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Name Level Req. Level Slot Source Type
Lunatic's Choker
96Neck It's Watching You! Neck
Lodestone Necklace
4439NeckLooted Neck
Locket of the Sumprushes
429Neck The Torches Neck
Locket of Snowcrest
174Neck Krolmir, Hammer of Storms Neck
Light-Touched Pendant
42Neck Buried Blades Neck
Lightdrinker Choker
48390Neck Neck
Kunzite Necklace
11167NeckLooted Neck
Kodobone Necklace
41Neck Neck
Kil'ruk's Pendant
437Neck The Klaxxi Council Neck
Kezan's Taint
60Neck Kezan's Taint Neck
Jungle Necklace
6055NeckLooted Neck
Jhuuroon's Collar
399Neck Fog Wards Neck
Jet Chain
3934NeckLooted Neck
Jasper Bead Necklace
15072NeckLooted Neck
Jade Pendant of Blasting
3631NeckCrafted Neck
Jade Eye Pendant
384Neck Getting Permission Neck
Jack's Lucky Charm
47Neck A New Master... But Who? Neck
Iridium Chain
4136NeckLooted Neck
Intricate Amulet
36483NeckLooted Neck
Immaculate Amulet
42988NeckLooted, Mined Neck
Imbued Chain
87Neck A Job for an Intelligent Man Neck
Iceflow Collar
138Neck Leading the Ancestors Home Neck
Ice Encrusted Amulet
18280NeckLooted Neck
Hunter's Insignia Medal
60Neck Neck
Hoarder's Necklace
154NeckQuest Neck
Hippolyte's Glittering Necklace
272Neck A Girl's Best Friend Neck
Hiddenite Necklace
9060NeckLooted Neck
Heavy Golden Necklace of Battle
3530NeckCrafted Neck
Heathen's Brand
60Neck The Heathen's Brand Neck
Heart-Lesion Pendant
48390Neck Neck
Heart-Lesion Amulet
48390Neck Neck
Gurthan Locket
437Neck The Klaxxi Council Neck
Grummle Amulet
40386NeckLooted Neck
Growthtender Locket
414Neck Unbelievable! Neck
Grom'tor's Pendant of Conquest
114Neck The Cipher of Damnation - The First Fragment Recovered Neck
Gretel's Pendant
48Neck Curse These Fat Fingers Neck
Greenstone Talisman
3530NeckLooted Neck
Greenstone Pendant
384Neck Getting Permission Neck
Graven Shoveltusk Pendant
138Neck Foolish Endeavors Neck
Granite Necklace
6257NeckLooted Neck
Grainlord's Pendant
399Neck Wee Little Shenanigans Neck
Grainlord's Necklace
399Neck Wee Little Shenanigans Neck
Grainlord's Locket
399Neck Wee Little Shenanigans Neck
Grainlord's Choker
399Neck Wee Little Shenanigans Neck
Grainlord's Amulet
399Neck Wee Little Shenanigans Neck
Goris' Medallion
30Neck Good-Fer-Nothin' Slither-Dogs Neck
Goldrinn's Locket
272Neck Lycanthoth the Corruptor Neck
Gold Mesh Collar
14270NeckLooted Neck
Gold Clasped Chain
16676NeckLooted Neck
Gnomeregan Medallion of Merit
48Neck You Too, Brute? Neck
Gnomeregan Amulet
3126Neck Sparklematic-Wrapped Box Neck
Glowing Green Talisman
3025NeckLooted Neck
Giltstone Necklace
318Neck A Little on the Side Neck
Giant Turtle Collar
138Neck Gamel the Cruel Neck
Gemmed Amulet
37784NeckLooted Neck
Frostspeaker Collar
138NeckQuest Neck
Forest Pendant
3833NeckLooted Neck
Flamestar Amulet
50Neck Done Nothing Wrong Neck
Flamestar Amulet
50Neck Done Nothing Wrong Neck
Firewater Amulet
52Neck Bearzerker Neck
Fire Opal Collar
8458NeckLooted Neck
Finely Wrought Chain
87NeckQuest Neck
Figaro Chain
15473NeckLooted Neck
Felstone Good Luck Charm
54Neck Neck
Felsoul Medallion
48390Neck Neck
Felforce Medallion
93Neck The Cleansing Must Be Stopped Neck
Fairy's Embrace
4742Neck Neck
Faded Forest Pendant
37285NeckVendor Neck
Faded Forest Necklace
37285NeckVendor Neck
Faded Forest Locket
37285NeckVendor Neck
Faded Forest Choker
37285NeckVendor Neck
Faded Forest Amulet
37285NeckVendor Neck
Eye of Reversal
318Neck Eye Spy Neck
Eye of Despair
318Neck Eye Spy Neck
Explorers' League Commendation
41Neck Neck
Expedition Pendant
108Neck You're Fired! Neck
Ethereal Talisman
43Neck Neck
Ethereal Healing Pendant
99Neck A Personal Favor Neck
Epidote Stone Necklace
11468NeckLooted Neck
Entwined Opaline Talisman
4742Neck Neck
Enforcer's Chain
87NeckQuest Neck
Enchanted South Seas Kelp
60Neck Enchanted South Seas Kelp Neck
Embroidered Pendant
14671NeckLooted Neck
Emberspark Pendant
3530Neck Neck
Ebonsoul Pendant
23280NeckVendor Neck
Ebonsoul Amulet
23280NeckVendor Neck
Dreadsoul Medallion
23280NeckVendor Neck
Dragonbone Talisman
102Neck Evil Draws Near Neck
Draenethyst Chaplet
87NeckQuest Neck
Dorn's Amulet
34Neck Mangletooth Neck
Diopside Beads
10866NeckLooted Neck
Desert Choker
4742NeckLooted Neck
Dawnblossom Necklace
384Neck Getting Permission Neck
Darkmoon Necklace
5550Neck Neck
Crystalmuncher Necklace
305Neck Clingy Neck
Crystal Starfire Medallion
3126NeckLooted Neck
Crystal Citrine Necklace
13870NeckCrafted Neck
Crystal Chalcedony Amulet
13870NeckCrafted Neck
Crossroads Pendant
429Neck Thinning the Sik'thik Neck
Crawling Amulet
30Neck Spy Infestation Neck