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Name Level Req. Level Slot Source Type
Crusader Belt
33Waist Mail
Corpsepump Belt
30Waist If They're Just Going to Leave Them Lying Around... Mail
Cormorant Waistband
17077WaistLooted Mail
Coreforged Girdle
272Waist Crushing the Cores Mail
Cord of the Ring
105Waist Murkblood Corrupters Mail
Conch-Sound Waistguard
318Waist Blast Him! Mail
Collector's Belt
44Waist Add 'em to the Pile Mail
Cinched Belt
15Waist Mail
Chill-Tail Waistguard
318Waist Naga Reinforcements Mail
Chief Brigadier Girdle
3833WaistLooted Mail
Champion's Girdle
4641WaistLooted Mail
Chaintwine Cinch
105WaistQuest Mail
Cenarion Warden's Belt
111Waist Mail
Cauterizing Chain Strand
138Waist Keep the Secret Safe Mail
Captain's Waistguard
4136WaistLooted Mail
Captain Nials' Belt
28Waist Wanted! Otto and Falconcrest Mail
Cagebreaker's Ringmail Waistguard
372Waist Freeing Our Brothers Mail
Cagebreaker's Chain Links
372Waist Freeing Our Brothers Mail
Burnished Girdle
2015WaistLooted, Fished Mail
BT59 Mail Physical Belt4
138Waist Mail
Broken Chastity Belt
174WaistQuest Mail
Brittle Flamereaver Belt
42990WaistLooted Mail
Brightscale Girdle
32Waist The Branch of Cenarius Mail
Brigade Girdle
4338WaistLooted Mail
Breakwater Girdle
18Waist Mail
Bramblescar Belt
28980WaistLooted Mail
Bonelink Belt
4237WaistLooted Mail
Bone Studded Girdle
114Waist Emblem of the Fel Horde Mail
Bloodspattered Sash
1510WaistLooted Mail
Bloodmaw's Belt
49Waist The Chieftain's Key Mail
Bloodlust Belt
5550WaistLooted Mail
Blood Knight Girdle
10264WaistLooted Mail
Bladerip Girdle
272Waist Disassembly Mail
Blackforge Girdle
4439WaistLooted Mail
Binding Chains
20Waist Human Infestation Mail
Belt of Unwanted Aid
15Waist Mail
Belt of Turning Tides
49Waist Rise, Obsidion Mail
Belt of Trapped Lightning
162Waist Lightning Definitely Strikes Twice Mail
Belt of the Unfooled
41Waist Back to Crazzle Mail
Belt of the Unfooled
41Waist Back to Riznek Mail
Belt of the Stormforged
174Waist Valduran the Stormborn Mail
Belt of the Stars
33Waist Mail
Belt of the Sons
15Waist Still Assessing the Threat Mail
Belt of the Den Watcher
48Waist Mail
Belt of the Bloodbinder
158Waist An End to the Suffering Mail
Belt of Occult Horrors
55Waist Cultists at our Doorstep Mail
Belt of Misconceptions
162Waist Fortunate Misunderstandings Mail
Belt of Lingering Corruption
35Waist Scholomancer Mail
Belt of Lingering Corruption
35Waist Scholomancer Mail
Belt of Gutted Ruin
27Waist Call to Arms Mail
Belt of Ghostly Essence
146Waist The Forsaken Blight and You: How Not to Die Mail
Belt of Equilibrium
24Waist Vortex Mail
Belt of Equilibrium
24Waist Vortex Mail
Beastsoul Belt
23280WaistVendor Mail
Bear Hunter's Belt
51Waist Doin' De E'ko Magic Mail
Battleforge Girdle
2823WaistLooted Mail
Battered Saurscale Belt
42990WaistLooted Mail
Banded Girdle
3126WaistLooted Mail
Art Template Mail Belt - Mail_PVPHunter_E_01 - Yellow
179WaistUnobtainable Mail
Argent Girdle
174Waist Defending The Vanguard Mail
Aquasear Waistguard
272Waist A Distracting Scent Mail
Ancient Belt
4136WaistLooted Mail
Amberpine Girdle
15072WaistLooted Mail
Allen's Abandoned Belt
46Waist Dance for Ruumbo! Mail
Abyssal Mail Clutch
6560WaistLooted Mail
Xevozz's Belt
17575WaistLooted Mail
Withered Wood Waistguard
450Waist Overthrone Mail
Wing Cover Girdle
16372WaistLooted Mail
Wind-Reaver Waistguard
450Waist Overthrone Mail
Warsong Cord
60090WaistVendor Mail
Warpwood Binding
4540WaistLooted Mail
Waistplate of Imminent Resurrection
3330WaistLooted Mail
Waistband of the Thuzadin
18778WaistLooted Mail
Voidscale Belt
10366Waist Voidhunter Yar Mail
Vicious Dragonscale Belt
37785WaistCrafted Mail
Vicious Charscale Belt
37785WaistCrafted Mail
Verek's Leash
5651WaistLooted Mail
Venomtail Girdle
390Waist Tranquil Satchel of Helpful Goods Mail
Venomtail Belt
390Waist Tranquil Satchel of Helpful Goods Mail
Trailseeker Belt
610100Waist Big Crate of Salvage Mail
Tracker's Belt
9162WaistLooted Mail
Tol'Vir Hereditary Girdle
30882Waist Cyrus the Black Mail
Telaari Hunting Girdle
11570WaistLooted Mail
Tarren Mill Defender's Cinch
103Waist Escape from Durnholde Mail
Swiftarrow Belt
18778WaistCrafted Mail
Sunheart Waistband
46390WaistLooted Mail
Sunheart Waistband
41085WaistLooted Mail
Streamtalker Waistguard
610100Waist Mail
Streamtalker Girdle
610100Waist Mail
Streamtalker Belt
610100Waist Big Crate of Salvage Mail
Streamslither Belt
630100WaistLooted Mail
Stormscale Belt
41585Waist Mail
Stormpike Mail Girdle
6055WaistPvP (Honor) Mail
Stormhide Belt
18778WaistCrafted Mail
Stormbringer Belt
2015WaistLooted Mail
Stormbrew Belt
46390WaistLooted Mail
Stormbreaker's Girdle
10066WaistVendor Mail
Storm Lord's Girdle
8861WaistLooted Mail
Stonespeaker's Belt
308WaistQuest Mail
Stonefist Girdle
35Waist Mail