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Name Level Req. Level Slot Source Type
Linked Chain Gloves
2419HandsLooted Mail
Durable Chain Shoulders
24Shoulders Mail
Defender Spaulders
2419ShouldersLooted Mail
Outrunner's Chestguard
2419ChestLooted Mail
Marsh Fire Legguards
24Legs For Peat's Sake Mail
Legionnaire's Leggings
2419LegsVendor Mail
Hulking Boots
2419FeetLooted Mail
Grunt's Legguards
2419LegsLooted Mail
Gloves of Brawn
24Hands Mail
Gavin's Pauldrons
24Shoulders Breaking the Hand Mail
Fortified Bracers
2419WristsLooted Mail
Fortified Belt
2419WaistLooted Mail
Chestplate of Kor
24Chest Supplies to Auberdine Mail
Carevin's Breastplate
24Chest Worgen in the Woods Mail
Belt of Equilibrium
24Waist Vortex Mail
Belt of Equilibrium
24Waist Vortex Mail
Pocket-Nuke Belt
24Waist Stormpike Apocalypse Mail
Chausses of Westfall
24Legs Mail
Linked Chain Pants
2520LegsLooted Mail
Linked Chain Belt
2520WaistLooted Mail
Wolfrunner Boots
25Feet True Power of the Rod Mail
Weaponized Belt
25Waist They're Out There! Mail
Spiked Chain Wristbands
2520WristsLooted Mail
Spiked Chain Belt
2520WaistLooted Mail
Smashing Breastplate
25Chest The Defense of Grom'gol: Ogre Oppression Mail
Silvered Bronze Shoulders
2520ShouldersCrafted Mail
Quagmire Galoshes
25Feet Mail
Pitiless Pauldrons
25Shoulders The Defense of Grom'gol: Trollish Thievery Mail
Patterned Bronze Bracers
2520WristsCrafted Mail
Palestrider Gloves
25Hands Mail
Nimetz's Pauldrons
25Shoulders Bad Medicine Mail
Hulking Leggings
2520LegsLooted Mail
Guerilla Breastplate
25Chest Stopping Kurzen's Legacy Mail
Grunt's Pauldrons
2520ShouldersLooted Mail
Grasps of the Unyielding
25Hands Silence of the Dwarves Mail
Gold Militia Boots
25Feet Mail
Fortified Leggings
2520LegsLooted Mail
Fortified Gauntlets
2520HandsLooted Mail
Fortified Chain
2520ChestLooted Mail
Fortified Boots
2520FeetLooted Mail
Forest Chain
25Chest Mail
Deputy Chain Coat
25Chest Mail
Cutthroat Pauldrons
2520ShouldersLooted Mail
Clear Path Boots
25Feet Return to Stardust Mail
Tortoise Armor
2520ChestLooted Mail
Skeletal Gauntlets
2520HandsLooted Mail
Martyr's Chain
2520ChestLooted Mail
Khaz Modan Pauldrons
25Shoulders The Battle of Thandol Span Mail
Felbane Belt
25Waist Morbent's Bane Mail
Earthbound Girdle
25Waist Satchel of Helpful Goods Mail
Azure Shoulderguards
2520Shoulders Swords Deck Mail
Algae Fists
2520HandsLooted Mail
Reinforced Chain Pants
2621LegsLooted Mail
Reinforced Chain Belt
2621WaistLooted Mail
Vonderful Bracers
26Wrists Burn, Baby, Burn! Mail
Tsul'kalu's Strikers
26Hands Sacred to the Bloodscalp Mail
Spiked Chain Gauntlets
2621HandsLooted Mail
Silvered Bronze Breastplate
2621ChestCrafted Mail
Silvered Bronze Boots
2621FeetCrafted Mail
Sentry's Sash
2621WaistLooted Mail
Sentry's Armsplints
2621WristsLooted Mail
Rebel Breastplate
26Chest Deep Roots Mail
Malleable Chain Leggings
26Legs Mail
Lambent Scale Legguards
2621LegsLooted Mail
Lambent Scale Girdle
2621WaistLooted Mail
Lambent Scale Bracers
2621WristsLooted Mail
Krom'gar Sergeant's Mesh Greaves
26FeetVendor Mail
Krom'gar Sergeant's Chain Greaves
26FeetVendor Mail
Junglewalker Boots
26Feet The Altar of Naias Mail
Junglewalker Boots
26Feet An Unusual Patron Mail
Hulking Spaulders
2621ShouldersLooted Mail
Hexed Bracers
26Wrists Mail
Head Inspector's Gloves
26Hands Headhunting Mail
Grunt's Chestpiece
2621ChestLooted Mail
Greenpaw Belt
26Waist King of the Foulweald Mail
Fortified Spaulders
2621ShouldersLooted, Pick Pocketed Mail
Elf-Killer Breastplate
26Chest Barrier to Entry Mail
Electrostatic Legguards
26Legs Who's a Big Troll? Mail
Electrostatic Legguards
26Legs A Physical Specimen Mail
Dusty Chain Armor
2621Chest Big Crate of Salvage Mail
Darkshire Mail Leggings
26Legs Mail
Commandeered Gloves
26Hands Commandeer That Balloon! Mail
Jimmied Handcuffs
2621Wrists Mail
Dreamsinger Legguards
2621LegsLooted Mail
Reinforced Chain Shoulderpads
2722ShouldersLooted Mail
Reinforced Chain Boots
2722FeetLooted Mail
Polished Scale Vest
2722ChestVendor Mail
Polished Scale Leggings
2722LegsVendor Mail
Polished Scale Gloves
2722HandsVendor Mail
Polished Scale Bracers
2722WristsVendor Mail
Polished Scale Boots
2722FeetVendor Mail
Polished Scale Belt
2722WaistVendor Mail
Treads of Unforgotten Pain
27Feet To Steal From Thieves Mail
Tempered Bracers
27Wrists Mail
Spiked Chain Slippers
2722FeetLooted Mail
Spiked Chain Shoulder Pads
2722ShouldersLooted Mail
Spiked Chain Leggings
2722LegsLooted Mail
Spare Part Leggings
27Legs Spare Parts Up In Here! Mail
Slaver's Chainmail
27Chest Speaking with Nezzliok Mail
Silvered Bronze Gauntlets
2722HandsCrafted Mail