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Name Level Req. Level Slot Source Type
Steel-Tipped Snowboots
174Feet Valkyrion Must Burn Plate
Enticing Sabatons
171FeetQuest Plate
Volazj's Sabatons
167FeetLooted Plate
Boots of Dominance
162Feet It Could Be Anywhere! Plate
Pathfinding Treads
162Feet The Activation Rune Plate
Greaves of the Blue Flight
159FeetLooted Plate
Greaves of the Traitor
159Feet Death to the Traitor King Plate
Ancestral War Boots
158Feet Rampage Plate
Boots of the Altar
158Feet Pure Evil Plate
Boots of the Rescuer
158Feet Parachutes for the Argent Crusade Plate
Boots of the Unbowed Protector
155FeetLooted, Quest Plate
Invigorating Sabatons
155Feet Quickening Plate
Rusty Cave Stompers
154FeetQuest Plate
Sabatons of Crushed Humanity
154FeetQuest Plate
Whispering Stompers
154Feet Put on Your Best Face for Loken Plate
Implacable Zombie Crushers
146FeetQuest Plate
Crustacean Stompers
146Feet Meat on the Hook Plate
Petrified Bone Footguards
146FeetQuest Plate
Sabatons of the Enforcer
146FeetQuest Plate
Stonepath Sabatons
146FeetQuest Plate
Chilled Greaves
138FeetQuest Plate
Earthborn Greaves
138Feet Defeat the Gearmaster Plate
Ghoul-Crushing Stompers
138FeetQuest Plate
HF28 Plate Physical Boots4
138Feet Plate
Loam-Stained Greaves
138FeetQuest Plate
Master Artilleryman Boots
138FeetQuest Plate
Mendicant's Treads
138FeetQuest Plate
Moral Sabatons
138Feet Kaw the Mammoth Destroyer Plate
Boots of the Colossus
115FeetLooted Plate
Sha'tari Wrought Greaves
115Feet Into the Heart of the Labyrinth Plate
Ascendant's Boots
114Feet A Job Unfinished... Plate
Earthmender's Plated Boots
114Feet Escape from Coilskar Cistern Plate
QR 10637 Plate Warrior Boots
114Feet Plate
Starcaller's Plated Stompers
114Feet Escape from the Staging Grounds Plate
Kirin'Var Defender's Greaves
111Feet Building a Perimeter Plate
Boots of the Righteous Path
110FeetLooted Plate
Bloodguard's Greaves
108Feet Information Gathering Plate
Boot's Boots
108Feet That Little Extra Kick Plate
Clocktock's Jumpers
105Feet What Came First, the Drake or the Egg? Plate
Windroc Greaves
105Feet Windroc Mastery Plate
Boots of the Ancient-Killer
102Feet Felling an Ancient Tree Plate
Explorer's Boots
102Feet Into the Draenethyst Mine Plate
Flesh Beast's Metal Greaves
97Feet Plate
Feralfen Champion's Boots
96Feet Messenger to the Feralfen Plate
Expedition Footgear
93Feet Leader of the Bloodscale Plate
Golden Cenarion Greaves
91Feet Natural Remedies Plate
Fen Strider's Footguards
80Feet Have You Ever Seen One of These? Plate
Muck-Ridden Galoshes
79Feet Muck Diving Plate
Acid Inscribed Greaves
72Feet Emeriss Plate
Greaves of the Slaughter
70FeetQuest, Vendor Plate
Boots of Heroism
60Feet Plate
Soulforge Boots
60Feet Plate
Crystal Encrusted Greaves
56Feet Plate
Crystal Lined Greaves
56Feet Armaments of War Plate
Shieldplate Sabatons
56Feet Plate
Boots of Completed Rituals
56Feet The Altar of Storms Plate
Stalwart Treads
55FeetLooted Plate
Boots of Completed Rituals
55Feet The Altar of Storms Plate
Boots of the Blasted Lands
55Feet A Bloodmage's Gotta Eat Too Plate
Boots of the Blasted Lands
55Feet A Bloodmage's Gotta Eat Too Plate
Cragplate Greaves
55Feet Plate
Eschewal Greaves
54Feet Plate
Burndl's Bundled Boots
52Feet Bearzerker Plate
Larry's Boots
52Feet Can't Take It With Them Plate
Steelsmith Greaves
52Feet Plate
Tempered Thorium Boots
50Feet Plate
Mazoga's Boots
49Feet Chief Ukorz Sandscalp Plate
Gnomish Water Sinking Device
49Feet Rescue OOX-09/HL! Plate
Impatient Boots
46Feet Captain Dreadbeard Plate
Impatient Boots
46Feet Captain Dreadbeard Plate
Impish Boots
46Feet See the Invisible Plate
Well Cushioned Boots
46Feet Return to Blam Plate
Well Cushioned Boots
46Feet Return to Blam Plate
Shinkicker Boots
45FeetUnobtainable Plate
Rushridge Boots
43Feet Plate
Marjhan's Stand
42Feet The Commander Plate
Jungle Boots
40Feet Plate
Raceway Boots
40Feet Down in the Deeps Plate
Raceway Boots
40Feet Down in the Deeps Plate
Big Footwear
39Feet Sasquatch Sighting Plate
Big Footwear
39Feet Sasquatch Sighting Plate
Boots of the Noble Path
38Feet Agamaggan's Charge Plate
Kelly's Booties
37Feet A Gnoll's Resolve Plate
Scaled Marshwalkers
36Feet Cleansing Witch Hill Plate
Boots of Explosive Dancing
32Feet Recipe for Disaster Plate
Glass Encrusted Boots
32Feet Recipe for Disaster Plate
Head Kickers
32Feet Gan'dranda Plate
Revantusk Boots
32Feet Thornar Thunderclash Plate
Boots of the Fallen Brother
31Feet Silencing Rageroar Plate
Talonrend Stompers
31Feet Fletch Me Some Plumage! Plate
Cliffwalker Boots
30Feet To Be Horde... Plate
Lightstep Boots
27Feet Attack on the Tower Plate
Treads of Unforgotten Pain
27Feet To Steal From Thieves Plate
Junglewalker Boots
26Feet The Altar of Naias Plate
Junglewalker Boots
26Feet An Unusual Patron Plate
Krom'gar Sergeant's Armored Greaves
26FeetVendor Plate
Krom'gar Sergeant's Plate Greaves
26FeetVendor Plate
Clear Path Boots
25Feet Return to Stardust Plate
Gold Militia Boots
25Feet Plate
Wolfrunner Boots
25Feet True Power of the Rod Plate