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Name Level Req. Level Slot Source Type
Surestrike Goggles v3.0
15970HeadCrafted Mail
Vicious Hawkstrider Hauberk
15970ChestLooted Mail
Accused Wristguards
159Wrists Head Games Mail
Cleated Ice Boots
15971FeetLooted Mail
Cleated Ice Boots
159FeetLooted Mail
Gauntlets of Serpent Scales
15971HandsLooted Mail
Gauntlets of Serpent Scales
159HandsLooted Mail
Husk Shard Sabatons
159Feet Death to the Traitor King Mail
Purging Handguards
159Hands Don't Forget the Eggs! Mail
Worgen-Scored Shackles
15970WristsLooted Mail
Bracers of Vengeful Flight
158Wrists The Storm King's Vengeance Mail
Ceremonial Pike Leggings
158Legs Malas the Corrupter Mail
Chestguard of Rampaging Fury
158Chest Convocation at Zol'Heb Mail
Girdle of Unerring Flight
15876WaistLooted Mail
Icefall Chain Gloves
158Hands Icy Satchel of Helpful Goods Mail
Icefall Mail Gloves
158HandsLooted Mail
Belt of the Bloodbinder
158Waist An End to the Suffering Mail
Bloodbinder's Gauntlets
158Hands The Frozen Earth Mail
Bloodbinder's Links
158Legs Too Much of a Good Thing Mail
Blood-Bond Helm
158Head Mail
Bloodletter's Headgear
158Head Rampage Mail
Boots of the Great Sacrifice
158Feet The Leaders at Jin'Alai Mail
Freedom-Path Treads
158Feet Trolls Is Gone Crazy! Mail
Gauntlets of the Great Sacrifice
158Hands Precious Elemental Fluids Mail
Gauntlets of the Secret Agent
158Hands Infiltrating Voltarus Mail
Helm of Subtle Whispers
158Head So Far, So Bad Mail
Huntsman's Jerkin
158Chest Clipping Their Wings Mail
Leggings of the Ritual
158Legs Bringing Down Heb'Jin Mail
QR ZD25 Mail Physical Feet2 - PH
158Feet Mail
Redigested Mail Scraps
158Wrists Feedin' Da Goolz Mail
Rescuer's Binding
158Waist Leave No One Behind Mail
Rescuer's Chestguard
158Chest Parachutes for the Argent Crusade Mail
Ritualistic Shoulderguards
158Shoulders Hell Hath a Fury Mail
Shoulderguards of Subterfuge
158Shoulders Sabotage Mail
Shoveltusk Bindings
15874WristsLooted Mail
Shoveltusk Breastplate
15874ChestLooted Mail
Shoveltusk Gauntlets
15874HandsLooted Mail
Shoveltusk Greaves
15874FeetLooted Mail
Shoveltusk Helmet
15874HeadLooted Mail
Shoveltusk Legguards
15874LegsLooted Mail
Shoveltusk Mantle
15874ShouldersLooted Mail
Shoveltusk Waistband
15874WaistLooted Mail
Valiant Belt of Battle
158Waist Argent Crusade, We Are Leaving! Mail
Wristguards of Service
158Wrists Pa'Troll Mail
Bindings of Sabotage
155Hands Postponing the Inevitable Mail
Dragon Stabler's Gauntlets
15570HandsLooted Mail
Icefall Chain Belt
155Waist Icy Satchel of Helpful Goods Mail
Icefall Chain Helm
155Head Icy Satchel of Helpful Goods Mail
Icefall Chain Leggings
155Legs Icy Satchel of Helpful Goods Mail
Icefall Mail Girdle
155Waist Icy Satchel of Helpful Goods Mail
Icefall Mail Helm
155Head Icy Satchel of Helpful Goods Mail
Icefall Mail Leggings
155Legs Icy Satchel of Helpful Goods Mail
Overlaid Chain Spaulders
15570ShouldersLooted Mail
Runecaster's Bracers
155WristsQuest Mail
Spiked Treads of Mutation
155Feet Quickening Mail
Tundra Tracker's Shoulderguards
155ShouldersQuest Mail
Gauntlets of the Ancient Shadowmoon
15470HandsLooted Mail
Gronnstalker's Belt
15470Waist Mail
Gronnstalker's Boots
15470Feet Mail
Gronnstalker's Bracers
15470Wrists Mail
Guardian's Chain Bracers
15470WristsVendor Mail
Guardian's Linked Bracers
15470WristsVendor Mail
Guardian's Mail Bracers
15470WristsVendor Mail
Guardian's Ringmail Bracers
15470WristsVendor Mail
Skyshatter Bands
15470Wrists Mail
Skyshatter Belt
15470Waist Mail
Skyshatter Boots
15470Feet Mail
Skyshatter Bracers
15470Wrists Mail
Skyshatter Cord
15470Waist Mail
Skyshatter Girdle
15470Waist Mail
Skyshatter Greaves
15470Feet Mail
Skyshatter Treads
15470Feet Mail
Skyshatter Wristguards
15470Wrists Mail
Bracers of Sizzling Heat
15475WristsLooted Mail
Cap of the North
15480HeadCreated Mail
Comfy Raccoonskin Hat
15480HeadCreated Mail
Greaves of Sanctified Dissolution
154LegsQuest Mail
Grizzled Hat
15480HeadCreated Mail
Handguards of Deluded Might
154Hands The Conquest Pit: Final Showdown Mail
Keen Razorfang Spaulders
154Shoulders Hour of the Worg Mail
The Rugged Marksman
15480HeadCreated Mail
Acid-Resistant Hauberk
154ChestQuest Mail
Bloodbinder's Shoulderguards
154Shoulders Wooly Justice Mail
Flame-Tested Chestguard
154Chest Into the Breach Mail
Ghostridden Waistguard
154Waist Steady as a Rock? Mail
Gossamer-Stained Grips
154Hands Ruuna's Request Mail
Handguards of Extermination
154Hands Therapy Mail
Helm of Spirit Links
154Head Subject to Interpretation Mail
Helm of the Furbolg Purifier
154HeadQuest Mail
Hide-Lined Chestguard
154ChestQuest Mail
Legguards of Refuted Feudalism
154LegsQuest Mail
Legguards of Swift Pursuit
154LegsQuest Mail
Legguards of Unerring Navigation
154Legs Mr. Floppy's Perilous Adventure Mail
Patched Trapper Pauldrons
154ShouldersQuest Mail
Plane-Shifted Boots
154Feet Voices From the Dust Mail
Polished Staghorn Helm
154Head Drak'aguul's Mallet Mail
Short-Circuiting Boots
154FeetQuest Mail
Shoulderpads of Imminent Disaster
154Shoulders Put on Your Best Face for Loken Mail
Trailbreaker's Spaulders
154ShouldersQuest Mail
Trapper Belt
15473WaistLooted Mail