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Name Level Req. Level Slot Source Type
Rugged Mountain Bracers
102Wrists The Bloodmaul Ogres Mail
Runed Copper Bracers
1914WristsCrafted Mail
Sanguinary Bracers
289Wrists Blood of the Earthwarder Mail
Sarjun Wristguards
399WristsQuest Mail
Saurok Bracers
36483WristsLooted Mail
Scaled Proto-Wristguard
174Wrists Off With Their Black Wings Mail
Scarlet Wristguards
3631WristsLooted Mail
Scavenger's Chain Wristguards
372Wrists Mail
Scavenger's Ringmail Armbands
372Wrists Mail
Seaspray Bracers
59Wrists Mail
Sentry Bracers
19Wrists Assault on Zeb'Nowa Mail
Sentry's Armsplints
2621WristsLooted Mail
Serpent Coils
56Wrists The Amulet of Grol Mail
Serpent Coils
55Wrists The Amulet of Grol Mail
Sharkdiver's Bracers
146Wrists Slay Loguhn Mail
Sha'tari Deadeye Wristwraps
552Wrists Mail
Shoveltusk Bindings
15874WristsLooted Mail
Sindweller's Armguards
48Wrists The Fall of Tichondrius Mail
Skettis Bracer
11167WristsLooted Mail
Skom Bracers
13869WristsLooted Mail
Slag Pit Bracers
49Wrists Operation: Stir the Cauldron Mail
Slayer's Cuffs
2823WristsLooted Mail
Snake Bracers
39085WristsLooted Mail
Snapjaw Bracers
31Wrists Gammerita, Mon! Mail
Snarlthorn Bracers
57198WristsLooted Mail
Soldier's Wristguards
1510WristsLooted, Fished Mail
Southfury Bracers
27878WristsLooted Mail
Sparkleshell Bracers
3631WristsLooted Mail
Spectral Bracelets
18280WristsLooted Mail
Spiderlord Bracers
17879WristsLooted Mail
Spiked Chain Wristbands
2520WristsLooted Mail
Spirestrider Bracers
56097WristsLooted Mail
Spitelinked Bracers
162Wrists Wipe That Grin Off His Face Mail
Steadfast Bracelets
3732WristsLooted Mail
Steel-Clasped Bracers
29Wrists Mail
Steppe Bracers
37784WristsLooted Mail
Stormbinder Armbands
23280WristsVendor Mail
Stormbinder Armguard
23280WristsVendor Mail
Stormbinder Bracers
23280WristsVendor Mail
Stormscale Bracers
38485WristsCrafted Mail
Stormsteppe Bracers
602WristsQuest Mail
Stormsteppe Wristwraps
595Wrists Ring of Trials: Roakk the Zealot Mail
Streamtalker Armbands
48390Wrists Mail
Streamtalker Armbands
48390Wrists Mail
Streamtalker Armguard
48390Wrists Mail
Streamtalker Armguard
48390Wrists Mail
Streamtalker Bracers
48390Wrists Mail
Streamtalker Bracers
48390Wrists Mail
Stromgarde Bracers
28Wrists For Southshore Mail
Studded Arm Protector
10Wrists Cloth and Leather Armor Mail
Summit Bracers
174Wrists They Took Our Men! Mail
Sundown Bracers
28379WristsLooted Mail
Sunspring Bracers
58299WristsLooted Mail
Talhide Lined-Bracers
11769WristsLooted Mail
Talondeep Bracers
31284WristsLooted Mail
Tangleheart Bracers
50592WristsLooted Mail
Tell-Tale Bracers
23Wrists The Heart of the Matter Mail
Tempered Bracers
27Wrists Mail
Tentacle-Slayer Bracers
272Wrists Free Wil'hai Mail
Thane's Restraints
174Wrists Shadow Vault Decree Mail
Thick Scale Bracelets
3025WristsLooted Mail
Thornsnarl Bracers
30683WristsLooted Mail
Tiger Strangler's Bracers
28Wrists Tiger Mastery Mail
Tortured Bracer
11468WristsLooted Mail
Tough Scorpid Bracers
4439WristsCrafted Mail
Trailseeker Bracers
48390Wrists Mail
Trailseeker Bracers
48390Wrists Mail
Trapper Bracers
15473WristsLooted Mail
Triumphant Bracers
6156WristsLooted Mail
Troteman's Bracers
17Wrists His Heart Must Be In It Mail
Tsunami Bracers
29581WristsCrafted Mail
Turtle Scale Bracers
4237WristsCrafted Mail
Ulduar Bracers
17478WristsLooted Mail
Unyielding Bindings
8157WristsLooted Mail
Varashi Bracers
54996WristsLooted Mail
Vigilant Vambraces
18Wrists Mail
Vonderful Bracers
26Wrists Burn, Baby, Burn! Mail
War Paint Bindings
1712WristsLooted Mail
War Rider Bracers
40Wrists Mail
Warlords Intro Zone PH Mail Wristwraps
500Wrists Mail
Warmonger's Bracers
4641WristsLooted Mail
Warpscale Bracers
52794WristsLooted Mail
Warstrike Armsplints
5954WristsLooted Mail
Wasteland Chain Wristguards
40888WristsVendor Mail
Wasteland Ringmail Armbands
40888WristsVendor Mail
Weed Puller's Bracers
48Wrists Weeding the Lawn Mail
Westrift Wristguards
138Wrists Escaping the Mist Mail
Whip-Stitched Wristguards
154Wrists Dun-da-Dun-tah! Mail
Wicked Chain Bracers
2924WristsLooted Mail
Widener's Bracers
318Wrists A Fiery Reunion Mail
Wild Plains Wristguards
399Wrists Snap Judgment Mail
Wildwood Wrangler Wristwraps
528WristsQuest Mail
Willow Bracers
40386WristsLooted Mail
Wind Serpent Bracers
43Wrists Invoking the Serpent Mail
Wind Serpent Bracers
43Wrists Invoking the Serpent Mail
Wind-Reaver Wristguards
437Wrists The Dissector Wakens Mail
Wind-Reaver Wristwraps
437Wrists Extracting Answers Mail
Withered Wood Armbands
437Wrists The Dissector Wakens Mail
Withered Wood Wristwraps
437Wrists Extracting Answers Mail
Wolvar Bindings
16676WristsLooted Mail