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Name Level Req. Level Slot Source Type
Straw Hat
1HeadVendor Mail
Rustic Belt
1Waist Mail
Recruit's Tunic
1Chest Mail
Quill Impaled Boots
1Feet Our Tribe, Imprisoned Mail
Goblin Brawler's Harness
1Chest Mail
Goblin Brawler's Greaves
1Legs Mail
Goblin Brawler's Gauntlets
1Hands Mail
Goblin Brawler's Boots
1Feet Mail
Gilnean Recruit's Tunic
1Chest Mail
Gilnean Recruit's Pants
1Legs Mail
Gilnean Recruit's Boots
1Feet Mail
Gilnean Recruit's Belt
1Waist Mail
Demon Hunter Blindfold
1HeadUnobtainable Mail
Bellower's Belt
1Waist Charge Mail
[PH] Rising Dawn Fists
1Hands Mail
[PH] Rising Dawn Coif
1Head Mail
Venerated Pauldrons of The Five Thunders
333ShouldersPvP (Honor) Mail
Tarnished Raging Berserker's Helm
333HeadAchievement, Vendor Mail
Tarnished Leggings of Destruction
333LegsVendor Mail
Prized Beastmaster's Mantle
187ShouldersPvP (Honor) Mail
Mystical Vest of Elements
187ChestVendor Mail
Mystical Pauldrons of Elements
187ShouldersVendor Mail
Mystical Kilt of Elements
333LegsVendor Mail
Mystical Coif of Elements
333HeadAchievement, Vendor Mail
Grand Champion Herod's Shoulder
333ShouldersVendor Mail
Furious Deathdealer Breastplate
333ChestVendor Mail
Champion's Deathdealer Breastplate
187ChestVendor Mail
Champion Herod's Shoulder
187ShouldersVendor Mail
Awakened Vest of Elements
333ChestVendor Mail
Awakened Pauldrons of Elements
333ShouldersVendor Mail
Aged Pauldrons of The Five Thunders
187ShouldersPvP (Honor) Mail
Adorned Beastmaster's Mantle
333ShouldersPvP (Honor) Mail
Shoddy Chain Pants
2LegsLooted Mail
Shoddy Chain Belt
2WaistLooted Mail
Flimsy Chain Pants
2Legs Mail
Flimsy Chain Belt
2Waist Mail
Worg Handler's Gloves
2HandsQuest Mail
Wolf Hunter's Vest
2ChestQuest Mail
Trogg Repeller Chainmail
2Chest Mail
Trogg Repeller Chainmail
2Legs Hold the Line! Mail
Rockjaw Breastplate
2Chest Make Hay While the Sun Shines Mail
Initiate's Gauntlets
2Hands The Disciple's Challenge Mail
Initiate's Braided Belt
2Waist The Lesson of Stifled Pride Mail
Initiate's Armguards
2Wrists The Lesson of the Sandy Fist Mail
Bragger's Gauntlets
2Hands Cutting Teeth Mail
Boots of the Blameless
2Feet Give 'em What-For Mail
Bloodtalon Keeper Leggings
2Legs Consort of the Sea Witch Mail
Shoddy Chain Boots
3FeetLooted Mail
Flimsy Chain Boots
3Feet Mail
Thorn-Proof Wristguard
3Wrists Stop the Thorncallers Mail
Swift Scale Armbands
3Wrists Young and Vicious Mail
Stormwind Infantry Belt
3WaistQuest Mail
Merchant's Chestguard
3Chest While You're At It Mail
Initiate's Breastplate
3Chest The Way of the Tushui Mail
Hearth Defender Bracers
3Wrists Invaders in Our Home Mail
Friction Gloves
3Hands Finishin' the Job Mail
Dwarven Iron Bracer
3Wrists Mail
Crosscheck Breastplate
3ChestQuest Mail
Cracking Whip
3Waist Do it Yourself Mail
Carapace Boots
3Feet Sting of the Scorpid Mail
Shoddy Chain Gloves
4HandsLooted Mail
Shoddy Chain Bracers
4WristsLooted Mail
Flimsy Chain Gloves
4Hands Mail
Flimsy Chain Bracers
4Wrists Mail
Vile Jersey
4Chest Vile Familiars Mail
Spitescale Mail
4Chest No More Mercy Mail
Initiate's Legguards
4Legs The Way of the Huojin Mail
Initiate's Boots
4Feet Fanning the Flames Mail
Inertial Bracers
4Wrists No Tanks! Mail
Braided Boarskin Belt
4Waist The Battleboars Mail
Shoddy Chain Vest
5ChestLooted Mail
Flimsy Chain Vest
5Chest Mail
Zuni's Family Heirloom
5Waist An Ancient Enemy Mail
Willem's Mitts
5Hands Ending the Invasion! Mail
Weathered Mail Tunic
5Chest The Blood Elves Mail
Vault Cracker Gloves
5Hands The Great Bank Heist Mail
Unmarred Belt
5Waist The Lesson of Dry Fur Mail
Unadorned Chain Vest
5ChestVendor Mail
Unadorned Chain Leggings
5LegsVendor Mail
Unadorned Chain Gloves
5HandsVendor Mail
Unadorned Chain Bracers
5WristsVendor Mail
Unadorned Chain Boots
5FeetVendor Mail
Unadorned Chain Belt
5WaistVendor Mail
Tracking Boots
5Feet Fel Moss Corruption Mail
Total Disaster Bracers
5Wrists Pirate Party Crashers Mail
Tarnished Chain Vest
5ChestVendor Mail
Tarnished Chain Leggings
5LegsVendor Mail
Tarnished Chain Gloves
5HandsVendor Mail
Tarnished Chain Bracers
5WristsVendor Mail
Tarnished Chain Boots
5FeetVendor Mail
Tarnished Chain Belt
5WaistVendor Mail
Sun Pearl Bracers
5Wrists The Sun Pearl Mail
Snow Stomping Boots
5Feet Mail
Slightly Rusted Bracers
5WristsQuest Mail
Shattered Chain Girdle
5Waist Mail
Rustmetal Bracers
5Wrists Recruitment Mail
Rusted Chain Vest
5ChestVendor Mail
Rusted Chain Leggings
5LegsVendor Mail
Rusted Chain Gloves
5HandsVendor Mail
Rusted Chain Bracers
5WristsVendor Mail