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Name Level Req. Level Slot Source Type
Clinking Chain Trousers
3Legs Rolling with my Homies Mail
Armstead Bindings
3Wrists While You're At It Mail
Shoddy Chain Gloves
4HandsLooted Mail
Shoddy Chain Bracers
4WristsLooted Mail
Flimsy Chain Gloves
4HandsLooted Mail
Flimsy Chain Bracers
4WristsLooted Mail
Vile Greaves
4Feet Vile Familiars Mail
Torque-Applying Grips
4Hands No Tanks! Mail
Spitescale Pants
4Legs No More Mercy Mail
Scarred Battleboar Breastplate
4Chest The Battleboars Mail
Initiate's Greaves
4Legs The Way of the Huojin Mail
Initiate's Boots
4Feet Fanning the Flames Mail
Darius' Handguards
4Hands By the Skin of His Teeth Mail
Shoddy Chain Vest
5ChestLooted Mail
Flimsy Chain Vest
5ChestLooted Mail
Woodland Chainmail
5Chest Precious Waters Mail
Willem's Mitts
5Hands Mail
Web Covered Mail Belt
5Waist Vile Touch Mail
Weathered Chain Shirt
5Chest The Blood Elves Mail
Wanderer's Grips
5Hands Mail
Verdant Chain Gloves
5Hands Unfortunate Measures Mail
Vault Cracker Boots
5Feet The Great Bank Heist Mail
Unmarred Chain
5Waist The Lesson of Dry Fur Mail
Unadorned Chain Vest
5ChestVendor Mail
Unadorned Chain Leggings
5LegsVendor Mail
Unadorned Chain Gloves
5HandsVendor Mail
Unadorned Chain Bracers
5WristsVendor Mail
Unadorned Chain Boots
5FeetVendor Mail
Unadorned Chain Belt
5WaistVendor Mail
Tarnished Chain Vest
5ChestVendor Mail
Tarnished Chain Leggings
5LegsVendor Mail
Tarnished Chain Gloves
5HandsVendor Mail
Tarnished Chain Bracers
5WristsVendor Mail
Tarnished Chain Boots
5FeetVendor Mail
Tarnished Chain Belt
5WaistVendor Mail
Sunwalker's Waistcord
5Waist Rite of Honor Mail
Sunspire Cinch
5WaistQuest Mail
Sun Pearl Chainmail
5Chest The Sun Pearl Mail
Steadfast Greaves
5Feet By Blood and Ash Mail
Spitescale Stompers
5Feet An Ancient Enemy Mail
Snow Stomping Boots
5Feet Mail
Smith's Chain Gloves
5Hands Rest and Relaxation Mail
Shattered Chain Girdle
5Waist Mail
Scavenger Vest
5Chest Scourge on our Perimeter Mail
Rusty Chain Belt
5Waist The Damned Mail
Rusted Chain Vest
5ChestVendor Mail
Rusted Chain Leggings
5LegsVendor Mail
Rusted Chain Gloves
5HandsVendor Mail
Rusted Chain Bracers
5WristsVendor Mail
Rusted Chain Boots
5FeetVendor Mail
Rusted Chain Belt
5WaistVendor Mail
Proprietor's Mitts
5Hands Rest and Relaxation Mail
Partially Tarnished Chain
5WaistQuest Mail
Painted Chain Gloves
5Hands Mail
Padded Chainmail
5Chest Major Malfunction Mail
Outrider Belt
5WaistQuest Mail
Moss-Encrusted Chain Pants
5Legs Fel Moss Corruption Mail
Latched Belt
5Waist Mail
Jagged Chain Vest
5Chest Mail
Holey Mail Shirt
5Chest Mail
Grik'nir's Warming Bands
5Wrists Ice and Fire Mail
Glen Culler's Grips
5Hands The Balance of Nature Mail
Gleaming Chain Bindings
5WristsQuest Mail
Gauntlets of Splashing Water
5Hands A New Friend Mail
Gassy Armbands
5Wrists 447 Mail
Frostmane Chain Vest
5Chest Mail
Deputy's Chainmail
5Chest Report to Goldshire Mail
Coven Hollow Wristgaurds
5Wrists Burning Blade Medallion Mail
Coarse Mail Leggings
5LegsQuest Mail
Battleworn Chain Leggings
5Legs Mail
Angular Momentum Wristguards
5Wrists Down with Crushcog! Mail
Aid-Lender's Grips
5Hands Back to the Den Mail
Abandoned Miner's Pants
5Legs Night Web's Hollow Mail
Wendigo Pantaloons
6Legs Pilfered Supplies Mail
Well-Oiled Chain Gauntlets
6Hands Operation Recombobulation Mail
The Stone's Gauntlets
6Hands Two By Sea Mail
Shimmerweed Brewer Treads
6Feet The Perfect Stout Mail
Sentry's Chain Shirt
6Chest The Dead Scar Mail
Ringing Boots
6Feet Missing Mallet Mail
Protector's Leggaurds
6Legs Save the Children! Mail
Padded Greaves
6Legs Still Good! Mail
Mountaineer's Waistguard
6Waist Holland's Experiment Mail
Dark Ranger's Hauberk
6Chest Leader of the Pack Mail
Chain Link Winter Bracers
6Wrists Mail
Bracers of the Earth Spirit
6Wrists The Spirit and Body of Shen-zin Su Mail
Loose Chain Gloves
72HandsLooted Mail
Xavren's Gauntlets
7Hands Variety is the Spice of Death Mail
Springpaw Padded Greaves
7Legs Pelt Collection Mail
Repairman's Cinch
7Waist Washed Up Mail
Mountaineer Chestpiece
72Chest Mail
Monkey Handler Fists
7Hands Monkey Business Mail
Miner's Overcoat
7Chest Miner Troubles Mail
Huntsman's Chain Cuffs
7Wrists Nightstalker Clean Up, Isle 2... Mail
Hauberk of the Razor Guard
7Chest From Bad to Worse Mail
Handgrips of Verity
7Hands Rewritten Wisdoms Mail
Feral Wristguards
7Wrists Twisted Hatred Mail
Earthmother's Garb
7Chest Rite of Vision Mail
Loose Chain Pants
83LegsLooted Mail
Loose Chain Belt
83WaistLooted Mail
Wide Metal Girdle
8Waist Mail