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Name Level Req. Level Slot Source Type
Defender's Gauntlets
93Hands The Rock Flayer Matriarch Plate
Sunstrider's Gauntlets
93Hands Wanted: Blacktalon the Savage Plate
Lightbearer's Gauntlets
90Hands Marking the Path Plate
Gauntlets of the Shining Light
72Hands Lethon Plate
Bloodbane's Gauntlets of Command
70HandsQuest, Vendor Plate
Stalwart Grips
64Hands Satchel of Helpful Goods Plate
Gauntlets of Undead Slaying
63HandsQuest Plate
Gauntlets of Heroism
60Hands Plate
Soulforge Gauntlets
60Hands Plate
Emerald Mist Gauntlets
58Hands Plate
Lavaplate Gauntlets
56Hands Plate
Desert Wind Gauntlets
56Hands Vyral the Vile Plate
Nam's Gauntlets
55Hands Umbranse's Deliverance Plate
Business Handlers
55Hands Pick Your Fate Plate
Nethergarde Gloves
55Hands Eliminate the Okril'lon Plate
Golem-Smasher's Grips
52Hands The Spoils of War Plate
Golem-Smasher's Grips
52Hands The Spoils of War Plate
Armed Gauntlets
52Hands Mostly Harmless Plate
Diemetradon Plate Gloves
52Hands How to Make Meat Fresh Again Plate
Fists of the Pack
49Hands Report to the Denmother Plate
Gauntlets of Raw Strength
49Hands Fire in the Hole! Plate
Granite Grips
49Hands Plate
Slagplate Gauntlets
49Hands Plate
Fat Finger Gloves
48Hands Curse These Fat Fingers Plate
Gordok's Handguards
47Hands Unfinished Gordok Business Plate
Trapper Punchers
44Hands Death to all Trappers! Plate
Eastwall Gauntlets
43Hands The Corpulent One Plate
Giddy's Old Gloves
40Hands Greasing the Wheel Plate
Refitted Bruiser Gauntlets
40Hands Challenge to the Black Flight Plate
Grasps of the Forsaken
39Hands Plate
Grasps of the Insane
39Hands Plate
Rename Me
37Hands Plate
Swamp Gas Gauntlets
37HandsQuest Plate
Stalwart Grips
35Hands Satchel of Helpful Goods Plate
Gut Opener Gloves
35Hands War Machines Plate
Gut Opener Gloves
35Hands War Machines Plate
Bloodhilt Gloves
32Hands Siegebreaker Plate
Rockgrab Crushers
32Hands Mystery Solved Plate
Trawley's Gloves
32Hands Marching On Our Stomachs Plate
Brutal Gauntlets
31HandsUnobtainable Plate
Collector's Padded Gauntlets
31Hands Early Adoption Plate
Fire Hardened Gauntlets
31Hands Plate
Hierophant's Blessed Hands
30Hands Brood of Seldarria Plate
Gloves of the Jungle King
29Hands Big Game Hunter Plate
Shackling Gloves
28HandsQuest Plate
Warsong Gauntlets
27HandsUnobtainable Plate
Flamethrower's Gloves
27Hands Ashes to Ashes Plate
Commandeered Gloves
26Hands Commandeer That Balloon! Plate
Head Inspector's Gloves
26Hands Headhunting Plate
Tsul'kalu's Strikers
26Hands Sacred to the Bloodscalp Plate
Grasps of the Unyielding
25Hands Silence of the Dwarves Plate
Palestrider Gloves
25Hands Plate
Gloves of Brawn
24Hands Plate
Curse Lifter's Gloves
22Hands The Cursed Crew Plate
Gloves of Unforgotten Vows
22Hands Gurtar's Request Plate
Heartwise Boon
22Hands That Which Has Risen Plate
Polar Gauntlets
22Hands Plate
"Jenny's" Gloves
21Hands Do it for Twinkles Plate
Dirty Rotten Gloves
21Hands Deliver the Thread Plate
Hands of Encouragement
21Hands Management Material Plate
Maestra's Gloves
21Hands The Lost Gem Plate
Night Watch Gauntlets
21Hands Plate
Bridgeworker's Gloves
20Hands Plate
Corin's Handguards
20Hands Clearing the Way Plate
Riveted Gauntlets
20Hands Plate
Rugged Mail Gloves
18Hands Plate
Unmistakable Gloves
18Hands A Wolf in Bear's Clothing Plate
Ancient Handguards
17Hands The Devourer of Darkshore Plate
Maltendis' Handguards
17Hands Troll Juju Plate
Scalding Gloves
17Hands Full of Hot Water Plate
Bailiff's Gloves
16Hands Lake Everstill Clean Up Plate
Bellipotent Gloves
16Hands Ammo Kerblammo Plate
Croc-Scale Gloves
14Hands Plate
Gloves of the Plate Fist
13Hands The Twilight's Hammer Plate
Protective Field Grips
13Hands Catch and Release Plate
Saldean's Working Gloves
13Hands It's Alive! Plate
Grasp of Victory
12Hands Victory! Plate
Caravan Escort's Gloves
12Hands Crossroads Caravan Pickup Plate
Chicken Stuffers
12Hands It's Only Poisonous if You Ingest It Plate
Margene Repair Gloves
12Hands Dozercism Plate
Fortified Oven Mitts
11Hands Anok'suten Plate
Gallywix Laborer's Gloves
11Hands The Gallywix Labor Mine Plate
Moss-Covered Gauntlets
10Hands Oakenscowl Plate
Stonebreaker's Gauntlets
10Hands Grimaxe's Demise Plate
Stormwind Plate Gloves
10Hands Manhunt Plate
Battle Worn Gauntlets
8Hands Bandits! Plate
Cold Steel Gauntlets
8Hands Graverobbers Plate
Spy Strangler Gloves
8Hands Infrared = Infradead Plate
Swoopskin Gloves
8Hands Mazzranache Plate
Durotar Gauntlets
6Hands The War of Northwatch Aggression Plate
Gallow's End Gauntlets
6Hands Holland's Experiment Plate
Gatewatcher's Plate Gloves
6Hands The Dead Scar Plate
Gloves of Protection
6Hands Save the Children! Plate
Herb-Stained Gauntlets
6Hands The Perfect Stout Plate
Green Plate Gauntlets
5HandsQuest Plate
Vault Cracker Gloves
5Hands The Great Bank Heist Plate
Friction Gloves
3Hands Finishin' the Job Plate
Bragger's Gauntlets
2Hands Cutting Teeth Plate
Worg Handler's Gloves
2HandsQuest Plate
CRobinson Plate Gloves
1Hands Plate