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Name Level Req. Level Slot Source Type
Brood Mother Leggings
108Legs Slay the Brood Mother Mail
Der'izu Belt
10866WaistLooted Mail
Der'izu Bracer
10866WristsLooted Mail
Der'izu Chestpiece
10866ChestLooted Mail
Der'izu Fists
10866HandsLooted Mail
Der'izu Greaves
10866FeetLooted Mail
Der'izu Helm
10866HeadLooted Mail
Der'izu Legguards
10866LegsLooted Mail
Der'izu Spaulders
10866ShouldersLooted Mail
Diluvian Spaulders
108Shoulders Whispers of the Raven God Mail
Doc's Belt
108Waist That Little Extra Kick Mail
Dragonkin Shirt
108Chest Maxnar Must Die! Mail
Exotic Spiked Shoulders
108Shoulders Wanted: Annihilator Servo! Mail
Felscale Breastplate
10866ChestCrafted Mail
Gurn's Horned Helmet
108Head Planting the Banner Mail
Heavy-Duty Engineering Boots
108Feet Elemental Power Extraction Mail
Junior Technician 3rd Grade Gloves
108Hands You're Hired! Mail
Mok'Nathal Hero's Pantaloons
108Legs There Can Be Only One Response Mail
Nether Leggings
108Legs Dr. Boom! Mail
Papa's Armbands
108Wrists Pick Your Part Mail
Razaani-Buster Leggings
108Legs Show Them Gnome Mercy! Mail
Rocket-Chief Pauldrons
108Shoulders Breaking Down Netherock Mail
Scaled Draenic Boots
10866FeetCrafted Mail
Warp-Shielded Hauberk
108Chest Measuring Warp Energies Mail
Whelpscale Gauntlets
108Hands Whelps of the Wyrmcult Mail
Nether Chain Shirt
10770ChestCrafted Mail
Area 52 Defender's Pants
106Legs Back to the Chief! Mail
Coif of the Wicked
106Head Destroy Naberius! Mail
Netherfury Belt
10667WaistCrafted Mail
Netherfury Leggings
10667LegsCrafted Mail
Thundercaller's Gauntlets
10667HandsLooted Mail
Chancellor's Chain Gauntlets
10570Hands Mail
Chancellor's Chain Helm
10570Head Mail
Chancellor's Chain Leggings
10570Legs Mail
Chancellor's Chain Spaulders
10570Shoulders Mail
Chancellor's Linked Armor
10570Chest Mail
Chancellor's Linked Gauntlets
10570Hands Mail
Chancellor's Linked Helm
10570Head Mail
Chancellor's Linked Leggings
10570Legs Mail
Chancellor's Linked Spaulders
10570Shoulders Mail
Chancellor's Mail Armor
10570Chest Mail
Chancellor's Mail Gauntlets
10570Hands Mail
Chancellor's Mail Helm
10570Head Mail
Chancellor's Mail Leggings
10570Legs Mail
Chancellor's Mail Spaulders
10570Shoulders Mail
Chancellor's Ringmail Chestguard
10570Chest Mail
Chancellor's Ringmail Gloves
10570Hands Mail
Chancellor's Ringmail Headpiece
10570Head Mail
Chancellor's Ringmail Shoulders
10570Shoulders Mail
Crystalhide Handwraps
10570HandsCreated Mail
Earthen Netherscale Boots
10570FeetCrafted Mail
Ebon Netherscale Bracers
10570WristsCrafted Mail
Felfury Gauntlets
10570HandsCrafted Mail
Headdress of the First Shaman
10561HeadArchaeology Mail
Living Dragonscale Helm
10570HeadCrafted Mail
Netherdrake Gloves
10570HandsCrafted Mail
Netherdrake Helm
10570HeadCrafted Mail
Storm Helm
10570HeadCrafted Mail
Thick Netherscale Breastplate
10570ChestCrafted Mail
Windstrike Gloves
10570HandsCrafted Mail
Bracers of the Weald
105Wrists ...and a Time for Action Mail
Chaintwine Cinch
105WaistQuest Mail
Clefthoof Wristguards
105Wrists Clefthoof Mastery Mail
Cord of the Ring
105Waist Murkblood Corrupters Mail
Dark Shaman's Cover
105Head Solving the Problem Mail
Devolved Drake Girdle
105Waist What Came First, the Drake or the Egg? Mail
Ironspine Belt
10565WaistLooted Mail
Ironspine Bracelets
10565WristsLooted Mail
Ironspine Chain Vest
10565ChestLooted Mail
Ironspine Gloves
10565HandsLooted Mail
Ironspine Greaves
10565FeetLooted Mail
Ironspine Helm
10565HeadLooted Mail
Ironspine Legguards
10565LegsLooted Mail
Ironspine Shoulderguards
10565ShouldersLooted Mail
Murkblood Oven Mitts
105HandsQuest Mail
Party Hat Mistake
105Head Gauging the Resonant Frequency Mail
Ritualist's Helm
105Head Spirit Calling Mail
Scalewing Gloves
105Hands Ride the Lightning Mail
Thunderbringer's Guard
105Head Mail
Warcaster's Scaled Leggings
105LegsQuest Mail
Windroc Boots
105Feet Windroc Mastery Mail
Illidari Wristguards
10366Wrists Ambassador Jerrikar Mail
Mag'hari Huntsman's Leggings
103Legs There Is No Hope Mail
Metallic Headband of Simm'onz
103Head Forge Camp: Annihilated Mail
Nethersteel Gauntlets
10366Hands Speaker Mar'grom Mail
Scaled Greaves of Patience
10366LegsLooted Mail
Scales of the Beast
10366LegsLooted Mail
Stormfront Gauntlets
10366HandsLooted Mail
Tarren Mill Defender's Cinch
103Waist Escape from Durnholde Mail
Voidscale Belt
10366Waist Voidhunter Yar Mail
All-Weather Armguards
102Wrists Into the Draenethyst Mine Mail
Blood Knight Boots
10264FeetLooted Mail
Blood Knight Bracers
10264WristsLooted Mail
Blood Knight Breastplate
10264ChestLooted Mail
Blood Knight Gauntlets
10264HandsLooted Mail
Blood Knight Girdle
10264WaistLooted Mail
Blood Knight Greaves
10264LegsLooted Mail
Blood Knight Helm
10264HeadLooted Mail
Blood Knight Pauldrons
10264ShouldersLooted Mail
Dragonbone Shoulders
102Shoulders Evil Draws Near Mail