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Name Level Req. Level Slot Source Type
Drunkard's Belt
20Waist Sedimentary, My Dear Mail
Duracin Bracers
36Wrists Mail
Duro Footgear
111Feet Rightful Repossession Mail
Dusk-Linked Leggings
138LegsQuest Mail
Dust Plains Greaves
14Legs Jango Spothide Mail
Dustbelcher Boots
47Feet Half-Ton Holdouts Mail
Dustbelcher Boots
47Feet Half-Ton Holdouts Mail
Dusty Chain Armor
2621Chest Big Crate of Salvage Mail
Earth-Crusted Mail
16Chest Calming the Earth Mail
Earthen Embrace
305Chest Close Escort Mail
Earthmender's Crimson Spaulders
114Shoulders Escape from Coilskar Cistern Mail
Earthmover Armbands
429Wrists The Motives of the Mantid Mail
Earthmover Belt
429Waist Up In Flames Mail
Earthmover Breastplate
429Chest Grounded Welcome Mail
Earthmover Cap
429Head Devastation Below Mail
Earthmover Gauntlets
429Hands The Endless Swarm Mail
Earthmover Kilt
429Legs Improvised Ammunition Mail
Earthmover Leggings
429Legs Seeing Red Mail
Earthmover Pauldron
429Shoulders First Assault Mail
Earthmover Sabatons
429Feet The Field Armorer Mail
Earthmover Spaulder
429Shoulders Mists' Opportunity Mail
Earthmover Waistguard
429Waist Jung Duk Mail
Ebonhold Armor
5651ChestLooted Mail
Ebonhold Boots
5550FeetLooted Mail
Ebonhold Gauntlets
5449HandsLooted Mail
Ebonhold Girdle
5449WaistLooted Mail
Ebonhold Helmet
5550HeadLooted Mail
Ebonhold Leggings
5651LegsLooted Mail
Ebonhold Shoulderpads
5449ShouldersLooted Mail
Ebonhold Wristguards
5247WristsLooted Mail
Electrostatic Legguards
26Legs Who's a Big Troll? Mail
Electrostatic Legguards
26Legs A Physical Specimen Mail
Elekk Rider's Mail
11Chest A Favorite Treat Mail
Elf-Killer Breastplate
26Chest Barrier to Entry Mail
Elite Shoulders
3025ShouldersVendor Mail
Emberstone Breastplate
15Chest Fall Back! Mail
Emberstone Mail
13Legs Slaves to No One Mail
Emissary's Chestpiece
35Chest Time For Change Mail
Enchanted Bracelets of the Scout
174Wrists The Vile Hold Mail
Enduring Belt
3429WaistLooted Mail
Enduring Boots
3732FeetLooted Mail
Enduring Bracers
3429WristsLooted Mail
Enduring Breastplate
3934ChestLooted Mail
Enduring Breeches
3732LegsLooted Mail
Enduring Circlet
3833HeadLooted Mail
Enduring Gauntlets
3530HandsLooted Mail
Enduring Pauldrons
3833ShouldersLooted Mail
Enforcer Pauldrons
40Shoulders Mail
Engraved Boots
5853FeetLooted Mail
Engraved Bracers
5651WristsLooted Mail
Engraved Breastplate
6055ChestLooted Mail
Engraved Gauntlets
5853HandsLooted Mail
Engraved Girdle
5752WaistLooted Mail
Engraved Helm
5954HeadLooted Mail
Engraved Leggings
5954LegsLooted Mail
Engraved Pauldrons
5853ShouldersLooted Mail
Enohar's Old Hunting Boots
55Feet Curtail the Darktail Mail
Ethical Epaulettes
138Shoulders Kaw the Mammoth Destroyer Mail
Everstill Breastplate
18Chest Bravo Company Field Kit: Chloroform Mail
Executor's Breastplate
10Chest A Daughter's Embrace Mail
Exotic Spiked Shoulders
108Shoulders Wanted: Annihilator Servo! Mail
Expedition Forager Leggings
90Legs Saving the Sporeloks Mail
Explorer's Vest
13Chest Mail
Faceguard of Flawless Aim
162Head The Great Hunter's Challenge Mail
Faded Forest Chain Armor
37285ChestVendor Mail
Faded Forest Chain Gauntlets
37285HandsVendor Mail
Faded Forest Chain Helm
37285HeadVendor Mail
Faded Forest Chain Leggings
37285LegsVendor Mail
Faded Forest Chain Links
37285WaistVendor Mail
Faded Forest Chain Sabatons
37285FeetVendor Mail
Faded Forest Chain Spaulders
37285ShouldersVendor Mail
Faded Forest Chain Wristguards
37285WristsVendor Mail
Faded Forest Ringmail Armbands
37285WristsVendor Mail
Faded Forest Ringmail Armor
37285ChestVendor Mail
Faded Forest Ringmail Gauntlets
37285HandsVendor Mail
Faded Forest Ringmail Helm
37285HeadVendor Mail
Faded Forest Ringmail Leggings
37285LegsVendor Mail
Faded Forest Ringmail Sabatons
37285FeetVendor Mail
Faded Forest Ringmail Spaulders
37285ShouldersVendor Mail
Faded Forest Ringmail Waistguard
37285WaistVendor Mail
Fajardo's Bracers
42Wrists With a Little Help... Mail
Far-a-Day Mesh
33Chest Batteries Not Yet Included Mail
Farseer's Headpiece
138Head Nedar, Lord of Rhinos... Mail
Fastfuse Gloves
45Hands Behind You! Mail
Feathered Armbands
96Wrists Veil Lithic: Preemptive Strike Mail
Feero's Pauldrons
21Shoulders Respect for the Fallen Mail
Fel Iron Chain Bracers
9662WristsCrafted Mail
Fel Iron Chain Coif
9060HeadCrafted Mail
Fel Iron Chain Gloves
9361HandsCrafted Mail
Fel Iron Chain Tunic
9963ChestCrafted Mail
Felpaw Boots
45Feet Culling the Corrupted Mail
Felscale Boots
9361FeetCrafted Mail
Felscale Breastplate
10866ChestCrafted Mail
Felscale Gloves
8457HandsCrafted Mail
Felscale Pants
9963LegsCrafted Mail
Felstone Bindings
8458WristsLooted Mail
Felstone Chain Vest
8458ChestLooted Mail
Felstone Gauntlets
8458HandsLooted Mail
Felstone Greaves
8458FeetLooted Mail
Felstone Helm
8458HeadLooted Mail