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Name Level Req. Level Slot Source Type
Coif of Grasping Earth
610HeadQuest Mail
Stormsteppe Grips
608Hands The Shadow of the Void Mail
Stormsteppe Vest
603ChestQuest Mail
Stormsteppe Bracers
602WristsQuest Mail
Stormsteppe Chain Belt
602WaistQuest Mail
Stormsteppe Belt
595WaistQuest Mail
Stormsteppe Wristwraps
595Wrists Ring of Trials: Roakk the Zealot Mail
Stormsteppe Gauntlets
593HandsQuest Mail
Stormsteppe Sabatons
593FeetQuest Mail
Stormsteppe Pauldrons
591ShouldersQuest Mail
Stormsteppe Helm
590HeadQuest Mail
"Super Sterilized" Blastguard Leggings
588Legs Preventing the Worst Mail
Stormsteppe Leggings
587LegsQuest Mail
Ravenchain Gauntlets
586Hands Declawing The Bloodmane Mail
Fungal Reisistant Chainmail Boots
583Feet The Right Parts for the Job Mail
Ravenchain Wristwraps
582Wrists The Bloodmane Mail
"Fireproof" Venture Co. Chainmail
578Chest Defungination Mail
Ravenchain Vest
578Chest Sethe, the Dead God Mail
Ravenchain Leggings
577Legs Hot Seat Mail
Ravenchain Helm
575Head A Feast of Shadows Mail
Ravenchain Belt
572Waist New Neighbors Mail
Ravenchain Sabatons
572Feet Hatred Undying Mail
Ravenchain Spaulders
568Shoulders Hidden in Plain Sight Mail
Sha'tari Deadeye Vest
560ChestQuest Mail
Sha'tari Deadeye Sabatons
558Feet Nightmare in the Tomb Mail
Sha'tari Deadeye Gauntlets
555HandsQuest Mail
Sha'tari Deadeye Belt
553WaistQuest Mail
Sha'tari Deadeye Wristwraps
552Wrists Mail
Sha'tari Deadeye Helm
550HeadQuest Mail
Sha'tari Deadeye Mitts
548Hands Aruumel's Rest Mail
Sha'tari Deadeye Monnion
547Shoulders Pieces of Us Mail
Sha'tari Deadeye Leggings
545LegsQuest Mail
Wildwood Wrangler Vest
543ChestQuest Mail
Wildwood Wrangler Leggings
534LegsQuest Mail
Wildwood Wrangler Sabatons
531FeetQuest Mail
Wildwood Wrangler Gauntlets
530HandsQuest Mail
Wildwood Wrangler Helm
528Head Mail
Wildwood Wrangler Links
528WaistQuest Mail
Wildwood Wrangler Wristwraps
528WristsQuest Mail
Frostwolf Ringmail Cap
525Head The Battle of Thunder Pass Mail
Rangari Initiate Helm
525Head The Defense of Karabor Mail
Wildwood Wrangler Belt
525WaistQuest Mail
Wildwood Wrangler Gloves
523HandsQuest Mail
Wildwood Wrangler Monnion
522ShouldersQuest Mail
Rangari Initiate Gauntlets
520Hands Gestating Genesaur Mail
Agurak Chain Bracers
518Wrists Savage Vengeance Mail
Frostwolf Ringmail Leggings
518Legs Lurkers Mail
Frostwolf Ringmail Pauldrons
518Shoulders Pool of Visions Mail
Rangari Initiate Wristwraps
518Wrists The Traitor's True Name Mail
Grom'gar Chain Boots
517Feet The Master Siegesmith Mail
Rangari Initiate Spaulders
517ShouldersQuest Mail
Blademoon Chain Leggings
514Legs Rotting Riverbeasts Mail
Frostwolf Chain Leggings
514Legs Vul'gath's End Mail
Rangari Initiate Leggings
514Legs Ancestor's Memory Mail
Frostwolf Ringmail Armor
513Chest Mail
Rangari Initiate Sabatons
513Feet Escape From Shaz'gul Mail
Rangari Initiate Vest
513Chest Swamplighter Queen Mail
Beastminder Chain Gloves
512Hands Shimmering Gauntlets Mail
Frostwolf Ringmail Belt
512Waist Last Steps Mail
Frostwolf Ringmail Boots
512Feet Gormaul Tower Mail
Frostwolf Ringmail Wristguards
512Wrists The Warlord's Guard Mail
Grimfrost Frostmail
512Chest The Eldest Mail
Moonchain Boots
512Feet Circle the Wagon Mail
Rangari Initiate Belt
512Waist Shadows Awaken Mail
Rangari Initiate Wristwraps
512Wrists Mail
Thorn-Encrusted Mail
512Chest Game of Thorns Mail
Quarrier's Pauldrons
510ShouldersQuest Mail
Frostwolf Ringmail Gauntlets
510Hands The Butcher of Bladespire Mail
Voidgazer Chain Hood
508HeadQuest Mail
Slavebreaker Chainmail
507ChestQuest Mail
Hollowheart Chain Leggings
506Legs Blaze of Glory Mail
Blackrock Chain Boots
477Feet Blackrock Slaghauler Mail
Mismatched Mail Gloves
472Hands Shattered Hand Torturer Mail
Jungle-Chopper Wristcovers
470Wrists Bleeding Hollow Savage Mail
Aerial Assault Legguards
333Legs Krazz Works! Mail
Ale Soaked Grips
333Hands Narkrall, The Drake-Tamer Mail
Bracers of the Lost City
333Wrists Targets of Opportunity Mail
Corruption-Seeking Chestguard
333Chest A Villain Unmasked Mail
Coulton's Crushers
333Hands Skullcrusher the Mountain Mail
Coulton's Crushers
333Hands Skullcrusher the Mountain Mail
Eradicator's Bracers
333Wrists Closing a Dark Chapter Mail
Gauntlets of Dragonwrath
333Hands Fury Unbound Mail
Gryphon-Grip Leggings
333Legs Doing It Like a Dunwald Mail
Mindsliced Chestguard
333Chest Traitor's Bait Mail
Tooranu's Spaulders
333Shoulders Kill the Courier Mail
Treads of the Neferset
333Feet The Source of Their Power Mail
Treasure Hunter's Gloves
333Hands Doing it the Hard Way Mail
Crashing Idol Chestguard
325Chest Do the Honors Mail
Fireball Treads
325Feet Gnomebliteration Mail
Girdle of the Ancient One
325Waist Harrison Jones and the Temple of Uldum Mail
Shoulderpads of Reconstruction
318Shoulders The Middle Fragment Mail
Bracers of False Night
318Wrists Dressed to Kill Mail
Bracers of the Lost Leader
318Wrists Twilight Skies Mail
Brewtaster Bracers
318Wrists Anything But Water Mail
Chill-Tail Waistguard
318Waist Naga Reinforcements Mail
Conch-Sound Waistguard
318Waist Blast Him! Mail
Dame's Scaled Greaves
318Legs Distract Them for Me Mail
Dame's Scaled Greaves
318Legs Distract Them for Me Mail
Dead-Dwarf Shoulderpads
318Shoulders Crushing the Wildhammer Mail
Deepdigger Helm
318Head Portal Overload Mail