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Name Level Req. Level Slot Source Type
Flashfire Collar
31Neck Rider on the Storm Neck
Grounding Choker
31Neck Putting Their Heads Together Neck
Grounding Choker
31Neck Putting Their Heads Together Neck
Scorched Scarlet Key
3128NeckLooted Neck
Temperature-Sensing Necklace
3128NeckLooted Neck
Choker of Renewal
31Neck Elune's Gifts Neck
Crystal Starfire Medallion
3126NeckLooted Neck
Gnomeregan Amulet
3126Neck Sparklematic-Wrapped Box Neck
Luring Necklace
31Neck Gammerita, Mon! Neck
Pendant of the Agate Shield
3126NeckCrafted Neck
Razorbeak Amulet
31Neck Razorbeak Friends Neck
Small Pouch of Incense
31Neck Backdoor Dealings Neck
Small Pouch of Incense
31Neck Backdoor Dealings Neck
Wolfpack Medallion
3126Neck Neck
Ambassador's Amulet
30Neck Dances with Grimtotem Neck
Orthus' Amulet
30Neck To Be Horde... Neck
Amulet of Brilliant Talent
30Neck If They're Just Going to Leave Them Lying Around... Neck
Amulet of the Moon
3025NeckCrafted Neck
Barbaric Iron Collar
3025NeckCrafted Neck
Basilisk Scale Necklace
30Neck There's Somebody Out There Who Wants It Neck
Crawling Amulet
30Neck Spy Infestation Neck
Glowing Green Talisman
3025NeckLooted Neck
Goris' Medallion
30Neck Good-Fer-Nothin' Slither-Dogs Neck
Spectral Necklace
3025NeckLooted Neck
Velvet Choker
30Neck Primal Reagents of Power Neck
Compassionate Critter's Friend
30NeckVendor Neck
Thal'darah's Pendant
29Neck Save the Children! Neck
Northwatch Amulet
28Neck Armaments for War Neck
Overlord's Favor
27Neck Ashes to Ashes Neck
Spy-Mistress' Necklace
Amulet of Shrill Screams
26Neck Windshear Mine Cleanup Neck
Bronze Torc
2621NeckCrafted Neck
Brilliant Necklace
2520NeckCrafted Neck
Scout's Medallion
2318NeckPvP (Honor) Neck
Sentinel's Medallion
2318NeckPvP (Honor) Neck
Thick Bronze Necklace
2217NeckCrafted Neck
Ornate Tigerseye Necklace
2015NeckCrafted Neck
Shark's Tooth of Bona Fide Fluidic Mobility
20NeckVendor Neck
Malachite Pendant
1813NeckCrafted Neck
Stone of Stupendous Springing Strides
10NeckVendor Neck
Infallible Tikbalang Ward
5NeckVendor Neck
Golden Necklace
1NeckQuest Neck
Soap on a Rope
1NeckVendor Neck
String of Alligator Teeth
1Neck Bag of Shiny Things Neck
Tarnished Silver Necklace
1NeckLooted Neck