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Name Level Req. Level Slot Source Type
Sundered Spaulders
11468ShouldersLooted Mail
Sundered Waistband
11468WaistLooted Mail
Tortured Bracer
11468WristsLooted Mail
Dream-Wing Helm
11268HeadLooted Mail
Earth Mantle Handwraps
11268HandsLooted Mail
Laughing Skull Battle-Harness
11268ChestLooted Mail
Mask of Inner Fire
11268HeadLooted Mail
Sky-Hunter Swift Boots
11268FeetLooted Mail
Hauberk of the War Bringer
11068ChestLooted Mail
Hauberk of the War Bringer
11068ChestLooted Mail
Abyssal Mail Greaves
10968Feet Kraator Mail
Breastplate of Rapid Striking
10968ChestLooted Mail
Chimaerascale Legguards
10968LegsLooted Mail
Drakescale Hauberk
10968Chest Hemathion Mail
Felstone Epaulets
10968Shoulders Morcrush Mail
Fiery Beholder Eye
10968Head Collidus the Warp-Watcher Mail
Garmaul Bracers
13067WristsLooted Mail
Garmaul Chestpiece
13067ChestLooted Mail
Garmaul Fists
13067HandsLooted Mail
Garmaul Footwraps
13067FeetLooted Mail
Garmaul Helmet
13067HeadLooted Mail
Garmaul Legguards
13067LegsLooted Mail
Garmaul Shoulderguards
13067ShouldersLooted Mail
Garmaul Waistband
13067WaistLooted, Pick Pocketed Mail
Skettis Belt
11167WaistLooted Mail
Skettis Bracer
11167WristsLooted Mail
Skettis Chestpiece
11167ChestLooted Mail
Skettis Footwraps
11167FeetLooted Mail
Skettis Gauntlets
11167HandsLooted Mail
Skettis Helmet
11167HeadLooted Mail
Skettis Legguards
11167LegsLooted Mail
Skettis Spaulders
11167ShouldersLooted Mail
Netherfury Belt
10667WaistCrafted Mail
Netherfury Leggings
10667LegsCrafted Mail
Thundercaller's Gauntlets
10667HandsLooted Mail
Corroded Mail Armor
7267ChestLooted Mail
Corroded Mail Belt
7267WaistLooted Mail
Corroded Mail Boots
7267FeetLooted Mail
Corroded Mail Bracers
7267WristsLooted Mail
Corroded Mail Circlet
7267HeadLooted Mail
Corroded Mail Gloves
7267HandsLooted Mail
Corroded Mail Pants
7267LegsLooted Mail
Corroded Mail Shoulderpads
7267ShouldersLooted, Pick Pocketed Mail
Der'izu Belt
10866WaistLooted Mail
Der'izu Bracer
10866WristsLooted Mail
Der'izu Chestpiece
10866ChestLooted Mail
Der'izu Fists
10866HandsLooted Mail
Der'izu Greaves
10866FeetLooted Mail
Der'izu Helm
10866HeadLooted Mail
Der'izu Legguards
10866LegsLooted Mail
Der'izu Spaulders
10866ShouldersLooted Mail
Felscale Breastplate
10866ChestCrafted Mail
Scaled Draenic Boots
10866FeetCrafted Mail
Illidari Wristguards
10366Wrists Ambassador Jerrikar Mail
Nethersteel Gauntlets
10366Hands Speaker Mar'grom Mail
Scaled Greaves of Patience
10366LegsLooted Mail
Scales of the Beast
10366LegsLooted Mail
Stormfront Gauntlets
10366HandsLooted Mail
Voidscale Belt
10366WaistLooted Mail
Exorcist's Chain Helm
10066HeadVendor Mail
Exorcist's Linked Helm
10066HeadVendor Mail
Exorcist's Mail Helm
10066HeadVendor Mail
Marksman's Belt
10066WaistVendor Mail
Marksman's Legguards
10066LegsVendor Mail
Stormbreaker's Girdle
10066WaistVendor Mail
Stormbreaker's Leggings
10066LegsVendor Mail
Ironspine Belt
10565WaistLooted Mail
Ironspine Bracelets
10565WristsLooted Mail
Ironspine Chain Vest
10565ChestLooted Mail
Ironspine Gloves
10565HandsLooted Mail
Ironspine Greaves
10565FeetLooted Mail
Ironspine Helm
10565HeadLooted Mail
Ironspine Legguards
10565LegsLooted Mail
Ironspine Shoulderguards
10565ShouldersLooted Mail
Golden Dragonstrike Breastplate
10065ChestCrafted Mail
Headdress of Inner Rage
10065HeadLooted Mail
Mok'Nathal Beast-Mask
10065HeadLooted Mail
Stormforged Hauberk
10065ChestCrafted Mail
Blood Knight Boots
10264FeetLooted Mail
Blood Knight Bracers
10264WristsLooted Mail
Blood Knight Breastplate
10264ChestLooted Mail
Blood Knight Gauntlets
10264HandsLooted Mail
Blood Knight Girdle
10264WaistLooted Mail
Blood Knight Greaves
10264LegsLooted Mail
Blood Knight Helm
10264HeadLooted Mail
Blood Knight Pauldrons
10264ShouldersLooted Mail
Scaled Draenic Vest
10264ChestCrafted Mail
Boots of the Outlander
9764FeetLooted Mail
Boots of the Pathfinder
9764FeetLooted Mail
Lightning-Rod Pauldrons
9764ShouldersLooted Mail
Mask of the Howling Storm
9764HeadLooted Mail
Sterling Chain Shoulderpads
6964Shoulders Mail
Dreadhawk's Girdle
9963WaistLooted Mail
Fel Iron Chain Tunic
9963ChestCrafted Mail
Felscale Pants
9963LegsCrafted Mail
Marshcreeper Belt
9963WaistLooted Mail
Marshcreeper Bracelets
9963WristsLooted Mail
Marshcreeper Fen-Vest
9963ChestLooted Mail
Marshcreeper Gloves
9963HandsLooted Mail
Marshcreeper Helm
9963HeadLooted Mail