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Name Level Req. Level Slot Source Type
Helm of Thoughtful Gifts
40Head A Gift For Fiona Mail
Hemet's Ringmail Leggings
399Legs Stalker Mastery Mail
Heptu Headguard
312Head The Bandit Warlord Mail
Hero's Band
6055HeadLooted Mail
Hero's Belt
5954WaistLooted Mail
Hero's Boots
6055FeetLooted Mail
Hero's Bracers
5853WristsLooted Mail
Hero's Breastplate
6257ChestLooted Mail
Hero's Gauntlets
5954HandsLooted Mail
Hero's Leggings
6156LegsLooted Mail
Hero's Pauldrons
6055ShouldersLooted Mail
Hexed Bracers
26Wrists Mail
Hex-Linked Stronghelm
138Head A Lesson in Fear Mail
Hexxer's Belt
102Waist A Curse Upon Both of Your Clans! Mail
HF28 Mail Physical Chest4
138Chest Mail
Hide-Lined Chestguard
154ChestQuest Mail
Hierophant's Blessed Hands
30Hands Brood of Seldarria Mail
Highland Belt
51693Waist Bloom Weaver Mail
Highland Bracers
51693WristsLooted Mail
Highland Gauntlets
51693HandsLooted Mail
Highland Greaves
51693Feet Sasha's Secret Stash Mail
Highland Helm
51693Head Stashed Emergency Rucksack Mail
Highland Legguards
51693Legs Mail
Highland Spaulders
51693Shoulders Mail
Highland Vest
51693ChestLooted Mail
Highperch Belt
30082WaistLooted Mail
Highperch Bracers
30082WristsLooted Mail
Highperch Gauntlets
30082HandsLooted Mail
Highperch Greaves
30082FeetLooted Mail
Highperch Helm
30082HeadLooted Mail
Highperch Legguards
30082LegsLooted Mail
Highperch Spaulders
30082ShouldersLooted Mail
Highperch Vest
30082ChestLooted Mail
Highstrider Boots
14Feet Kolkar Leaders Mail
Hiri'watha Belt
29581WaistLooted Mail
Hiri'watha Bracers
29581WristsLooted Mail
Hiri'watha Gauntlets
29581HandsLooted Mail
Hiri'watha Greaves
29581FeetLooted Mail
Hiri'watha Helm
29581HeadLooted Mail
Hiri'watha Legguards
29581LegsLooted Mail
Hiri'watha Spaulders
29581ShouldersLooted Mail
Hiri'watha Vest
29581ChestLooted Mail
Holgom's Bracers
30Wrists Warriors' Redemption Mail
Homestead Helm
36Head A Mighty Hunger Mail
Honorary Combat Engineer's Chain Leggings
372Legs Mail
Honorary Combat Engineer's Chain Leggings
372Legs Acid Rain Mail
Honorary Combat Engineer's Chain Leggings
372Legs Without a Trace Mail
Honorary Combat Engineer's Ringmail Kilt
372Legs Without a Trace Mail
Honorary Combat Engineer's Ringmail Leggings
372Legs Acid Rain Mail
Honorary Combat Engineer's Ringmail Leggings
372Legs Mail
Hoot-Hunter's Leggings
53Legs A Bird of Legend Mail
Horn Sounder's Bracers
20Wrists The Offering to Azshara Mail
Hornblower's Legguards
272Legs Flames from Above Mail
Hotfoot Boots
11Feet Losing Your Tail Mail
Huangtze Scale Armbands
399Wrists Snap Judgment Mail
Huangtze Scale Gauntlets
399Hands Taking a Crop Mail
Huangtze Scale Headguard
399Head The Meat They'll Eat Mail
Huangtze Scale Leggings
399Legs A Seemingly Endless Nuisance Mail
Huangtze Scale Pauldrons
399Shoulders Evacuation Orders Mail
Huangtze Scale Sabatons
399Feet Muddy Water Mail
Huangtze Scale Spaulders
399Shoulders Seeing Orange Mail
Huangtze Scale Vest
399Chest Mothallus! Mail
Huangtze Scale Waistguard
399Waist The Quest for Better Barley Mail
Hulking Bands
2217WristsLooted Mail
Hulking Belt
2217WaistLooted Mail
Hulking Boots
2419FeetLooted Mail
Hulking Chestguard
2823Chest Mail
Hulking Gauntlets
2318HandsLooted Mail
Hulking Leggings
2520LegsLooted Mail
Hulking Spaulders
2621ShouldersLooted Mail
Humbert's Chestpiece
2823Chest Mail
Huntsman's Jerkin
158Chest Clipping Their Wings Mail
Husk of Naraxis
2722Chest Mail
Ice Cream Mitts
41Hands We All Scream for Ice Cream... and then Die! Mail
Ice Heart Chestguard
146Chest Really Big Worm Mail
Iceshear Bindings
146WristsQuest Mail
Iceshear Pauldrons
146ShouldersQuest Mail
Ichor Stained Vest
11Chest A Cure In The Dark Mail
Ikeyen's Pauldrons
87Shoulders A Damp, Dark Place Mail
Imbued Infantry Belt
105WaistLooted Mail
Imbued Infantry Boots
116FeetLooted Mail
Imbued Infantry Bracers
105WristsLooted Mail
Imbued Infantry Gauntlets
116HandsLooted Mail
Impenetrable Belt
5651Waist Elder Diemetradon Mail
Impenetrable Bindings
5550WristsLooted Mail
Impenetrable Breastplate
6156ChestLooted Mail
Impenetrable Gauntlets
5752Hands Twilight Stonecaller Mail
Impenetrable Helmet
6055HeadLooted Mail
Impenetrable Legguards
6055LegsLooted Mail
Impenetrable Pauldrons
5954ShouldersLooted Mail
Impenetrable Sabatons
5954FeetLooted Mail
Imported Helmet
52Head In With a Bang Mail
Impressive Greaves
272Feet Trial By Fire Mail
Improvised Breastplate
50Chest Taking the Horn For Ourselves Mail
Improvised Breastplate
50Chest Taking the Horn For Ourselves Mail
Incendosaur Gloves
49Hands The Mysteries of the Fire-Gizzard Mail
Inescapable Girdle
138WaistQuest Mail
Infantry Leggings
127LegsLooted Mail
Infantry Tunic
138ChestLooted Mail
Infested Breastplate
30Chest Spy Infestation Mail