads
2015ShouldersLooted Mail
Inferior Mail Shoulderpads
22987ShouldersLooted Mail
Icy Mail Shoulderpads
11871ShouldersLooted Mail
Frigid Mail Shoulderpads
13277ShouldersLooted, Pick Pocketed Mail
Eroded Mail Shoulderpads
6661ShouldersLooted Mail
Double Mail Shoulderpads
3934ShouldersLooted Mail
Corroded Mail Shoulderpads
7267ShouldersLooted Mail
Clammy Mail Shoulderpads
15080ShouldersLooted, Mined Mail
War Paint Shoulder Pads
2217ShouldersLooted Mail
Raider's Shoulderpads
2116ShouldersLooted Mail
Outrunner's Pauldrons
2318ShouldersLooted Mail
Durable Chain Shoulders
24Shoulders Mail
Defender Spaulders
2419ShouldersLooted Mail
Burnished Pauldrons
2217ShouldersLooted Mail
Bloodspattered Shoulder Pads
2116ShouldersLooted Mail
Blackrock Pauldrons
2318ShouldersLooted Mail
Yak Spaulders
42988ShouldersLooted, Mined Mail
Yak Herder Spaulder
414Shoulders A Funeral Mail
Yak Herder Monnion
414ShouldersQuest Mail
Wrathfin Mantle
9361ShouldersLooted Mail
Wrangling Spaulders
38Shoulders Mail
Wolvar Shoulderguards
16676ShouldersLooted Mail
Witch Doctor's Spaulders
51Shoulders Doin' De E'ko Magic Mail
Windbound Shoulders
32582ShouldersCreated Mail
Willow Spaulders
40386ShouldersLooted Mail
Wild Plains Spaulders
399Shoulders Seeing Orange Mail
Wild Plains Pauldrons
399Shoulders Evacuation Orders Mail
Wicked Chain Shoulder Pads
3227ShouldersLooted Mail
Whelk Shell Shoulderguards
272Shoulders Girding Our Loins Mail
Westwind Shoulderguards
146ShouldersQuest Mail
Wasteland Ringmail Spaulders
40888ShouldersVendor Mail
Wasteland Chain Spaulders
40888ShouldersVendor Mail
Warstrike Shoulder Pads
6257ShouldersLooted Mail
Warmonger's Pauldrons
4944ShouldersLooted Mail
Unyielding Spaulders
8157ShouldersLooted Mail
Ulduar Shoulderguards
17478ShouldersLooted Mail
Triumphant Shoulder Pads
6358ShouldersLooted Mail
Trapper Shoulderguards
15473ShouldersLooted Mail
Trailseeker Spaulders
48390Shoulders Mail
Trailbreaker's Spaulders
154ShouldersQuest Mail
Tough Scorpid Shoulders
4843ShouldersCrafted Mail
Thornsnarl Spaulders
30683ShouldersLooted Mail
Thick Scale Shoulder Pads
3429ShouldersLooted Mail
Talondeep Spaulders
31284ShouldersLooted Mail
Talhide Shoulderguards
11769ShouldersLooted Mail
Tablet-Bearer's Pauldrons
33Shoulders Hunt the Keeper Mail
Tablet-Bearer's Pauldrons
33Shoulders Hunt the Keeper Mail
Sylvanaar Defender's Pauldrons
102Shoulders The Bladespire Ogres Mail
Sundown Spaulders
28379ShouldersLooted Mail
Sundered Spaulders
11468ShouldersLooted Mail
Subjugator's Shoulderguards
272Shoulders Might of the Firelord Mail
Streamtalker Spaulders
48390Shoulders Mail
Streamtalker Shoulderguards
48390Shoulders Mail
Streamtalker Pauldrons
48390Shoulders Mail
Stormscale Shoulders
38485ShouldersCrafted Mail
Stormbinder Spaulders
23280ShouldersVendor Mail
Stormbinder Shoulderguards
23280ShouldersVendor Mail
Stormbinder Pauldrons
23280ShouldersVendor Mail
Steppe Spaulders
37784ShouldersLooted Mail
Steadfast Shoulders
4237ShouldersLooted Mail
Stained Shoulderguards
55Shoulders A Bloodmage's Gotta Eat Too Mail
Stained Shoulderguards
55Shoulders A Bloodmage's Gotta Eat Too Mail
Spiked Magmoth Mantle
138ShouldersQuest Mail
Spiked Chain Shoulder Pads
2722ShouldersLooted Mail
Spiderlord Spaulders
17879ShouldersLooted Mail
Spectral Mantle
18280ShouldersLooted Mail
Spaulders of the Protectorate
114Shoulders Escape from the Staging Grounds Mail
Spaulders of the Disciple
42Shoulders Grimtotem Chiefs: Elder Stormhoof Mail
Spaulders of Sealing
35Shoulders Portals of the Legion Mail
Spaulders of Sealing
35Shoulders Portals of the Legion Mail
Sparkleshell Shoulder Pads
4136ShouldersLooted Mail
Spare Metal Pauldrons
28Shoulders Venture Company Mining Mail
Southfury Spaulders
27878ShouldersLooted Mail
Snake Spaulders
39085ShouldersLooted Mail
Sloppy Spaulders
52Shoulders Mostly Harmless Mail
Slayer's Shoulderguards
3126ShouldersLooted Mail
Skybreaker's Mantle
114Shoulders A Job Unfinished... Mail
Skom Spaulders
13869ShouldersLooted Mail
Skettis Spaulders
11167ShouldersLooted Mail
Silvered Bronze Shoulders
2520ShouldersCrafted Mail
Shoveltusk Mantle
15874ShouldersLooted Mail
Shoulders of Earthen Might
174Shoulders The Earthen Oath Mail
Shoulderpads of Imminent Disaster
154Shoulders Put on Your Best Face for Loken Mail
Shoulderguards of Warning
28Shoulders No Time for Goodbyes! Mail
Shoulderguards of Subterfuge
158Shoulders Sabotage Mail
Shoulderguards of Protection
31Shoulders Elune's Gifts Mail
Shock-Bound Spaulders
138ShouldersQuest Mail
Sentry's Shoulderguards
3025ShouldersLooted Mail
Seaspeaker Mantle
138Shoulders Gamel the Cruel Mail
Scrap Metal Pauldrons
28Shoulders Venture Company Mining Mail
Scavenger's Ringmail Spaulders
372Shoulders Mail
Scavenger's Chain Spaulders
372Shoulders Mail
Scavenged Stormwind Spaulders
272Shoulders To Arms! Mail