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Name Level Req. Level Slot Source Type
Deathbog Hauberk
42990ChestLooted Mail
Deathstalker's Hauberk
1510ChestVendor Mail
Deathweb Belt
53895WaistLooted Mail
Deathweb Bracers
53895WristsLooted Mail
Deathweb Gauntlets
53895HandsLooted Mail
Deathweb Greaves
53895FeetLooted Mail
Deathweb Helm
53895HeadLooted Mail
Deathweb Legguards
53895LegsLooted Mail
Deathweb Spaulders
53895ShouldersLooted Mail
Deathweb Vest
53895ChestLooted Mail
Deep Moss Bindings
24Wrists For Peat's Sake Mail
Deep Squatter's Belt
680Waist Guhruhlruhlruh Mail
Deepdigger Helm
318Head Portal Overload Mail
Deepwild Armguards
399WristsQuest Mail
Deepwild Armor
399ChestQuest Mail
Deepwild Belt
399Waist Crane Mastery: Needlebeak Mail
Deepwild Gauntlets
399Hands Profit Mastery Mail
Deepwild Greaves
399Feet Wisdom Has A Price Mail
Deepwild Handguards
399Hands Why So Serious? Mail
Deepwild Helm
399Head Cheer Up, Yi-Mo Mail
Deepwild Leg Armor
399Legs Tread Lightly Mail
Deepwild Legguards
399Legs Apply Directly to the Forehead Mail
Defender Boots
2318FeetLooted Mail
Defender Bracers
2217WristsLooted Mail
Defender Gauntlets
2318HandsLooted Mail
Defender Girdle
2217WaistLooted Mail
Defender Leggings
2318LegsLooted Mail
Defender Tunic
2318ChestLooted Mail
Defiant Bracers
300Wrists Mail
Del's Discarded Shoulderguard
38Shoulders Memories from a Lost Past Mail
Demolitionist's Footguards
12Feet Good-bye, Sweet Oil Mail
Den Whomper Boots
42Feet Two-Tusk Takedown Mail
Den Whomper Boots
42Feet Two-Tusk Takedown Mail
Deputy Chain Coat
25Chest Mail
Der'izu Belt
115Waist Mail
Der'izu Belt
10866WaistLooted Mail
Der'izu Bracer
115Wrists Mail
Der'izu Bracer
10866WristsLooted Mail
Der'izu Chestpiece
115Chest Mail
Der'izu Chestpiece
10866ChestLooted Mail
Der'izu Fists
115Hands Mail
Der'izu Fists
10866HandsLooted Mail
Der'izu Greaves
115Feet Mail
Der'izu Greaves
10866FeetLooted Mail
Der'izu Helm
115Head Mail
Der'izu Helm
10866HeadLooted Mail
Der'izu Legguards
115Legs Mail
Der'izu Legguards
10866LegsLooted Mail
Der'izu Spaulders
115Shoulders Mail
Der'izu Spaulders
10866ShouldersLooted Mail
Despondent Spirit Bindings
23Wrists Mistmantle's Revenge Mail
Devolved Drake Girdle
105Waist What Came First, the Drake or the Egg? Mail
Diluvian Spaulders
108Shoulders Whispers of the Raven God Mail
Dirty Work Greaves
45Legs The Doomstone Mail
Discarded Troll Greaves
26Legs Who's a Big Troll? Mail
Discarded Troll Greaves
26Legs A Physical Specimen Mail
Displaced Crown of Azrakir
272Head Fathom-Lord Zin'jatar Mail
Diver's Chain Boots
680101FeetLooted, Fished Mail
Diver's Waistband
10Waist The Boon of the Seas Mail
Doc's Belt
108Waist That Little Extra Kick Mail
Doody Shoes
15FeetQuest Mail
Dragonbone Shoulders
102Shoulders Evil Draws Near Mail
Dragonkin Shirt
108Chest Maxnar Must Die! Mail
Dragonmaw Chain Boots
2722FeetLooted Mail
Drakefire Headguard
51Head Mail
Drake-Scale Vest
4641ChestLooted Mail
Dreadhawk's Girdle
9963WaistLooted Mail
Dreadroot Linked Belt
680101WaistLooted Mail
Dreadroot Linked Bracers
680101WristsLooted, Gathered Mail
Dreadroot Linked Gauntlets
680101HandsLooted Mail
Dreadroot Linked Greaves
680101FeetLooted Mail
Dreadroot Linked Helm
680101HeadLooted Mail
Dreadroot Linked Legguards
680101LegsLooted Mail
Dreadroot Linked Spaulders
680101ShouldersLooted Mail
Dreadroot Linked Vest
680101ChestLooted Mail
Dreaming Spirit Armor
414Chest One Traveler's Misfortune Mail
Dreaming Spirit Boots
414Feet The Fearmaster Mail
Dreaming Spirit Cap
414Head Unmasking the Yaungol Mail
Dreaming Spirit Helm
414HeadQuest Mail
Dreaming Spirit Monnion
414ShouldersQuest Mail
Dreaming Spirit Sabatons
414Feet The Burlap Grind Mail
Dreaming Spirit Spaulder
414Shoulders A Funeral Mail
Dreaming Spirit Vest
414Chest Thumping Knucklethump Mail
Dreaming Spirit Waistguard
414Waist The Snackrifice Mail
Dreaming Spirit Wristwraps
414Wrists Resupplying One Keg Mail
Dredge Boots
22Feet Mail
Drifter's Cinch
21Waist Deliver the Thread Mail
Driver's Chain Bracers
40Wrists Down in the Deeps Mail
Driver's Chain Bracers
40Wrists Down in the Deeps Mail
Drivetrain Chain Leggings
174LegsQuest Mail
Duracin Bracers
36Wrists Mail
Duro Footgear
111Feet Rightful Repossession Mail
Dusk-Linked Leggings
138LegsQuest Mail
Duskwatcher's Legguards
10Legs Wildmane Cleansing Mail
Dusky Bands of Unification
810101WristsLooted Mail
Dustbelcher Boots
47Feet Half-Ton Holdouts Mail
Dustbelcher Boots
47Feet Half-Ton Holdouts Mail
Dusty Chain Armor
2621Chest Big Crate of Salvage Mail
Dusty Gahrron Chainmail
38Chest Memories from a Lost Past Mail
Dusty Treads
16Feet Samophlange Mail