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Name Level Req. Level Slot Source Type
Lovely Gloves
40Hands Mail
Loyalty-Seeker Bracers
318Wrists The Loyalty of Clan Mullan Mail
Luring Treads
37Feet Mail
Maddening Gauntlets
53Hands Mail
Magdun Spaulders
138ShouldersQuest Mail
Maggot-Ridden Greaves
11Legs Mail
Magispike Helm
138HeadQuest Mail
Magnificent Belt
5853WaistLooted Mail
Magnificent Bracers
5853WristsLooted Mail
Magnificent Breastplate
6257ChestLooted Mail
Magnificent Gauntlets
6055HandsLooted Mail
Magnificent Greaves
6055FeetLooted Mail
Magnificent Helmet
6156HeadLooted Mail
Magnificent Leggings
6156LegsLooted Mail
Magnificent Shoulders
6156ShouldersLooted Mail
Mahamba's Pauldrons
26Shoulders Mail
Mail Combat Armguards
3328WristsLooted Mail
Mail Combat Armor
3631ChestLooted, Fished Mail
Mail Combat Belt
3429WaistLooted Mail
Mail Combat Boots
3530FeetLooted Mail
Mail Combat Gauntlets
3429HandsLooted Mail
Mail Combat Headguard
3530HeadLooted Mail
Mail Combat Leggings
3631LegsLooted Mail
Mail Combat Spaulders
3530ShouldersLooted Mail
Maloof's Spare Treads
40Feet Mail
Maloof's Spare Treads
40Feet Mail
Mammoth Bindings
16275WristsLooted Mail
Mammoth Boots
16275FeetLooted Mail
Mammoth Chestpiece
16275ChestLooted Mail
Mammoth Fists
16275HandsLooted Mail
Mammoth Girdle
16275WaistLooted Mail
Mammoth Helm
16275HeadLooted Mail
Mammoth Legwraps
16275LegsLooted Mail
Mammoth Mukluks
174Feet Demolitionist Extraordinaire Mail
Mammoth Spaulders
16275ShouldersLooted Mail
Manaburst Bracers
810101Wrists Mail
Manaburst Chainmail
810101Chest Mail
Manaburst Greaves
810101Feet Mail
Manaburst Grips
810101Hands Mail
Manaburst Helm
810101Head Mail
Manaburst Legguards
810101Legs Mail
Manaburst Spaulders
810101Shoulders Mail
Manaburst Waistguard
810101Waist Mail
Mantle of Bouldercrag
174Shoulders The Gifts of Loken Mail
Marauder's Belt
3530WaistLooted Mail
Marauder's Boots
3833FeetLooted Mail
Marauder's Bracers
3530WristsLooted Mail
Marauder's Circlet
3934HeadLooted Mail
Marauder's Gauntlets
3631HandsLooted Mail
Marauder's Leggings
3833LegsLooted Mail
Marauder's Shoulder Pads
4035ShouldersLooted Mail
Marauder's Tunic
4035ChestLooted Mail
Marauding Cord
18Waist Mail
Mardum Chain Boots
810101Feet Mail
Mardum Chain Gloves
810101Hands Mail
Mardum Chain Helm
810101Head Mail
Mardum Chain Leggings
810101Legs Mail
Mardum Chain Pauldrons
810101Shoulders Mail
Mardum Chain Vest
810101Chest Mail
Mardum Chain Waistguard
810101Waist Mail
Mardum Chain Wristclamp
810101Wrists Mail
Marker's Hauberk
318Chest Call in the Artillery Mail
Marsh Survivalist's Belt
96Waist Stealing Back the Mushrooms Mail
Marshal Bracers
53Wrists Blazerunner Mail
Marshcreeper Belt
9963WaistLooted Mail
Marshcreeper Bracelets
9963WristsLooted Mail
Marshcreeper Fen-Vest
9963ChestLooted Mail
Marshcreeper Gloves
9963HandsLooted Mail
Marshcreeper Helm
9963HeadLooted Mail
Marshcreeper Leggings
9963LegsLooted Mail
Marshcreeper Mantle
9963ShouldersLooted Mail
Marshcreeper Sludgeboots
9963FeetLooted Mail
Marshwarden's Vest
40Chest Mail
Mast-Bound Leggings
318Legs Siren's Song Mail
Masterwork Boots
6358FeetLooted Mail
Masterwork Bracers
6257WristsLooted Mail
Masterwork Breastplate
6560ChestLooted Mail
Masterwork Circlet
6358HeadLooted Mail
Masterwork Gauntlets
6358HandsLooted Mail
Masterwork Girdle
6257WaistLooted Mail
Masterwork Legplates
6459LegsLooted Mail
Masterwork Pauldrons
6358ShouldersLooted Mail
Mazoga's Discarded Coif
45Head Secrets in the Oasis Mail
Merchant Marine Greaves
22Feet Mail
Merchant Marine Stompers
22Feet Mail
Merciless Belt
5449WaistLooted Mail
Merciless Bracers
5146WristsLooted Mail
Merciless Breastplate
54Chest Lumbering Oafs Mail
Merciless Breastplate
54Chest Lumbering Oafs Mail
Merciless Crown
5651HeadLooted Mail
Merciless Epaulets
5449ShouldersLooted Mail
Merciless Gauntlets
5348HandsLooted Mail
Merciless Greaves
5449FeetLooted Mail
Merciless Legguards
5651LegsLooted Mail
Merciless Surcoat
5752ChestLooted Mail
Mercurial Bracers
6055WristsLooted Mail
Mercurial Breastplate
6459ChestLooted Mail
Mercurial Circlet
6257HeadLooted Mail
Mercurial Gauntlets
6156HandsLooted Mail
Mercurial Girdle
6156WaistLooted Mail