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Name Level Req. Level Slot Source Type
Blackrock Chain Boots
477Feet Blackrock Slaghauler Mail
Blackrock Gauntlets
2015HandsLooted Mail
Blackrock Shaman's Gloves
51Hands Enough Damage For One Day Mail
Blacksting Shoulders
90ShouldersQuest Mail
Blackwater Tunic
45Chest Mail
Blackwood Treads
19Feet The Defiler Mail
Blademoon Chain Leggings
514Legs Rotting Riverbeasts Mail
Bladerip Girdle
272Waist Disassembly Mail
Blastbrew Headgear
32Head Prime Slime Mail
Blastgineer's Waistband
27Waist Spare Parts Up In Here! Mail
Blighthound Master's Greaves
680Feet A Grim Trophy Mail
Blood Knight Boots
10264FeetLooted Mail
Blood Knight Bracers
10264WristsLooted Mail
Blood Knight Breastplate
10264ChestLooted Mail
Blood Knight Gauntlets
10264HandsLooted Mail
Blood Knight Girdle
10264WaistLooted Mail
Blood Knight Greaves
10264LegsLooted Mail
Blood Knight Helm
10264HeadLooted Mail
Blood Knight Pauldrons
10264ShouldersLooted Mail
Blood Speaker Tunic
45Chest Sang'thraze the Deflector Mail
Bloodbinder's Gauntlets
158Hands The Frozen Earth Mail
Bloodbinder's Links
158Legs Too Much of a Good Thing Mail
Bloodbinder's Shoulderguards
154Shoulders Wooly Justice Mail
Blood-Bond Helm
158Head Mail
Blood-Encrusted Boots
174Feet The Rider of the Unholy Mail
Bloodletter's Headgear
158Head Rampage Mail
Bloodlust Belt
5550WaistLooted Mail
Bloodlust Boots
5853FeetLooted Mail
Bloodlust Bracelets
5348WristsLooted Mail
Bloodlust Breastplate
5954ChestLooted Mail
Bloodlust Britches
5752LegsLooted Mail
Bloodlust Epaulets
5752ShouldersLooted Mail
Bloodlust Gauntlets
5550HandsLooted Mail
Bloodlust Helm
5853HeadLooted Mail
Bloodmaw's Belt
49Waist The Chieftain's Key Mail
Bloodspattered Gloves
1510HandsLooted Mail
Bloodspattered Loincloth
1813LegsLooted Mail
Bloodspattered Sabatons
1611FeetLooted Mail
Bloodspattered Sash
1510WaistLooted Mail
Bloodspattered Surcoat
2116ChestLooted Mail
Bloodspattered Wristbands
1510WristsLooted Mail
Blood-Stained Chain Leggings
138Legs Dragonflayer Battle Plans Mail
Blood-Stalker's Cover
174Head The Rider of Blood Mail
Blue Chain Leggings
2116LegsCrafted Mail
Blue-Bloodied Treads
12Feet Betrayal at Tempest's Reach Mail
Boar Hunter's Treads
12Feet The Tortusk Takedown Mail
Boiled Chain Footpads
12Feet Westfall Stew Mail
Bondbreaker Gauntlets
289Hands Question the Slaves Mail
Bone Studded Girdle
114Waist Emblem of the Fel Horde Mail
Bonelink Armor
4742ChestLooted Mail
Bonelink Belt
4237WaistLooted Mail
Bonelink Bracers
4338WristsLooted Mail
Bonelink Epaulets
4540ShouldersLooted Mail
Bonelink Gauntlets
4439HandsLooted Mail
Bonelink Helmet
4641HeadLooted Mail
Bonelink Legplates
4641LegsLooted Mail
Bonelink Sabatons
4540FeetLooted Mail
Bonesnapper Cuffs
12Wrists Bigger and Uglier Mail
Bonnie's Belt of No Art (TEST)
1510WaistUnobtainable Mail
Boots of Delivery
45Feet A Strange Request Mail
Boots of Financial Victory
55Feet Pick Your Fate Mail
Boots of Intimidation
55Feet Ogre Combat Mail
Boots of the Earthcaller
93Feet The Rock Flayer Matriarch Mail
Boots of the Great Sacrifice
158Feet The Leaders at Jin'Alai Mail
Boots of the Refuge Captain
28Feet Wanted! Otto and Falconcrest Mail
Boots of the Skybreaker
114Feet Enraged Spirits of Air Mail
Boots of Zua'tec
45Feet Mail
Bootscuff Boots
47Feet Just Trying to Kill Some Bugs Mail
Boran's Pauldrons
22Shoulders Return the Statuette Mail
Botanist's Chain Pants
20Legs Lawn of the Dead Mail
Box-Frame Spaulders
289Shoulders Quicksilver Submersion Mail
Bracer of Grievance
40Wrists Brother Against Brother Mail
Bracers of Breached Integrity
272Wrists Blood and Thunder! Mail
Bracers of Considerable Influence
53Wrists Ursius Mail
Bracers of Deceit
24Wrists Deception and Trickery Mail
Bracers of False Night
318Wrists Dressed to Kill Mail
Bracers of Gladiatorial Combat
51Wrists Trial by Magma Mail
Bracers of Gladiatorial Combat
51Wrists Trial by Magma Mail
Bracers of the Demonic Altar
56Wrists The Altar of Storms Mail
Bracers of the Demonic Altar
55Wrists The Altar of Storms Mail
Bracers of the Great Sty
44Wrists A Fate Worse Than Butchery Mail
Bracers of the Lost Leader
318Wrists Twilight Skies Mail
Bracers of the Sunken Dream
272Wrists All or Nothing Mail
Bracers of the Weald
105Wrists ...and a Time for Action Mail
Brackwater Boots
1510FeetLooted Mail
Brackwater Leggings
1611LegsLooted Mail
Brackwater Legguards
1611LegsLooted Mail
Brackwater Vest
1813ChestLooted Mail
Bramblemail Belt
810101WaistLooted Mail
Bramblemail Bindings
810101WristsLooted Mail
Bramblemail Boots
810101FeetLooted Mail
Bramblemail Gloves
810101HandsLooted Mail
Bramblemail Greaves
810101LegsLooted Mail
Bramblemail Hauberk
810101ChestLooted Mail
Bramblemail Helm
810101HeadLooted Mail
Bramblemail Pauldrons
810101ShouldersLooted Mail
Bramblescar Belt
28980WaistLooted Mail
Bramblescar Bracers
28980WristsLooted Mail
Bramblescar Gauntlets
28980HandsLooted Mail
Bramblescar Greaves
28980FeetLooted Mail