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Name Level Req. Level Slot Source Type
Abandoned Leggings
53Legs Marshal's Refuse Mail
Absentminded Legguards
18Legs The Absent-Minded Prospector Mail
Abyssal Mail Clutch
6560Waist Big Crate of Salvage Mail
Abyssal Mail Handguards
6055Hands Big Crate of Salvage Mail
Abyssal Mail Sabatons
6055Feet Big Crate of Salvage Mail
Academy Chain
680Waist Hit the Books Mail
Accomodating Cinch
17Waist The Blackmaw Doublecross Mail
Acid-Resistant Hauberk
154ChestQuest Mail
Aerodynamic Scaled Vest
87Chest In Case of Emergency... Mail
Aeronaut's Helm
312Head Tailgunner! Mail
Agitator's Armbands
105Wrists Crusader's Crate of Battlefield Goods Mail
Agitator's Footguards
105Feet Crusader's Crate of Battlefield Goods Mail
Agitator's Waistguard
105Waist Crusader's Crate of Battlefield Goods Mail
Allen's Abandoned Belt
46Waist Dance for Ruumbo! Mail
All-Weather Armguards
102Wrists Into the Draenethyst Mine Mail
Amazing Chain Boots
21Feet Do it for Twinkles Mail
Amberpine Bracers
15072WristsLooted Mail
Amberpine Chain Vest
15072ChestLooted Mail
Amberpine Gauntlets
15072HandsLooted Mail
Amberpine Girdle
15072WaistLooted Mail
Amberpine Greaves
15072FeetLooted Mail
Amberpine Helmet
15072HeadLooted Mail
Amberpine Legguards
15072LegsLooted Mail
Amberpine Spaulders
15072ShouldersLooted Mail
Analyst's Gloves
13Hands Catch and Release Mail
Anara's Cord
Ancient Armbands
18Wrists The Devourer of Darkshore Mail
Ancient Belt
4136WaistLooted Mail
Ancient Chestpiece
4641ChestLooted Mail
Ancient Crown
4540HeadLooted Mail
Ancient Gauntlets
4237HandsLooted Mail
Ancient Greaves
4439FeetLooted Mail
Ancient Legguards
4439LegsLooted Mail
Ancient Pauldrons
4439ShouldersLooted Mail
Ancient Vambraces
4237WristsLooted Mail
Angor Pauldrons
46Shoulders The Good Stuff Mail
Angor Pauldrons
46Shoulders Forcible Acquisition Mail
Anub'ar-Husk Helm
146HeadQuest Mail
Anub'ar-Husk Leggings
146LegsQuest Mail
Anub'ar-Husk Shoulderguards
146ShouldersQuest Mail
Apostate's Hauberk
680Chest Our Very Bones Mail
Apothecary Chain Pants
34Legs Can't Make An Omelette Without... Mail
Appointed Scalemail Leggings
138LegsQuest Mail
Aquasear Waistguard
272Waist A Distracting Scent Mail
Arachnophobe's Chain Shirt
10Chest Queen-Sized Troubles Mail
Arcane Ringed Greaves
81LegsQuest Mail
Arcane Ringed Tunic
81ChestQuest Mail
Archaeologist's Leggings
15Legs The Last Refugee Mail
Archer's Chain Bracer
37WristsQuest Mail
Architect's Spaulders
174Shoulders The Stone That Started A Revolution Mail
Arcmetal Shoulders
38Shoulders Mail
Argent Girdle
174Waist Defending The Vanguard Mail
Armbands of Unrelenting Anguish
680Wrists The Nightmare Lord Mail
Armguards of Binding
35Wrists Scholomancer Mail
Armguards of Binding
35Wrists Scholomancer Mail
Art Template Mail Belt - Mail_PVPHunter_E_01 - Yellow
179WaistUnobtainable Mail
Artificer's Boots
19Feet Galaen's Fate Mail
Asp-Clasp Bracers
312Wrists Minions of Al'Akir Mail
Asylum Boots
18Feet Xylem's Asylum Mail
Atoll Treaders
272Feet Swift Action Mail
Atoll Treaders
272Feet Swift Action Mail
Auberdine Ringmail Tunic
16Chest Call Down the Thunder Mail
Avian Oiled Greaves
31Legs Fletch Me Some Plumage! Mail
Azure Chain Hauberk
138ChestQuest Mail
Azurehunter Handguards
146HandsQuest Mail
Azurehunter Legguards
146LegsQuest Mail
Bad Waistguard
20Waist Drungeld Glowerglare Mail
Bael Modan Amice
34Shoulders Feegly the Exiled Mail
Balia'mah Chain Pants
27Legs Speaking with Nezzliok Mail
Bal'lal Waistguard
25Waist The Defense of Grom'gol: Trollish Thievery Mail
Banded Armor
3328ChestLooted Mail
Banded Boots
3227FeetLooted, Fished Mail
Banded Bracers
3025WristsLooted Mail
Banded Chain Gloves
138HandsQuest Mail
Banded Gauntlets
3126HandsLooted Mail
Banded Girdle
3126WaistLooted Mail
Banded Helm
3227HeadLooted Mail
Banded Leggings
3227LegsLooted Mail
Banded Pauldrons
3227ShouldersLooted Mail
Barbaric Iron Boots
3631FeetCrafted Mail
Barbaric Iron Gloves
3732HandsCrafted Mail
Barbaric Iron Helm
3530HeadCrafted Mail
Barbaric Iron Shoulders
3227ShouldersCrafted Mail
Barkburn Legguards
21Legs The Forest Heart Mail
Bartered Wristguards
28Wrists Venture Company Mining Mail
Barus' Armbands
28Wrists Bombs Away: Mirkfallon Post! Mail
Basecamp Breeches
28Legs Armaments for War Mail
Bat Claw Boots
44Feet Mail
Bat Claw Legguards
44Legs Duskwing, Oh How I Hate Thee... Mail
Battered Saurscale Belt
42990WaistLooted Mail
Battered Saurscale Boots
42990FeetLooted Mail
Battered Saurscale Bracers
42990WristsLooted Mail
Battered Saurscale Chestpiece
42990ChestLooted Mail
Battered Saurscale Gloves
42990HandsLooted Mail
Battered Saurscale Leggings
42990LegsLooted Mail
Battle Chain Pants
127LegsLooted Mail
Battle Chain Tunic
138ChestLooted Mail
Battle Chain Vest
138ChestLooted Mail
Battle Rider Belt
28Waist Wanted! Otto and Falconcrest Mail
Battle Scarred Leggings
81LegsQuest Mail