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Name Level Req. Level Slot Source Type
Cowry-Shell Pendant
272Neck Swift Approach Neck
Cowry-Shell Pendant
272Neck Swift Approach Neck
Council Choker
437Neck The Klaxxi Council Neck
Coral Beads
11769NeckLooted Neck
Confiscated Dog Tags
312Neck Fire From the Sky Neck
Communal Necklace
48390Neck Neck
Communal Medallion
48390Neck Neck
Citrine Pendant of Golden Healing
3934NeckCrafted Neck
Choker of the Northern Wind
138NeckQuest Neck
Choker of the High Shaman
44Neck Neck
Choker of Renewal
31Neck Elune's Gifts Neck
Choker of Lo'Gosh
272Neck Lycanthoth the Corruptor Neck
Choker of Despair
399Neck Securing the Province Neck
Choker of Damnation
6055NeckStarting Item, Vendor Neck
Chimaera Heart Pendant
53Neck You Gotta Have Eggs Neck
Chain of the Sovereign
174Neck Free Your Mind Neck
Cerulean Talisman
3227NeckLooted Neck
Cenotaph Choker
312Neck Minions of Al'Akir Neck
Calcified Gizzard
272Neck Fresh Bait Neck
Bronze Torc
2621NeckCrafted Neck
Broken Choker
93Neck Source of the Corruption Neck
Brilliant Necklace
2520NeckCrafted Neck
Brewdrinker Pendant
414Neck Unbelievable! Neck
Brewdrinker Amulet
414Neck Unbelievable! Neck
Bramble Pendant
399NeckQuest Neck
Bramble Necklace
399NeckQuest Neck
Bramble Locket
399NeckQuest Neck
Bramble Choker
399NeckQuest Neck
Bramble Amulet
399NeckQuest Neck
Brain-Connector Chain
272Neck ... It Will Come Neck
Bouldercrag's Pendant
174Neck The Gifts of Loken Neck
Blackwolf Amulet
31284NeckLooted Neck
Bilgewater Brooch
48Neck Sandscraper Neck
Bejeweled Amulet
41687NeckLooted Neck
Beastsoul Choker
23280NeckVendor Neck
Bearheart Necklace
414Neck Unbelievable! Neck
Bearheart Amulet
414Neck Unbelievable! Neck
Basilisk Scale Necklace
30Neck There's Somebody Out There Who Wants It Neck
Basalt Necklace
3227NeckLooted Neck
Barbaric Iron Collar
3025NeckCrafted Neck
Baleen Braided Collar
146Neck Slay Loguhn Neck
Argent Medallion
37Neck Neck
Arctic Pendant
5146NeckLooted Neck
Aquamarine Pendant of the Warrior
4439NeckCrafted Neck
Anglesite Choker
8157NeckLooted Neck
Andrea's Locket
38Neck Memories from a Lost Past Neck
Amulet of the Singing Marshes
399Neck Fog Wards Neck
Amulet of the Moon
3025NeckCrafted Neck
Amulet of the Malefic Necromancer
174NeckQuest Neck
Amulet of the Kaldorei Spirit
51Neck Pride of the Highborne Neck
Amulet of Spilling Blood
42Neck Darkcloud Grimtotem Neck
Amulet of Shrill Screams
26Neck Windshear Mine Cleanup Neck
Amulet of Longing
429Neck The Torches Neck
Amulet of Living Wood
48Neck Rejoining the Forest Neck
Amulet of Brilliant Talent
30Neck If They're Just Going to Leave Them Lying Around... Neck
Amethyst Pendant
9963NeckLooted Neck
Amberglow Pendant
437NeckQuest Neck
Amberglow Necklace
437NeckQuest Neck
Amberglow Locket
437NeckQuest Neck
Amberglow Choker
437NeckQuest Neck
Amberglow Amulet
437NeckQuest Neck
Alicite Pendant
28980NeckCrafted Neck
Adarrah's Spare Choker
300Neck Neck
Zuramat's Necklace
20080NeckLooted Neck
Zealous Shadowshard Pendant
37Neck Neck
Zandalarian Shadow Talisman
68Neck Zandalarian Shadow Talisman Neck
Zandalarian Shadow Talisman
60Neck Zandalarian Shadow Talisman Neck
Yoke of Niuzao
44085NeckLooted Neck
Yaungol Mist-Shaman's Amulet
44085NeckLooted Neck
Wyrmbog Amulet
40Neck The Brood of Onyxia Neck
Woven Steel Necklace
151Neck Disarmament Neck
Woven Ivy Necklace
51Neck Neck
Winterfall's Frozen Necklace
13069NeckLooted Neck
Winking Eye of Love
34685Neck Neck
Will of the Martyr
53Neck Neck
Widow Chain
45090NeckCrafted Neck
Whirling Dervish Choker
46390NeckLooted Neck
Whirling Dervish Choker
45088NeckLooted Neck
Warp Engineer's Prismatic Chain
11568NeckLooted Neck
Vision of Voodress
68Neck Vision of Voodress Neck
Vision of Voodress
60Neck Vision of Voodress Neck
Vicious Sapphire Necklace
37785NeckCrafted Neck
Vicious Ruby Choker
37785NeckCrafted Neck
Vicious Amberjewel Pendant
37785NeckCrafted Neck
Verek's Collar
5651NeckLooted Neck
Turbulent Necklace
64Neck Satchel of Helpful Goods Neck
Tumultuous Necklace
35NeckLooted Neck
Triune Amulet
4035Neck Neck
Triumphant Conqueror's Chain
45890NeckPvE (Justice) Neck
Traitor's Noose
11570NeckLooted Neck
Torta's Oversized Choker
17478NeckLooted Neck
Torc of the Sethekk Prophet
115Neck Brother Against Brother Neck
Tooth of Gnarr
6055NeckLooted Neck
Token of Gratitude
316Neck Vengeance for Orsis Neck
Timeless Beads of Eternos
18778NeckLooted Neck
Time-Forward Talisman
18376Neck Time-Lost Proto-Drake Neck
Tiled-Stone Pendant
146Neck Disarmament Neck
Tiger Opal Pendant
45090NeckCrafted Neck
Thick Felsteel Necklace
11370NeckCrafted Neck
The Severed Noose of Westwind
174Neck The Admiral Revealed Neck