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Name Level Req. Level Slot Source Type
Plainsthunder Waistguard
602Waist The Pride of Lok-rath Plate
Plainsthunder Girdle
595WaistQuest Plate
Cragplate Girdle
572Waist New Neighbors Plate
Sha'tari Keeper Girdle
553WaistQuest Plate
Foundry-Fired Plate Waistguard
528Waist Plant Pruning Plate
Foundry-Fired Plate Girdle
525WaistQuest Plate
Frostwolf Stalwart Girdle
512Waist Last Steps Plate
Karabor Honor Guard Girdle
512Waist Shadows Awaken Plate
Clear-Eyed Waistguard
333Waist Fury Unbound Plate
Furybound Waistplate
333Waist Narkrall, The Drake-Tamer Plate
Gryphon-Seeker Waistplate
318Waist Finding Beak Plate
Krazzworks Climbing Belt
318Waist Parting Packages Plate
Skyfallen Plate Belt
318Waist Twilight Skies Plate
Stoutwaist Girdle
318Waist The Loyalty of Clan Mullan Plate
Guardian-Killer Waistplate
312Waist I'll Do It By Hand Plate
Hevna's Eye Socket
312Waist The Root of the Corruption Plate
Misappropriated Girdle of Khartut
312Waist The Curse of the Tombs Plate
Belt of a Thousand Deaths
308WaistQuest Plate
Girdle of Bolete Explosion
305Waist Gone Soft Plate
Gyreworm Waistguard
305Waist A Rock Amongst Many Plate
Earthswell Belt
289Waist Sealing the Way Plate
Forgemaster's Shattered Shackle
288Waist Forgemaster Pyrendius Plate
Pounded Pewter Links
288Waist Decisions, Decisions Plate
Belt of Binding Purification
272Waist Sweeping the Shelf Plate
Drill-Guide Belt
272Waist Totem Modification Plate
Girdle of Calcified Blackfin
272Waist Blackfin's Booty Plate
Girdle of Gar'gol
272Waist Elementary! Plate
Girdle of the Ancient Wolf
272Waist Sweeping the Shelf Plate
Clasp of the Fallen Demi-God
175WaistQuest Plate
Girdle of Eternal Memory
174Waist Light Within the Darkness Plate
Belt of Rising Hope
174Waist Plate
Enchanted Plate Waistguard
174Waist Defending The Vanguard Plate
Goblin Damage Absorber
174Waist Demolitionist Extraordinaire Plate
Gutbuster of Aldur'thar
174WaistQuest Plate
Stability Girdle
174Waist The Stone That Started A Revolution Plate
Thorim's Grasp
174Waist The Earthen Oath Plate
Cracked Nest Stabilizer
162Waist Flown the Coop! Plate
Rhino-Tail Girdle
162Waist Rhino Mastery: The Kill Plate
Ancestral Girdle
158Waist Hell Hath a Fury Plate
Belt of Divine Ancestry
158Waist Hexed Caches Plate
Belt of the Betrayer
158Waist Sabotage Plate
Girdle of Growing Vines
154Waist Wolfsbane Root Plate
Load-Bearing Girdle
154Waist Dun-da-Dun-tah! Plate
Waywalker's Girdle
154WaistQuest Plate
Girdle of Forceful Annihilation
146WaistQuest Plate
Belt of the Emerald Guardian
146Waist The Plume of Alystros Plate
Conscript's Ruby Waistguard
146WaistQuest Plate
Dreadtalon's Clutch
146Waist Wanted: Dreadtalon Plate
Experimental Utility Belt
146Waist Harp on This! Plate
Amberplate Waistguard
138WaistQuest Plate
Bloodbinder's Girdle
138WaistQuest Plate
Crucible Waistguard
138Waist Plate
Girdle of Ripped Space
138Waist Monitoring the Rift: Winterfin Cavern Plate
Gold-Plated Coldsteel Girdle
138WaistQuest Plate
Lost Crusader Waistguard
138Waist A Visit to the Curator Plate
Seething Waistguard
138Waist Rescuing Evanor Plate
Sha'tari Vindicator's Waistguard
115Waist How to Break Into the Arcatraz Plate
Girdle of the Lost Vindicator
114Waist Aldor No More Plate
Starcaller's Plated Belt
114Waist Arconus the Insatiable Plate
Zephyrion's Belt
114Waist Surveying the Ruins Plate
Engraved Cattleman's Buckle
111Waist When the Cows Come Home Plate
Borak's Belt of Bravery
109Waist The Cipher of Damnation - The Third Fragment Recovered Plate
Lightwarden's Girdle
109Waist Deathblow to the Legion Plate
Belt of the Soul Saver
108Waist There Can Be Only One Response Plate
Goblin Girdle
108Waist Breaking Down Netherock Plate
Last Year's "In" Belt
105Waist Gauging the Resonant Frequency Plate
Muscle Toning Belt
105Waist Ride the Lightning Plate
Ogre Beater's Belt
102Waist The Bloodmaul Ogres Plate
Fearless Girdle
99WaistQuest Plate
Girdle of the Penitent
99Waist Helping the Lost Find Their Way Plate
Bog Walker's Belt
90Waist Jyoba's Report Plate
Stalwart Girdle
90WaistQuest Plate
Vindicator's Cinch
90Waist An Unnatural Drought Plate
Belt of Shrunken Heads
70Waist A Collection of Heads Plate
The Plaguebringer's Girdle
70WaistQuest, Vendor Plate
Belt of Heroism
65Waist Plate
Soulforge Belt
65Waist Plate
Zandalar Freethinker's Belt
61Waist Paragons of Power: The Freethinker's Belt Plate
Zandalar Vindicator's Belt
61Waist Paragons of Power: The Vindicator's Belt Plate
Omokk's Girth Restrainer
60Waist Plate
Stalwart Belt
60Waist Satchel of Helpful Goods Plate
Rockpool Belt
57Waist Neptool's Revenge Plate
Gearforge Girdle
56Waist Plate
Stalwart Clutch
56Waist Plate
Strengthening Belt
56Waist The Amulet of Grol Plate
Strengthening Belt
55Waist The Amulet of Grol Plate
Sinister Belt
53Waist The Darkest Depths Plate
Winterfall Belt
50Waist Threat of the Winterfall Plate
Iron Summit Belt
49Waist The Mysteries of the Fire-Gizzard Plate
Rosy Tablet Belt
49Waist The Grand Tablet Plate
Rosy Tablet Belt
49Waist The Grand Tablet Plate
Belt of Regret
47Waist Hazzard Disposal Plate
Belt of Tyrannic Rule
46WaistQuest Plate
Belt of the Sanctuary
45Waist Culling the Corrupted Plate
Barthalomew's Belt
43Waist Like Rats Plate
Joseph's Spare Belt
41Waist I'm Not Supposed to Tell You This Plate
Rustproof Waistguard
40Waist Corrosion Prevention Plate
CRobinson Plate Belt
1Waist Plate
Warlords Intro Zone PH Plate Girdle
500Waist Plate
Bladesworn Girdle
450Waist Overthrone Plate