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Name Level Req. Level Slot Source Type
Deathmark Shoulderguards
655100ShouldersLooted Mail
Delver's Belt
655100WaistLooted Mail
Drop Kickers
655100FeetLooted Mail
Erupting Mantle
655100ShouldersLooted Mail
Face Kickers
655100FeetLooted Mail
Flawless Crystal-Leaf Bracers
655100WristsVendor Mail
Flawless Crystal-Leaf Chain
655100WaistVendor Mail
Flawless Crystal-Leaf Gloves
655100HandsVendor Mail
Flawless Crystal-Leaf Helm
655100HeadVendor Mail
Flawless Crystal-Leaf Legguards
655100LegsVendor Mail
Grips of the Ruptured Furnace
655100HandsLooted Mail
Grips of Vicious Mauling
655100HandsLooted Mail
Hood of Dispassionate Execution
655100HeadLooted Mail
Leggings of Broken Magic
655100LegsLooted Mail
Living Mountain Shoulderguards
655100ShouldersLooted Mail
Magma-Mauled Leggings
655100LegsLooted Mail
Moss-Woven Mailshirt
655100ChestLooted Mail
Raider's Spikeholder Belt
655100WaistLooted Mail
Ram-Carrier's Treads
655100FeetLooted Mail
Rockbreaker Warcap
655100HeadLooted Mail
Rogg's Earthen Legguards
655100LegsLooted Mail
Roilgut Gauntlets
655100HandsLooted Mail
Rylakk-Rider's Legguards
655100LegsLooted Mail
Sickened Scale Belt
655100Waist Formidable Girdle Mail
Sickened Scale Boots
655100Feet Formidable Treads Mail
Sickened Scale Bracers
655100Wrists Formidable Bracers Mail
Sickened Scale Chestguard
655100Chest Formidable Robes Mail
Sickened Scale Gauntlets
655100Hands Formidable Gauntlets Mail
Sickened Scale Helm
655100Head Formidable Hood Mail
Sickened Scale Legguards
655100Legs Formidable Leggings Mail
Sickened Scale Spaulders
655100Shoulders Formidable Spaulders Mail
Spelunker's Chestguard
655100ChestLooted Mail
Treads of Sand and Blood
655100FeetLooted Mail
Chain of Natural Fury
650100WaistLooted Mail
Chainhoof Grips
650100HandsLooted Mail
Chestguard of Rejuvenation
650100ChestLooted Mail
Cybergenetic Mechshades
650100Head Mail
Exceptional Crystal-Leaf Bracers
645100WristsVendor Mail
Exceptional Crystal-Leaf Chain
645100WaistVendor Mail
Exceptional Crystal-Leaf Gloves
645100HandsVendor Mail
Exceptional Crystal-Leaf Helm
645100HeadVendor Mail
Exceptional Crystal-Leaf Legguards
645100LegsVendor Mail
Gatecrasher's Chain Boots
645100FeetLooted Mail
Gruntslayer Shoulderguards
645100ShouldersLooted Mail
One-Eyed Chain Helm
645100HeadLooted Mail
Undying Belt
645100Waist Grandiose Girdle Mail
Undying Boots
645100Feet Grandiose Treads Mail
Undying Bracers
645100Wrists Grandiose Bracers Mail
Undying Chestguard
645100Chest Grandiose Robes Mail
Undying Gauntlets
645100Hands Grandiose Gauntlets Mail
Undying Helm
645100Head Grandiose Hood Mail
Undying Legguards
645100Legs Grandiose Leggings Mail
Undying Spaulders
645100Shoulders Grandiose Spaulders Mail
Bonebreaker Boots
640100FeetLooted Mail
Bracer of Amputation
640100WristsLooted Mail
Crackle-Proof Chestguard
640100ChestLooted Mail
Crown of Destruction
640100HeadUnobtainable, Looted Mail
Cybergenetic Mechshades
64091HeadCrafted Mail
Gorian Royal Crown
640100HeadLooted Mail
Legguards of Ravenous Assault
640100LegsLooted Mail
Longshot Belt
640100Waist Challenger's Strongbox Mail
Longshot Bracers
640100Wrists Challenger's Strongbox Mail
Longshot Gauntlets
640100Hands Challenger's Strongbox Mail
Longshot Greaves
640100Feet Challenger's Strongbox Mail
Longshot Helm
640100Head Challenger's Strongbox Mail
Longshot Legguards
640100Legs Challenger's Strongbox Mail
Longshot Shoulderguards
640100Shoulders Challenger's Strongbox Mail
Longshot Vest
640100Chest Challenger's Strongbox Mail
Pulverizing Grips
640100HandsLooted Mail
Shoulderguards of Perpetually Exploding Fungus
640100ShouldersLooted Mail
Wayfaring Belt
64091WaistCrafted Mail
Wayfaring Boots
64091FeetCrafted Mail
Wayfaring Bracers
64091WristsCrafted Mail
Wayfaring Gloves
64091HandsCrafted Mail
Wayfaring Helm
64091HeadCrafted Mail
Wayfaring Leggings
64091LegsCrafted Mail
Wayfaring Shoulderguards
64091ShouldersCrafted Mail
Wayfaring Tunic
64091ChestCrafted Mail
Belt of Elemental Torment
630100Waist Mail
Boots of Elemental Torment
630100Feet Turbulent Treads Mail
Bracers of Elemental Torment
630100Wrists Turbulent Bracers Mail
Chestguard of Elemental Torment
630100Chest Turbulent Robes Mail
Crystal-Leaf Bracers
630100WristsVendor Mail
Crystal-Leaf Chain
630100WaistVendor Mail
Crystal-Leaf Gloves
630100HandsVendor Mail
Crystal-Leaf Helm
630100HeadVendor Mail
Crystal-Leaf Legguards
630100LegsVendor Mail
Gauntlets of Elemental Torment
630100Hands Turbulent Gauntlets Mail
Helm of Elemental Torment
630100Head Turbulent Hood Mail
Lavalink Bracers
630100WristsLooted Mail
Lavalink Girdle
630100WaistLooted Mail
Lavalink Grips
630100HandsLooted Mail
Lavalink Helm
630100HeadLooted Mail
Lavalink Legguards
630100LegsLooted Mail
Lavalink Ringmail
630100ChestLooted Mail
Lavalink Spaulders
630100ShouldersLooted Mail
Lavalink Stompers
630100FeetLooted Mail
Legguards of Elemental Torment
630100Legs Turbulent Leggings Mail
Morningscale Bracers
630100WristsLooted Mail
Morningscale Chestguard
630100ChestLooted Mail