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Name Level Req. Level Slot Source Type
Saurok Gauntlets
36483HandsLooted Mail
Saurok Greaves
36483FeetLooted Mail
Saurok Helm
36483HeadLooted Mail
Saurok Legguards
36483LegsLooted Mail
Saurok Spaulders
36483ShouldersLooted Mail
Saurok Vest
36483ChestLooted Mail
Savage Mail Boots
6358Feet Mail
Savage Mail Shoulders
6358Shoulders Mail
Savage Mail Tunic
6257Chest Mail
Savryn's Muddy Boots
174FeetQuest Mail
Scalded Rockscale Shoulderpads
272Shoulders The Earth Rises Mail
Scalding Gloves
17Hands Full of Hot Water Mail
Scale Brand Breastplate
81ChestQuest Mail
Scaled Draenic Boots
10866FeetCrafted Mail
Scaled Draenic Gloves
9361HandsCrafted Mail
Scaled Draenic Pants
8457LegsCrafted Mail
Scaled Draenic Vest
10264ChestCrafted Mail
Scaled Jormungar Protector
174Head The Slithering Darkness Mail
Scaled Marshwalkers
36Feet Cleansing Witch Hill Mail
Scaled Proto-Wristguard
174Wrists Off With Their Black Wings Mail
Scales of the Scalemother
312Shoulders The Root of the Corruption Mail
Scalewing Gloves
105Hands Ride the Lightning Mail
Scarlet Belt
3732Waist Big Crate of Salvage Mail
Scarlet Gauntlets
3833Hands Big Crate of Salvage Mail
Scarlet Wristguards
3631WristsLooted Mail
Scavenged Stormwind Spaulders
272Shoulders To Arms! Mail
Scavenger's Chain Gauntlets
372Hands Mail
Scavenger's Chain Spaulders
372Shoulders Mail
Scavenger's Chain Wristguards
372Wrists Mail
Scavenger's Ringmail Armbands
372Wrists Mail
Scavenger's Ringmail Gauntlets
372Hands Mail
Scavenger's Ringmail Spaulders
372Shoulders Mail
Scrap Metal Pauldrons
28Shoulders Venture Company Mining Mail
Sea Baron's Breastplate
33Chest Details of the Attack Mail
Sea Legs
33Legs Mok'rash the Cleaver Mail
Seared Mail Girdle
49Waist Mail
Seared Mail Vest
50Chest Mail
Seaspeaker Gloves
138Hands A Visit to the Curator Mail
Seaspeaker Legguards
138LegsQuest Mail
Seaspeaker Mantle
138Shoulders Gamel the Cruel Mail
Seaspray Bracers
59Wrists Mail
Seeing-Eye Belt
162Waist The Activation Rune Mail
Segmented Girdle
20Waist Culling the Flutterers Mail
Sentinel Hill Breastplate
13Chest In Defense of Westfall Mail
Sentry Bracers
19Wrists Assault on Zeb'Nowa Mail
Sentry's Armsplints
2621WristsLooted Mail
Sentry's Gloves
2722HandsLooted Mail
Sentry's Headdress
3126HeadLooted Mail
Sentry's Leggings
2924LegsLooted Mail
Sentry's Sash
2621WaistLooted Mail
Sentry's Shoulderguards
3025ShouldersLooted Mail
Sentry's Slippers
2823FeetLooted Mail
Sentry's Surcoat
3126ChestLooted Mail
Serpent Clasp Belt
4439WaistVendor Mail
Serpent Coils
56Wrists The Amulet of Grol Mail
Serpent Coils
55Wrists The Amulet of Grol Mail
Serrated Chain Links
146Waist Harp on This! Mail
Settler's Leggings
17Legs Mail
Shalewind Belt
19Waist The Grand Magus Doane Mail
Shard-Keeper Helm
318Head A Little on the Side Mail
Sharkdiver's Bracers
146Wrists Slay Loguhn Mail
Sharkdiver's Leggings
146Legs Meat on the Hook Mail
Sharkproof Boots
138Feet Mail
Sharkproof Coif
138Head The Emissary Mail
Sha'tari Deadeye Leggings
545LegsQuest Mail
Sha'tari Deadeye Mitts
548Hands Aruumel's Rest Mail
Sha'tari Deadeye Monnion
547Shoulders Pieces of Us Mail
Sha'tari Deadeye Sabatons
558Feet Nightmare in the Tomb Mail
Sha'tari Deadeye Vest
560ChestQuest Mail
Sha'tari Deadeye Wristwraps
552Wrists Mail
Sha'tari Marksman's Gloves
99Hands The Fallen Exarch Mail
Shaved Rhinohorn Chestguard
162Chest Rhino Mastery: The Kill Mail
Shock-Bound Spaulders
138ShouldersQuest Mail
Short-Circuiting Boots
154FeetQuest Mail
Shoulderguards of Protection
31Shoulders Elune's Gifts Mail
Shoulderguards of Subterfuge
158Shoulders Sabotage Mail
Shoulderguards of Warning
28Shoulders No Time for Goodbyes! Mail
Shoulderpads of Imminent Disaster
154Shoulders Put on Your Best Face for Loken Mail
Shoulders of Earthen Might
174Shoulders The Earthen Oath Mail
Shoveltusk Bindings
15874WristsLooted Mail
Shoveltusk Breastplate
15874ChestLooted Mail
Shoveltusk Gauntlets
15874HandsLooted Mail
Shoveltusk Greaves
15874FeetLooted Mail
Shoveltusk Helmet
15874HeadLooted Mail
Shoveltusk Legguards
15874LegsLooted Mail
Shoveltusk Mantle
15874ShouldersLooted Mail
Shoveltusk Waistband
15874WaistLooted Mail
Shredder Operator's Helmet
49Head It's Time to Oil Up Mail
Silencer's Gauntlets
305Hands Fight Fire and Water and Air with... Mail
Silithid Scale Gloves
53Hands The Fledgling Colossus Mail
Silver Defias Belt
1510Waist Big Crate of Salvage Mail
Silvered Bronze Boots
2621FeetCrafted Mail
Silvered Bronze Breastplate
2621ChestCrafted Mail
Silvered Bronze Gauntlets
2722HandsCrafted Mail
Silvered Bronze Leggings
3126LegsCrafted Mail
Silvered Bronze Shoulders
2520ShouldersCrafted Mail
Silvermoon Armor
1813ChestLooted Mail
Sindweller's Armguards
48Wrists The Fall of Tichondrius Mail
Skeleton Smashers
162Feet An Issue of Trust Mail
Skettis Belt
11167WaistLooted Mail