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Name Level Req. Level Slot Source Type
Landfall Chain Boots
372Feet Mail
Landfall Chain Boots
372Feet Seeking Zin'jun Mail
Landfall Chain Boots
372Feet Kung Din Mail
Landfall Sabatons
372Feet Kung Din Mail
Landfall Sabatons
372Feet Seeking Zin'jun Mail
Landfall Sabatons
372Feet Mail
Landing Boots
114Feet Dealing with the Overmaster Mail
Large Ogre Chain Armor
3025Chest Mail
Lava Boots
51Feet Not Fireflies, Flameflies Mail
Layered Scale Boots
138Feet Mail
Leafscale Belt
59590Waist Mail
Leafscale Boots
57590Feet Mail
Leafscale Bracers
58590Wrists Mail
Leafscale Chestguard
52590Chest Mail
Leafscale Gauntlets
54590Hands Mail
Leafscale Helm
56590Head Mail
Leafscale Legguards
51590Legs Mail
Leafscale Spaulders
53590Shoulders Mail
Leather-Patched Belt
30Waist Raptor Scraps Mail
Leftover Mechachicken Legs
9Legs A Goblin in Shark's Clothing Mail
Leg Bone Covers
19Legs From the Belly of the Beast Mail
Legend Eater Boots
53Feet A Bird of Legend Mail
Leggings of Feline Command
312Legs Salhet the Tactician Mail
Leggings of Fiery Travail
272Legs The Third Flamegate Mail
Leggings of Shredded Protection
318Legs Mo' Better Shredder Mail
Leggings of the Ritual
158Legs Bringing Down Heb'Jin Mail
Leggings of the Turning Point
174LegsQuest Mail
Legguards of Abandoned Virtue
21Legs Playing With Felfire Mail
Legguards of Caution
34Legs Can't Make An Omelette Without... Mail
Legguards of Caution
34Legs Can't Make An Omelette Without... Mail
Legguards of Contemplation
114Legs Subdue the Subduer Mail
Legguards of Invasion
16Legs Yowler Must Die! Mail
Legguards of Refuted Feudalism
154LegsQuest Mail
Legguards of Revelation
272Legs An Occupation of Time Mail
Legguards of Revelation
272Legs An Occupation of Time Mail
Legguards of Swift Pursuit
154LegsQuest Mail
Legguards of the Promising Hero
28Legs Death From Below Mail
Legguards of Unerring Navigation
154Legs Mr. Floppy's Perilous Adventure Mail
Legguards of Winding Ways
29Legs Seen Better Days Mail
Legionnaire's Leggings
2419LegsVendor Mail
Legionnaire's Studded Helm
81HeadQuest Mail
Legwraps of the Slain
45Legs The Corpsebeasts Mail
Lethality Leggings
22Legs Trail of Filth Mail
Lethlor Armbands
45Wrists A Strange Request Mail
Liberator's Girdle
305Waist Rescue the Stonefather... and Flint Mail
Lifecrusher Treads
318Feet Coup de Grace Mail
Lifecrusher Treads
318Feet Coup de Grace Mail
Lifestep Treads
42990FeetLooted Mail
Lightstep Boots
27Feet Attack on the Tower Mail
Lightweight Mesh Boots
19Feet Galaen's Fate Mail
Links of the Battlemender
174Chest Ebon Blade Prisoners Mail
Links of the Sleep-Watcher
174Chest The Art of Being a Water Terror Mail
Loaner Bracers
47Wrists A Few Good Goblins Mail
Lo'ap's Muck Diving Pads
79Shoulders Muck Diving Mail
Lordaeron-Made Breastplate
27Chest Alina's Reward Mail
Lord's Armguards
4944WristsLooted Mail
Lord's Boots
5146FeetLooted Mail
Lord's Breastplate
5348ChestLooted Mail
Lord's Crown
5146HeadLooted Mail
Lord's Gauntlets
5045HandsLooted Mail
Lord's Girdle
5045WaistLooted Mail
Lord's Legguards
5247LegsLooted Mail
Lord's Pauldrons
5247ShouldersLooted Mail
Lorthuna's Broken Shackles
305Wrists Therazane's Mercy Mail
Loyalty-Seeker Bracers
318Wrists The Loyalty of Clan Mullan Mail
Maddening Gauntlets
53Hands Mail
Maestra's Gloves
21Hands The Lost Gem Mail
Magdun Spaulders
138ShouldersQuest Mail
Magispike Helm
138HeadQuest Mail
Magnificent Belt
5853Waist Mail
Magnificent Bracers
5853Wrists Mail
Magnificent Breastplate
6257ChestLooted Mail
Magnificent Gauntlets
6055HandsLooted Mail
Magnificent Greaves
6055FeetLooted Mail
Magnificent Helmet
6156HeadLooted Mail
Magnificent Leggings
6156LegsLooted Mail
Magnificent Shoulders
6156ShouldersLooted Mail
Mail Combat Armguards
3328WristsLooted Mail
Mail Combat Armor
3631ChestLooted Mail
Mail Combat Belt
3429WaistLooted Mail
Mail Combat Boots
3530FeetLooted Mail
Mail Combat Gauntlets
3429HandsLooted Mail
Mail Combat Headguard
3530HeadLooted Mail
Mail Combat Leggings
3631LegsLooted Mail
Mail Combat Spaulders
3530ShouldersLooted Mail
Malleable Chain Leggings
26Legs Mail
Maltendis' Handguards
17Hands Troll Juju Mail
Mammoth Bindings
16275WristsLooted Mail
Mammoth Boots
16275FeetLooted Mail
Mammoth Chestpiece
16275ChestLooted Mail
Mammoth Fists
16275HandsLooted Mail
Mammoth Girdle
16275WaistLooted Mail
Mammoth Helm
16275HeadLooted Mail
Mammoth Legwraps
16275LegsLooted Mail
Mammoth Mukluks
174Feet Demolitionist Extraordinaire Mail
Mammoth Spaulders
16275ShouldersLooted Mail
Mantle of Bouldercrag
174Shoulders The Gifts of Loken Mail
Marauder's Belt
3530WaistLooted Mail
Marauder's Boots
3833FeetLooted Mail
Marauder's Bracers
3530WristsLooted Mail