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Name Level Req. Level Slot Source Type
Emerald Gauntlets
5752HandsLooted Plate
Embossed Plate Gauntlets
4340HandsLooted Plate
Embercrusher Grips
272Hands Black Heart of Flame Plate
Ebonsoul Handguards
23280HandsVendor Plate
Ebonsoul Gauntlets
23280HandsVendor Plate
Eastwall Gauntlets
43Hands The Corpulent One Plate
Dreadmaul Gauntlets
27277HandsLooted Plate
Dojani Handwraps
399Hands Why So Serious? Plate
Dojani Gauntlets
399Hands Profit Mastery Plate
Direforge Gauntlets
28980HandsLooted Plate
Diemetradon Plate Gloves
52Hands How to Make Meat Fresh Again Plate
Desert Wind Gauntlets
56Hands Vyral the Vile Plate
Demolisher's Grips
174HandsQuest Plate
Defender's Gauntlets
93Hands The Rock Flayer Matriarch Plate
Darkcrest Gauntlets
8759HandsLooted Plate
Crystalvein Gauntlets
31284HandsLooted Plate
Crystalplate Gauntlets
146HandsQuest Plate
Crazed Pilot's Gloves
318Hands Quality Construction Plate
Cragplate Gauntlets
586Hands Declawing The Bloodmane Plate
Coregrip Gauntlets
318Hands Any Portal in a Storm Plate
Conqueror's Gauntlets
11468HandsLooted Plate
Commander's Gauntlets
6055HandsLooted Plate
Commander Skyshadow's Gloves
102Hands The Bladespire Ogres Plate
Coldrock Gauntlets
13468HandsLooted Plate
Coldbite Handwraps
437Hands Rending Daggers Plate
Coldbite Gauntlets
437Hands Nope Plate
Cobalt Gauntlets
14270HandsCrafted Plate
Chromite Gauntlets
4440HandsLooted Plate
Catapult Loader's Gloves
305Hands Close Escort Plate
Business Handlers
55Hands Pick Your Fate Plate
Brutish Gauntlets
4540HandsLooted Plate
Brick Gauntlets
37784HandsLooted Plate
Brianium Gauntlets
93Hands Wanted: Blacktalon the Savage Plate
Boulderfist Gloves
10565HandsLooted Plate
Bogstrok Plate Gloves
138Hands Surrender... Not! Plate
Bogslayer Gauntlets
9361HandsLooted Plate
Blued Steel Gauntlets
111Hands Securing the Celestial Ridge Plate
Bloodscale Gauntlets
9060HandsLooted Plate
Bloodmar Gauntlets
15473HandsLooted Plate
Bloodforged Gauntlets
4742HandsLooted Plate
Bloodfist Gloves
11167HandsLooted Plate
Bladesworn Handwraps
437Hands Rending Daggers Plate
Bladesworn Gauntlets
437Hands Nope Plate
Bladespire Gauntlets
48390HandsLooted Plate
Bite-Proof Grips
146Hands Let Them Not Rise! Plate
Bamboo Strip Gloves
384Hands Spitfire Plate
Bamboo Plate Gauntlets
384Hands Spitfire Plate
Bamboo Leaf Gauntlets
384Hands Spitfire Plate
Baleheim Gloves
13869HandsLooted Plate
Backhanded Grips
174Hands Krolmir, Hammer of Storms Plate
Astrid's Riding Gloves
174Hands Making a Harness Plate
Armed Gauntlets
52Hands Mostly Harmless Plate
Area 52 Engineering Gloves
108Hands Elemental Power Extraction Plate
Ango'rosh Gauntlets
8458HandsLooted Plate
Ancestral Gauntlets
158Hands You Reap What You Sow Plate
Amberplate Grips
138HandsQuest Plate
Alabaster Plate Gauntlets
5348HandsLooted Plate
Acherus Knight's Gauntlets
6055HandsVendor Plate
Zealous Fervor Handguards
440Hands Unto Dust Thou Shalt Return Plate
Web Winder Gloves
20080HandsLooted Plate
Wallwatcher Gauntlets
434Hands The Leader Hozen Plate
Wall Breaker Gauntlets
45890HandsVendor Plate
Vicious Pyrium Gauntlets
37785HandsCrafted Plate
Vicious Ornate Pyrium Gauntlets
37785HandsCrafted Plate
Vice Grips
4943HandsLooted Plate
Verdant Plate Grips
630100HandsLooted Plate
Vegetable Chopping Handguards
410Hands Trouble Brewing Plate
Truesilver Gauntlets
4540HandsCrafted Plate
Thunderfall Gauntlets
41085HandsLooted Plate
The Hands of Fate
109Hands The Cipher of Damnation - The Third Fragment Recovered Plate
Thatia's Self-Correcting Gauntlets
11570HandsLooted Plate
Tempered Saronite Gauntlets
17978HandsCrafted Plate
Summit Guardian Gauntlets
434Hands The Leader Hozen Plate
Stormgale Fists
4540HandsLooted Plate
Stormforged Gauntlets
30880HandsCrafted Plate
Stonegrip Gauntlets
6055HandsLooted Plate
Stalwart Grips
64Hands Satchel of Helpful Goods Plate
Sparkly Shiny Gloves
18778HandsVendor Plate
Slatesteel Gauntlets
11570Hands Plate
Sha'tari Keeper Handguards
555HandsQuest Plate
Serenity Gloves
434Hands The Leader Hozen Plate
Savage Saronite Gauntlets
18778HandsCrafted Plate
Savage Plate Gauntlets
11570HandsVendor Plate
Savage Gladiator's Scaled Gauntlets
20080HandsVendor Plate
Savage Gladiator's Plate Gauntlets
20080HandsVendor Plate
Savage Gladiator's Ornamented Gloves
20080HandsVendor Plate
Savage Gladiator's Dreadplate Gauntlets
20080HandsVendor Plate
Salt-Scorched Gauntlets
59092Hands Plate
Sacrificial Gauntlets
6860Hands Plate
Rockwurm Plate Handguards
9162Hands Plate
Rivet-Sealed Crushers
630100HandsLooted Plate
Righteous Gauntlets
18778HandsCrafted Plate
Repository Gauntlets
333Hands Penetrating Their Defenses Plate
Replica Lightforge Gauntlets
5954Hands Plate
Replica Lightforge Gauntlets
5954HandsVendor Plate
Replica Knight-Lieutenant's Plate Gauntlets
6660HandsVendor Plate
Replica Knight-Lieutenant's Plate Gauntlets
6358HandsVendor Plate
Replica Knight-Lieutenant's Lamellar Gauntlets
6660HandsVendor Plate
Replica Knight-Lieutenant's Lamellar Gauntlets
6358HandsVendor Plate
Replica Gauntlets of Valor
5954Hands Plate