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Name Level Req. Level Slot Source Type
Plainsthunder Waistguard
602WaistQuest Plate
Plainsthunder Girdle
595WaistQuest Plate
Paoquan Burnished Clasp
399Waist The Quest for Better Barley Plate
Palewind Waistband
429Waist Up In Flames Plate
Palewind Girdle
429Waist Jung Duk Plate
Overlord's Girdle
4843WaistLooted Plate
Ogre Beater's Belt
102Waist The Bloodmaul Ogres Plate
Oathsworn Waistband
48390Waist Plate
Oathsworn Waistband
48390Waist Plate
Oathsworn Girdle
48390Waist Plate
Oathsworn Girdle
48390Waist Plate
Necropolis Girdle
18280WaistLooted Plate
Narsong Waistband
399Waist Crane Mastery: Needlebeak Plate
Muscle Toning Belt
105Waist Ride the Lightning Plate
Mountainscaler Heavy Girdle
39387WaistVendor Plate
Mountainscaler Burnished Clasp
39387WaistVendor Plate
Mountainscaler Armored Girdle
39387WaistVendor Plate
Misappropriated Girdle of Khartut
312Waist The Curse of the Tombs Plate
Miner Girdle
39085WaistLooted Plate
Magnataur Girdle
16676WaistLooted Plate
Lost Crusader Waistguard
138Waist A Visit to the Curator Plate
Lofty Belt
5247WaistLooted Plate
Load-Bearing Girdle
154Waist Dun-da-Dun-tah! Plate
Lightsteel Belt
39385WaistCrafted Plate
Last Year's "In" Belt
105Waist Gauging the Resonant Frequency Plate
Krazzworks Climbing Belt
318Waist Parting Packages Plate
Kraken Girdle
17077WaistLooted Plate
Korjan Waistband
399Waist Crane Mastery: Needlebeak Plate
Khan'aish Girdle
9662WaistLooted Plate
Karabor Honor Guard Girdle
512Waist Shadows Awaken Plate
Jouster's Girdle
4040WaistLooted Plate
Joseph's Spare Belt
41Waist I'm Not Supposed to Tell You This Plate
Jormungar Girdle
15874WaistLooted Plate
Jasperlode Girdle
28379WaistLooted Plate
Jade Tiger Girdle
384Waist Attention Plate
Jade Belt
4742WaistLooted Plate
Ironfist Girdle
58299WaistLooted Plate
Iron Summit Belt
49Waist The Mysteries of the Fire-Gizzard Plate
Imperial Plate Belt
5347WaistCrafted Plate
Imbued Plate Girdle
5752WaistLooted Plate
Hyperion Girdle
6156WaistLooted Plate
Highpeak Girdle
40087WaistLooted Plate
High Chief's Belt
5146WaistLooted Plate
Hevna's Eye Socket
312Waist The Root of the Corruption Plate
Heroic Girdle
5752WaistLooted Plate
Heavy Lamellar Girdle
5146WaistLooted Plate
Heart-Lesion Waistband
48390Waist Plate
Heart-Lesion Waistband
48390Waist Plate
Heart-Lesion Girdle
48390Waist Plate
Heart-Lesion Girdle
48390Waist Plate
Hardened Obsidium Belt
28980WaistCrafted Plate
Halgrind Belt
14671WaistLooted Plate
Gyreworm Waistguard
305Waist A Rock Amongst Many Plate
Gutbuster of Aldur'thar
174WaistQuest Plate
Gul'rok Girdle
52794WaistLooted Plate
Guardian-Killer Waistplate
312Waist I'll Do It By Hand Plate
Gryphon-Seeker Waistplate
318Waist Finding Beak Plate
Grizzlemaw Belt
15072WaistLooted Plate
Grimscale Belt
8157WaistLooted Plate
Gothic Plate Girdle
4540WaistLooted, Fished Plate
Golem Girdle
17478WaistLooted Plate
Goldtalon Waistband
429Waist Up In Flames Plate
Goldtalon Clasp
429Waist Jung Duk Plate
Gold-Plated Coldsteel Girdle
138WaistQuest Plate
Goblin Girdle
108Waist Breaking Down Netherock Plate
Goblin Damage Absorber
174Waist Demolitionist Extraordinaire Plate
Glorious Belt
5550WaistLooted Plate
Glass Lake Clasp
384Waist Attention Plate
Girdle of the Penitent
99Waist Helping the Lost Find Their Way Plate
Girdle of the Lost Vindicator
114Waist Aldor No More Plate
Girdle of the Ancient Wolf
272Waist Sweeping the Shelf Plate
Girdle of Ripped Space
138Waist Monitoring the Rift: Winterfin Cavern Plate
Girdle of Growing Vines
154Waist Wolfsbane Root Plate
Girdle of Gar'gol
272Waist Elementary! Plate
Girdle of Calcified Blackfin
272Waist Blackfin's Booty Plate
Girdle of Bolete Explosion
305Waist Gone Soft Plate
Ghost-Forged Belt
38485WaistCrafted Plate
Frostwolf Stalwart Girdle
512Waist Last Steps Plate
Frostpaw Belt
16275WaistLooted Plate
Foundry-Fired Plate Waistguard
528WaistQuest Plate
Foundry-Fired Plate Girdle
525WaistQuest Plate
Forgotten Peacekeeper Belt
42990WaistLooted Plate
Field Plate Girdle
4140WaistLooted Plate
Fel Iron Plate Belt
9061WaistCrafted Plate
Fearless Girdle
99WaistQuest Plate
Fargodeep Girdle
29581WaistLooted Plate
Faded Forest Heavy Girdle
37285WaistVendor Plate
Faded Forest Burnished Clasp
37285WaistVendor Plate
Faded Forest Armored Girdle
37285WaistVendor Plate
Experimental Utility Belt
146Waist Harp on This! Plate
Exalted Girdle
6055WaistLooted Plate
Engraved Cattleman's Buckle
111Waist When the Cows Come Home Plate
Enchanted Plate Waistguard
174Waist Defending The Vanguard Plate
Emerald Girdle
5550WaistLooted Plate
Embossed Plate Girdle
4240WaistLooted Plate
Ebonsoul Waistband
23280WaistVendor Plate
Ebonsoul Girdle
23280WaistVendor Plate
Earthswell Belt
289Waist Sealing the Way Plate
Drill-Guide Belt
272Waist Totem Modification Plate
Dreadtalon's Clutch
146Waist Wanted: Dreadtalon Plate