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Name Level Req. Level Slot Source Type
Golden Scale Bracers
3732WristsCrafted Mail
Golden Scale Coif
3833HeadCrafted Mail
Golden Scale Cuirass
4035ChestCrafted Mail
Golden Scale Gauntlets
4136HandsCrafted Mail
Golden Scale Leggings
3429LegsCrafted Mail
Golden Scale Shoulders
3530ShouldersCrafted Mail
Goldenlink Bracers
111Wrists Securing the Celestial Ridge Mail
Gorgonian Belt
272Waist Overseer Idra'kess Mail
Gorgonian Belt
272Waist Overseer Idra'kess Mail
Gor'Tesh's Boots
51Feet SEVEN! YUP! Mail
Gossamer-Stained Grips
154Hands Ruuna's Request Mail
Grasps of the Unyielding
25Hands Silence of the Dwarves Mail
Greaves of the People's Militia
15Feet Mail
Greaves of the Titan Protectorate
162Legs Mail
Green Iron Boots
2924FeetCrafted Mail
Green Iron Bracers
3328WristsCrafted Mail
Green Iron Gauntlets
3025HandsCrafted Mail
Green Iron Helm
3429HeadCrafted Mail
Green Iron Leggings
3126LegsCrafted Mail
Green Iron Shoulders
3227ShouldersCrafted Mail
Greenpaw Belt
26Waist King of the Foulweald Mail
Gregorky's Bracers
14Wrists Evidence Collection Mail
Griefsoul Wristguards
272Wrists A Prayer and a Wing Mail
Grim Pauldrons
36Shoulders Mail
Grimfrost Frostmail
512Chest The Eldest Mail
Grimtoll Wristguards
28Wrists Mail
Grimtotem Spaulders
42Shoulders Darkcloud Grimtotem Mail
Gripsteel Wristguards
38Wrists Mail
Grom'gar Chain Boots
517Feet The Master Siegesmith Mail
Gronnling Belt
49491WaistLooted Mail
Gronnling Bracers
49491WristsLooted Mail
Gronnling Gauntlets
49491HandsLooted Mail
Gronnling Greaves
49491FeetLooted Mail
Gronnling Helm
49491HeadLooted Mail
Gronnling Legguards
49491LegsLooted Mail
Gronnling Spaulders
49491ShouldersLooted Mail
Gronnling Vest
49491ChestLooted Mail
Groovey Legguards
52Legs Drinks on the Rocks Mail
Groundshort Leggings
289Legs Elemental Energy Mail
Grunt's Ankle Wraps
2116FeetLooted Mail
Grunt's Belt
2015WaistLooted Mail
Grunt's Bracers
1914WristsLooted Mail
Grunt's Chestpiece
2621ChestLooted Mail
Grunt's Handwraps
2116HandsLooted Mail
Grunt's Legguards
2419LegsLooted Mail
Grunt's Pauldrons
2520ShouldersLooted Mail
Gryan's Boots
14Feet Big Trouble in Moonbrook Mail
Gryphon Mail Belt
4843WaistLooted Mail
Gryphon Mail Bracelets
4742WristsLooted Mail
Gryphon Mail Breastplate
5146ChestLooted Mail
Gryphon Mail Crown
5045HeadLooted Mail
Gryphon Mail Gauntlets
4742HandsLooted Mail
Gryphon Mail Greaves
4742FeetLooted Mail
Gryphon Mail Legguards
5045LegsLooted Mail
Gryphon Mail Pauldrons
4843ShouldersLooted Mail
Guerilla Breastplate
25Chest Stopping Kurzen's Legacy Mail
Guerrilla Armor
1510Chest Mail
Guiding Gloves of the Seer
146Hands Imprints on the Past Mail
Gurn's Horned Helmet
108Head Planting the Banner Mail
Guststorm Legguards
18Legs Mail
Gut Opener Gloves
35Hands War Machines Mail
Gut Opener Gloves
35Hands War Machines Mail
Gutrip Gauntlets
272Hands Fresh Bait Mail
Hailwood Chestpiece
9Chest Stranded at the Marsh Mail
Hamatep Legguards
312Legs Tanotep's Son Mail
Hambone's Spare Collar
30Waist Plush Pelts Mail
Hammerfoot's Mail Leggings
10Legs A Pilot's Revenge Mail
Hammerhead Helm
318Head Dropping the Hammer Mail
Handguards of Extermination
154Hands Therapy Mail
Hands of Encouragement
21Hands Management Material Mail
Hauberk of Shock
318Chest Unfamiliar Waters Mail
Haunted Pauldrons
22Shoulders The Eye of Paleth Mail
Head Inspector's Gloves
26Hands Headhunting Mail
Head Kickers
32Feet Gan'dranda Mail
Heartsick Breastplate
28Chest Stromgarde Badges Mail
Heartwise Boon
22Hands That Which Has Risen Mail
Hearty Cenarion Cincture
93Waist Leader of the Darkcrest Mail
Heavy Chain Leggings
11Legs Gurf's Dignity Mail
Heavy Miner's Belt
87Waist The Mastermind Mail
Heavy Notched Belt
4237WaistVendor Mail
Heavy Scorpid Belt
5651WaistCrafted Mail
Heavy Scorpid Bracers
5146WristsCrafted Mail
Heavy Scorpid Gauntlets
5550HandsCrafted Mail
Heavy Scorpid Helm
5954HeadCrafted Mail
Heavy Scorpid Leggings
5752LegsCrafted Mail
Heavy Scorpid Shoulders
6156ShouldersCrafted Mail
Heavy Scorpid Vest
5348ChestCrafted Mail
Heavy-Duty Engineering Boots
108Feet Elemental Power Extraction Mail
Heedless Treads
10Feet Ignoring the Warnings Mail
Helm of Affinity
81HeadQuest Mail
Helm of Broken Bones
312HeadQuest Mail
Helm of Furious Uprising
318Head Death to Mor'ghor Mail
Helm of Lupine Grace
96HeadQuest Mail
Helm of Misplaced Loyalties
42Head The Commander Mail
Helm of Secrets
30Head If They're Just Going to Leave Them Lying Around... Mail
Helm of Secrets
30Head There's Somebody Out There Who Wants It Mail
Helm of Spirit Links
154Head Subject to Interpretation Mail
Helm of Subtle Whispers
158Head So Far, So Bad Mail
Helm of the Furbolg Purifier
154HeadQuest Mail
Helm of the Wormslayer
305Head A Rock Amongst Many Mail