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Name Level Req. Level Slot Source Type
Demon Stalker Greathelm
12070HeadVendor Mail
Demon Stalker Greaves
12070LegsVendor Mail
Demon Stalker Harness
12070ChestVendor Mail
Demon Stalker Shoulderguards
12070ShouldersVendor Mail
Demonsbane Chestguard
37885ChestLooted Mail
Depraved Linked Belt
21380WaistLooted Mail
Desirae's Dashing Leggings
Heroic Warforged
55990Legs Ordos Mail
Die-Cast Ringmail Sabatons
690100FeetLooted, Black Market AH Mail
Disjointed Linkage Leggings
850110LegsLooted Mail
Dissevered Leggings
20080LegsLooted Mail
Distortion Greaves
37885LegsLooted Mail
Doomstride Footguards
860101FeetLooted Mail
Double-Barreled Cranial Cannon
835110HeadCrafted Mail
Double-Polished Chain Pauldrons
675100ShouldersLooted Mail
Draconic Bonesplinter Legguards
26480LegsCrafted Mail
Dragonbelly Bracers
41085Wrists Mail
Dragonbelly Bracers
39785WristsVendor Mail
Dragonbelly Bracers
Raid Finder
38485Wrists Mail
Dragoncarver Belt
39785WaistLooted Mail
Dragonfire Gloves
37885HandsCrafted Mail
Dragonflayer Vest
41085Chest Mail
Dragonflayer Vest
39785ChestVendor Mail
Dragonkiller Tunic
35985ChestCrafted Mail
Dragon-Quake Shoulderguards
11570ShouldersLooted Mail
Dragonstalker's Belt
7660WaistLooted Mail
Dragonstalker's Bracers
7660WristsLooted Mail
Dragonstalker's Breastplate
7660ChestLooted Mail
Dragonstalker's Gauntlets
7660HandsLooted Mail
Dragonstalker's Greaves
7660FeetLooted Mail
Dragonstalker's Helm
24580HeadLooted Mail
Dragonstalker's Helm
7660HeadLooted Mail
Dragonstalker's Helmet
23280HeadLooted Mail
Dragonstalker's Legguards
7660LegsLooted Mail
Dragonstalker's Spaulders
7660ShouldersLooted Mail
Dreadeye Gaze
50290HeadLooted Mail
Dreadeye Gaze
48990HeadLooted Mail
Dreadeye Gaze
Raid Finder
47690HeadLooted Mail
Dreadrunner Helm
52290HeadCrafted Mail
Dreadrunner Sabatons
52290FeetCrafted Mail
Dreamscale Breastplate
6860ChestCrafted Mail
Drop Kickers
655100FeetLooted Mail
Dual-Bladed Pauldrons
27780ShouldersLooted Mail
Dual-Bladed Pauldrons
26480ShouldersLooted Mail
Dunestalker's Mantle
665100ShouldersLooted Mail
Eagletalon Cowl
875110HeadLooted, Vendor Mail
Eagletalon Gauntlets
875110HandsLooted, Vendor Mail
Eagletalon Legchains
875110LegsLooted Mail
Eagletalon Spaulders
875110ShouldersLooted, Vendor Mail
Eagletalon Tunic
875110ChestLooted, Vendor Mail
Earthblood Chestguard
11570ChestLooted Mail
Earthen Netherscale Boots
10570FeetCrafted Mail
Earthen Scale Sabatons
37885FeetCrafted Mail
Earthfury Belt
6660WaistLooted Mail
Earthfury Boots
6660FeetLooted Mail
Earthfury Bracers
6660WristsLooted Mail
Earthfury Epaulets
6660ShouldersLooted Mail
Earthfury Gauntlets
6660HandsLooted Mail
Earthfury Helmet
6660HeadLooted Mail
Earthfury Legguards
6660LegsLooted Mail
Earthfury Vestments
6660ChestLooted Mail
Earthgrasp Girdle
670100WaistLooted, Black Market AH Mail
Earthmender's Boots
35985FeetVendor Mail
Earthquake Bracers
12870WristsVendor Mail
Earthshatter Boots
8660FeetBlack Market AH Mail
Earthshatter Girdle
8860WaistLooted, Black Market AH Mail
Earthshatter Handguards
8860HandsBlack Market AH Mail
Earthshatter Headpiece
8860HeadBlack Market AH Mail
Earthshatter Legguards
8860LegsBlack Market AH Mail
Earthshatter Spaulders
8660ShouldersLooted, Black Market AH Mail
Earthshatter Tunic
9260ChestBlack Market AH Mail
Earthshatter Wristguards
8860WristsLooted, Black Market AH Mail
Earthsoul Boots
26480FeetCrafted Mail
Ebon Blood Chestguard
Mythic Warforged
57290Chest Mail
Ebon Blood Chestguard
56690Chest Malkorok Mail
Ebon Blood Chestguard
Heroic Warforged
55990Chest Mail
Ebon Blood Chestguard
55390Chest Malkorok Mail
Ebon Blood Chestguard
54090Chest Malkorok Mail
Ebon Blood Chestguard
54090ChestLooted Mail
Ebon Blood Chestguard
Raid Finder
52890Chest Malkorok Mail
Ebon Netherscale Belt
11570WaistCrafted Mail
Ebon Netherscale Bracers
10570WristsCrafted Mail
Ebon Netherscale Breastplate
12070ChestCrafted Mail
Echoing Headguard
37885HeadLooted Mail
Edgemaster's Handguards
4944HandsLooted Mail
Electroflux Sight Enhancers
20072HeadCrafted Mail
Emberweave Leggings
7560LegsLooted Mail
Emblazoned Duskwatch Belt
875110WaistLooted Mail
Embrace of the Phoenix
15970ChestCrafted Mail
Embrace of the Twisting Nether
14670ChestCrafted Mail
Enameled Grips of Solemnity
50290HandsLooted Mail
Enameled Grips of Solemnity
48990HandsLooted Mail
Enameled Grips of Solemnity
Raid Finder
47690HandsLooted Mail
Energized Bio-Optic Killshades
35985HeadCrafted Mail
Energized Retinal Armor
47687HeadCrafted Mail
Ensorcelled Nerubian Breastplate
24580ChestCrafted Mail
Ensorcelled Nerubian Breastplate
24580ChestCrafted Mail
Epaulets of Ten Storms
7660ShouldersLooted Mail
Epaulets of the Devourer
24580ShouldersVendor Mail
Epoch Sentinel's Boots
855110Feet Mail
Epoch Sentinel's Bracer
855110Wrists Mail