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Name Level Req. Level Slot Source Type
Sharkjaw Cap
18778HeadVendor Mail
Spaulders of Grounded Lightning
18778ShouldersVendor Mail
Spaulders of Skillful Maneuvers
18778ShouldersLooted Mail
Stormhide Belt
18778WaistCrafted Mail
Stormhide Crown
18778HeadCrafted Mail
Stormhide Grips
18778HandsCrafted Mail
Stormhide Hauberk
18778ChestCrafted Mail
Stormhide Legguards
18778LegsCrafted Mail
Stormhide Shoulders
18778ShouldersCrafted Mail
Stormhide Stompers
18778FeetCrafted Mail
Stormhide Wristguards
18778WristsCrafted Mail
Swiftarrow Belt
18778WaistCrafted Mail
Swiftarrow Boots
18778FeetCrafted Mail
Swiftarrow Bracers
18778WristsCrafted Mail
Swiftarrow Gauntlets
18778HandsCrafted Mail
Swiftarrow Hauberk
18778ChestCrafted Mail
Swiftarrow Helm
18778HeadCrafted Mail
Swiftarrow Leggings
18778LegsCrafted Mail
Swiftarrow Shoulderguards
18778ShouldersCrafted Mail
Tear-Linked Gauntlets
18778HandsLooted Mail
Tear-Linked Gauntlets
187HandsLooted Mail
Toothslice Helm
18778HeadVendor Mail
Tornado Cuffs
18778WristsLooted Mail
Treads of Altered History
18778FeetLooted Mail
Virulent Spaulders
18778ShouldersCrafted Mail
Waistband of the Thuzadin
18778WaistLooted Mail
Frigidlink Armor
187Chest Icy Crate of Battlefield Goods Mail
Frigidlink Gauntlets
187Hands Icy Crate of Battlefield Goods Mail
Frigidlink Spaulders
187Shoulders Icy Crate of Battlefield Goods Mail
Chestguard of Unwanted Success
183Chest Battle at Valhalas: Final Challenge Mail
Hollow Geode Helm
18377HeadLooted Mail
Linked Armor of the Sphere
18377ChestLooted Mail
Mechanized Snow Goggles
183HeadCrafted Mail
Val'kyr Vestments
18376Chest Hildana Deathstealer Mail
Spectral Armor
18280ChestLooted Mail
Spectral Bracelets
18280WristsLooted Mail
Spectral Gauntlets
18280HandsLooted Mail
Spectral Greaves
18280FeetLooted Mail
Spectral Helmet
18280HeadLooted Mail
Spectral Legwraps
18280LegsLooted Mail
Spectral Mantle
18280ShouldersLooted Mail
Spectral Waistband
18280WaistLooted, Mined Mail
Moist Mail Armor
18085ChestLooted Mail
Moist Mail Belt
18085WaistLooted Mail
Moist Mail Boots
18085FeetLooted Mail
Moist Mail Bracers
18085WristsLooted Mail
Moist Mail Circlet
18085HeadLooted Mail
Moist Mail Gloves
18085HandsLooted Mail
Moist Mail Pants
18085LegsLooted Mail
Moist Mail Shoulderpads
18085ShouldersLooted Mail
Cannibal's Legguards
17976LegsLooted Mail
Cannibal's Legguards
179LegsLooted Mail
Hauberk of Totemic Mastery
17976ChestLooted Mail
Hauberk of Totemic Mastery
179ChestLooted Mail
Spiderlord Belt
17879WaistLooted Mail
Spiderlord Boots
17879FeetLooted Mail
Spiderlord Bracers
17879WristsLooted Mail
Spiderlord Chestpiece
17879ChestLooted Mail
Spiderlord Gauntlets
17879HandsLooted Mail
Spiderlord Helm
17879HeadLooted Mail
Spiderlord Legguards
17879LegsLooted Mail
Spiderlord Spaulders
17879ShouldersLooted, Mined Mail
Bindings of Raelorasz
175Wrists A Wing and a Prayer Mail
Boots of the Portal Guardian
17575FeetLooted Mail
Calcified Web Spaulders
17574Shoulders Terror Spinner Mail
17577FeetCrafted Mail
Ranger's Belt of the Fallen Empire
175WaistQuest Mail
Scaled Boots of Fallen Hope
175FeetQuest Mail
Scaled Icewalkers
17577FeetCrafted Mail
Spaulders of Lost Secrets
175Shoulders Halls of Stone Mail
Xevozz's Belt
17575WaistLooted Mail
Assault Hauberk
174Chest Aces High! Mail
Chained Belt of Remembrance
174Waist Light Within the Darkness Mail
Crusader's Coif
174Head The Crusaders' Pinnacle Mail
Giant Champion's Spaulders
174Shoulders The Flesh Giant Champion Mail
Grips of the Warming Heart
17478HandsLooted, Gathered Mail
Iskalder's Fate
174Wrists Not-So-Honorable Combat Mail
Jormungar Hide Legguards
174Legs The Iron Colossus Mail
Stormforged Shoulders
174Shoulders Diametrically Opposed Mail
The Darkspeaker's Sabatons
174Feet Mind Tricks Mail
Architect's Spaulders
174Shoulders The Stone That Started A Revolution Mail
Argent Girdle
174Waist Defending The Vanguard Mail
Battlesurgeon's Gauntlets
174Hands Mail
Belt of the Stormforged
174Waist Valduran the Stormborn Mail
Blood-Encrusted Boots
174Feet The Rider of the Unholy Mail
Blood-Stalker's Cover
174Head The Rider of Blood Mail
Broken Chastity Belt
174WaistQuest Mail
Brunnhildar Snowkickers
174Feet Making a Harness Mail
Chain Gloves of the Demonic Minion
174HandsQuest Mail
Chain Gloves of the Quarry
174Hands Seeds of Chaos Mail
Chestplate of the Northern Ranger
174ChestQuest Mail
Circlet of Suffering
174Head Revenge for the Vargul Mail
Cobalt's Shoulderguards
174Shoulders The Air Stands Still Mail
Cuffs of Invention
174Wrists Fate of the Titans Mail
Drivetrain Chain Leggings
174LegsQuest Mail
Enchanted Bracelets of the Scout
174Wrists The Vile Hold Mail
Flesh-Scaled Bracers
174Wrists Killing Two Scourge With One Skeleton Mail
Gauntlets of Onu'zun
174Hands Eliminate the Competition Mail
Gauntlets of Urgency
174Hands You'll Need a Gryphon Mail
Geist Stalker Leggings
174LegsQuest Mail