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Name Level Req. Level Slot Source Type
Netherstorm Helm
12070HeadLooted Mail
Netherstorm Legguards
12070LegsLooted Mail
Netherstorm Shoulderguards
12070ShouldersLooted Mail
Nexus-Strider Belt
9060WaistLooted Mail
Nexus-Strider Bracer
9060WristsLooted Mail
Nexus-Strider Breastplate
9060ChestLooted Mail
Nexus-Strider Gloves
9060HandsLooted Mail
Nexus-Strider Greaves
9060FeetLooted, Gathered Mail
Nexus-Strider Helmet
9060HeadLooted Mail
Nexus-Strider Legwraps
9060LegsLooted Mail
Nexus-Strider Mantle
9060ShouldersLooted Mail
Nifflevar Bindings
14270WristsLooted Mail
Nifflevar Boots
14270FeetLooted Mail
Nifflevar Chestpiece
14270ChestLooted Mail
Nifflevar Girdle
14270WaistLooted Mail
Nifflevar Gloves
14270HandsLooted Mail
Nifflevar Helmet
14270HeadLooted Mail
Nifflevar Legguards
14270LegsLooted Mail
Nifflevar Shoulderguards
14270ShouldersLooted Mail
Night Watch Boots
21Feet Wolves at Our Heels Mail
Night Watch Gauntlets
21Hands Mail
Nightscale Girdle
318Waist Blackout Mail
Nightscale Girdle
47Waist Mail
Nimblefinger Scaled Gloves
138HandsQuest Mail
Nimboya's Legguards
29Legs Saving Yenniku Mail
Nimetz's Pauldrons
25Shoulders Bad Medicine Mail
Njord Belt
13468WaistLooted Mail
Njord Boots
13468FeetLooted Mail
Njord Bracers
13468WristsLooted Mail
Njord Chain Vest
13468ChestLooted Mail
Njord Gauntlets
13468HandsLooted, Pick Pocketed Mail
Njord Helm
13468HeadLooted Mail
Njord Leggings
13468LegsLooted Mail
Njord Shoulderguards
13468ShouldersLooted Mail
Northwatch Bracers
30Wrists Run Out the Guns Mail
Nose Thumber Gloves
46Hands Dead Man's Chest Mail
Nubly Bracers
11Wrists The Gilneas Liberation Front Mail
Oil-Stained Leggings
12Legs Good-bye, Sweet Oil Mail
Ointment-Coated Bracers
14Wrists In Fungus We Trust Mail
Okrilla's Belt
55Waist Mission Complete Mail
Onslaught Scalemail Hauberk
146Chest Mail
Onyx Shredder Plate
3530ChestLooted Mail
Oozing Vest
46Chest See the Invisible Mail
Orca Armor
14671ChestLooted Mail
Orca Belt
14671WaistLooted Mail
Orca Bindings
14671WristsLooted Mail
Orca Fists
14671HandsLooted Mail
Orca Footwraps
14671FeetLooted Mail
Orca Helmet
14671HeadLooted Mail
Orca Legwraps
14671LegsLooted Mail
Orca Spaulders
14671ShouldersLooted Mail
Orcish War Chain
23Chest Mail
Orcish War Leggings
4237LegsCrafted Mail
Orc-Shock Spaulders
318Shoulders Dragonmaw Takedown Mail
Ornate Bracers
5449WristsLooted Mail
Ornate Bracers
5449Wrists Mail
Ornate Breastplate
5853ChestLooted Mail
Ornate Circlet
5752HeadLooted Mail
Ornate Gauntlets
5651HandsLooted Mail
Ornate Girdle
5550WaistLooted Mail
Ornate Greaves
5752FeetLooted Mail
Ornate Legguards
5752LegsLooted Mail
Ornate Pauldrons
5651ShouldersLooted Mail
Oronok's Old Bracers
114Wrists The Cipher of Damnation - The First Fragment Recovered Mail
Oronok's Old Leggings
114Legs The Cipher of Damnation - The Second Fragment Recovered Mail
Osteoderm Belt
52Waist How to Make Meat Fresh Again Mail
Osul Peak Belt
429Waist Jung Duk Mail
Osul Peak Cap
429Head Devastation Below Mail
Osul Peak Chestguard
429Chest Grounded Welcome Mail
Osul Peak Gauntlets
429Hands The Endless Swarm Mail
Osul Peak Kilt
429Legs Seeing Red Mail
Osul Peak Legguards
429Legs Improvised Ammunition Mail
Osul Peak Pauldron
429Shoulders First Assault Mail
Osul Peak Sabatons
429Feet The Field Armorer Mail
Osul Peak Spaulder
429Shoulders Mists' Opportunity Mail
Osul Peak Waistguard
429Waist Up In Flames Mail
Osul Peak Wristwraps
429Wrists The Motives of the Mantid Mail
Otherworldly Pauldrons
111Shoulders Retrieving the Goods Mail
Outhouse Boots
41Feet A Little Payback Mail
Outhouse Boots
41Feet A Little Payback Mail
Outrider Chainmail
53Legs The Bait for Lar'korwi Mail
Outrider Leggings
56Legs Mail
Outrunner's Chestguard
2419ChestLooted Mail
Outrunner's Cord
1914WaistLooted Mail
Outrunner's Cuffs
1813WristsLooted Mail
Outrunner's Gloves
2015HandsLooted Mail
Outrunner's Legguards
2217LegsLooted Mail
Outrunner's Slippers
2015FeetLooted Mail
Oversized Ogre Hauberk
102Chest The Spirit Polluted Mail
Owl Wing Belt
54Waist Damn You, Frostilicus Mail
Oystein Bracers
10Wrists Three Little Pygmies Mail
Packrunner Belt
593100Waist Mail
Packrunner Bracers
593100Wrists Mail
Packrunner Gauntlets
593100Hands Mail
Packrunner Greaves
593100Feet Black Iron Leadbelcher Mail
Packrunner Helm
593100Head Mail
Packrunner Legguards
593100Legs Mail
Packrunner Spaulders
593100Shoulders Mail
Packrunner Vest
593100Chest Mail
Padded Lamellar Boots
16Feet Mail