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Name Level Req. Level Slot Source Type
Ancient Greaves
4439Feet Mail
Ancient Legguards
4439Legs Mail
Ancient Pauldrons
4439Shoulders Mail
Ancient Vambraces
4237Wrists Mail
Angor Pauldrons
46Shoulders Mail
Angor Pauldrons
46Shoulders Mail
Anub'ar-Husk Helm
146Head Mail
Anub'ar-Husk Leggings
146Legs Mail
Anub'ar-Husk Shoulderguards
146Shoulders Mail
Apostate's Hauberk
680Chest Mail
Apothecary Chain Pants
34Legs Mail
Appointed Scalemail Leggings
138Legs Mail
Aquasear Waistguard
272Waist Mail
Arachnophobe's Chain Shirt
10Chest Mail
Arcane Ringed Greaves
81Legs Mail
Arcane Ringed Tunic
81Chest Mail
Archaeologist's Leggings
15Legs Mail
Archer's Chain Bracer
37Wrists Mail
Architect's Spaulders
174Shoulders Mail
Arcmetal Shoulders
38Shoulders Mail
Argent Girdle
174Waist Mail
Armbands of Unrelenting Anguish
680Wrists Mail
Armguards of Binding
35Wrists Mail
Armguards of Binding
35Wrists Mail
Artificer's Boots
19Feet Mail
Asp-Clasp Bracers
312Wrists Mail
Asylum Boots
18Feet Mail
Atoll Treaders
272Feet Mail
Atoll Treaders
272Feet Mail
Auberdine Ringmail Tunic
16Chest Mail
Avian Oiled Greaves
31Legs Mail
Azure Chain Hauberk
138Chest Mail
Azurehunter Handguards
146Hands Mail
Azurehunter Legguards
146Legs Mail
Bad Waistguard
20Waist Mail
Bael Modan Amice
34Shoulders Mail
Balia'mah Chain Pants
27Legs Mail
Bal'lal Waistguard
25Waist Mail
Banded Armor
3328Chest Mail
Banded Boots
3227Feet Mail
Banded Bracers
3025Wrists Mail
Banded Chain Gloves
138Hands Mail
Banded Gauntlets
3126Hands Mail
Banded Girdle
3126Waist Mail
Banded Helm
3227Head Mail
Banded Leggings
3227Legs Mail
Banded Pauldrons
3227Shoulders Mail
Barbaric Iron Boots
3631Feet Mail
Barbaric Iron Gloves
3732Hands Mail
Barbaric Iron Helm
3530Head Mail
Barbaric Iron Shoulders
3227Shoulders Mail
Barkburn Legguards
21Legs Mail
Bartered Wristguards
28Wrists Mail
Barus' Armbands
28Wrists Mail
Basecamp Breeches
28Legs Mail
Bat Claw Boots
44Feet Mail
Bat Claw Legguards
44Legs Mail
Battered Saurscale Belt
42990Waist Mail
Battered Saurscale Boots
42990Feet Mail
Battered Saurscale Bracers
42990Wrists Mail
Battered Saurscale Chestpiece
42990Chest Mail
Battered Saurscale Gloves
42990Hands Mail
Battered Saurscale Leggings
42990Legs Mail
Battle Chain Pants
127Legs Mail
Battle Chain Tunic
138Chest Mail
Battle Chain Vest
138Chest Mail
Battle Rider Belt
28Waist Mail
Battle Scarred Leggings
81Legs Mail
Battlefield Medic Handguards
21Hands Mail
Battleforge Armor
2924Chest Mail
Battleforge Boots
2924Feet Mail
Battleforge Gauntlets
2823Hands Mail
Battleforge Girdle
2823Waist Mail
Battleforge Legguards
2823Legs Mail
Battleforge Shoulderguards
2823Shoulders Mail
Battleforge Wristguards
2722Wrists Mail
Battle-Mage's Helmet
111Head Mail
Battlescar Amice
34Shoulders Mail
Battlesurgeon's Gauntlets
174Hands Mail
Bear Hunter's Belt
51Waist Mail
Bear Oiled Chainmail
53Chest Mail
Bearzerker's Spaulders
52Shoulders Mail
Beastminder Chain Gloves
512Hands Mail
Beastsoul Belt
23280Waist Mail
Beastsoul Bracers
23280Wrists Mail
Beastsoul Gauntlets
23280Hands Mail
Beastsoul Greaves
23280Feet Mail
Beastsoul Helm
23280Head Mail
Beastsoul Legguards
23280Legs Mail
Beastsoul Spaulders
23280Shoulders Mail
Beastsoul Vest
23280Chest Mail
Beetle Clasps
27Wrists Mail
Belt of Explosive Potential
13Waist Mail
Belt of Ghostly Essence
146Waist Mail
Belt of Misconceptions
162Waist Mail
Belt of Occult Horrors
55Waist Mail
Belt of Proficiency
40Waist Mail
Belt of Proficiency
40Waist Mail
Belt of Recklessness
35Waist Mail
Belt of the Bloodbinder
158Waist Mail