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Name Level Req. Level Slot Source Type
Bracers of Might
6660WristsLooted Plate
Abyssal Plate Vambraces
6860WristsUnobtainable Plate
Plated Saronite Bracers
70WristsQuest, Vendor Plate
Dragonbone Wristguards
7160Wrists Plate
Deteriorating Plate Bracers
7267WristsLooted Plate
Bracers of Brutality
7260WristsLooted Plate
Judgement Bindings
7660WristsLooted Plate
Bracelets of Wrath
7660WristsLooted Plate
Hive Defiler Wristguards
7860WristsLooted Plate
Icebane Bracers
8060WristsCrafted Plate
Grimscale Vambraces
8157WristsLooted Plate
Wristguards of Vengeance
8360Wrists Plate
Ango'rosh Vambraces
8458WristsLooted Plate
Darkcrest Bracers
8759WristsLooted Plate
Wristguards of Castigation
8860Wrists Plate
Redemption Wristguards
8860WristsLooted, Black Market AH Plate
Dreadnaught Bracers
8860WristsBlack Market AH Plate
Heavy Draenic Bracers
9070WristsVendor Plate
Bloodscale Bracers
9060WristsLooted Plate
Wristguards of the Holy Warrior
9090WristsLooted, Vendor Plate
Bracers of the Lich Lord
9090WristsLooted, Vendor Plate
Bracers of the Golden King
9090WristsLooted, Vendor Plate
Bogslayer Bracers
9361WristsLooted Plate
Crocolisk Scale Vambraces
9463Wrists Goretooth Plate
Khan'aish Bracers
9662WristsLooted Plate
Eagle Engraved Bracers
96Wrists Veil Lithic: Preemptive Strike Plate
Nexus-Bracers of Vigor
9764WristsLooted Plate
Nexus-Bracers of Vigor
97WristsLooted Plate
Talonguard Bracers
9963WristsLooted Plate
[PH] Plate Bracers of the Shining Dawn
100100Wrists Plate
[PH] Plate Bracers of the Rising Dawn
100100Wrists Plate
[PH] Plate Bracers of the Brilliant Dawn
100100WristsUnobtainable Plate
Sentinel Armbands
102Wrists Protecting Our Own Plate
Reaver Bracers
10264WristsLooted Plate
Bracers of the Battle Cleric
102WristsQuest Plate
Illidari Vambraces
10366Wrists Ambassador Jerrikar Plate
Adamantite Plate Bracers
10366WristsCrafted Plate
Nether Drake Wristguards
105Wrists Spirit Calling Plate
Fairweather's Wristguards
105WristsQuest Plate
Boulderfist Bracers
10565WristsLooted Plate
Bracers of the Green Fortress
10570WristsCrafted Plate
Blessed Bracers
10570WristsCrafted Plate
Black Felsteel Bracers
10570WristsCrafted Plate
Warmaul Vambraces
10866WristsLooted Plate
Junior Technician 3rd Grade Bracers
108Wrists You're Hired! Plate
Field Agent's Bracers
108Wrists Retrieving the Goods Plate
Bracers of Recklessness
10968WristsLooted Plate
Bracers of Dignity
110WristsLooted Plate
Warpath Bracers
11070Wrists Plate
Bracers of Dignity
11070WristsLooted Plate
Amber Bands of the Aggressor
11070WristsLooted Plate
Thadell's Bracers
111Wrists When the Cows Come Home Plate
Singed Vambraces
111WristsQuest Plate
Bloodfist Vambraces
11167WristsLooted Plate
Flamebane Bracers
11269WristsCrafted Plate
Bands of Syth
11268WristsLooted Plate
Marshal's Scaled Bracers
11370Wrists Plate
Marshal's Plate Bracers
11370Wrists Plate
Marshal's Ornamented Bracers
11370Wrists Plate
Marshal's Lamellar Bracers
11370Wrists Plate
General's Scaled Bracers
11370Wrists Plate
General's Plate Bracers
11370Wrists Plate
General's Ornamented Bracers
11370Wrists Plate
General's Lamellar Bracers
11370Wrists Plate
Demolisher's Bracers
114Wrists The Flesh Lies... Plate
Conqueror's Vambraces
11468WristsLooted Plate
Virtue Bearer's Vambraces
11570WristsLooted Plate
Vambraces of Daring
11570WristsLooted Plate
Slatesteel Bracers
11570WristsLooted Plate
Sha'tari Wrought Armguards
115Wrists The Soul Devices Plate
Bracers of Slaughter
11568WristsLooted Plate
Bracers of Just Rewards
11570WristsLooted Plate
Vambraces of Courage
11570WristsLooted Plate
Ravager's Bracers
11570WristsLooted Plate
Bracers of Justice
11570WristsLooted Plate
Shattered Hand Vambraces
11769WristsLooted Plate
Ice-Bound Plate Bracers
11871WristsLooted Plate
Warlord's Iron-Vambraces
12070WristsLooted Plate
Bladespire Warbands
12570WristsLooted Plate
Veteran's Scaled Bracers
12670WristsVendor Plate
Veteran's Plate Bracers
12670WristsVendor Plate
Veteran's Ornamented Bracers
12670WristsVendor Plate
Veteran's Lamellar Bracers
12670WristsVendor Plate
Wristguards of Determination
12870WristsLooted Plate
Vambraces of the Naaru
12870WristsVendor Plate
Eternium Rage-Shackles
12870WristsVendor Plate
Bracers of the Ancient Phalanx
12870WristsVendor Plate
Bracers of Eradication
12870WristsLooted Plate
Westguard Bracers
13067WristsLooted Plate
Tom's Bracer 2
13070Wrists Plate
Shadesteel Bracers
13070WristsCrafted Plate
Frost-Worn Plate Bracers
13277WristsLooted Plate
Coldrock Bracers
13468WristsLooted Plate
Wristguards of Edification
138Wrists Plate
Shaleground Bracers
138WristsQuest Plate
Landlocked Wristguards
138Wrists Not Without a Fight! Plate
Freed Shackles
138Wrists Leading the Ancestors Home Plate
BT57 Plate Healer Bracer2
138Wrists Plate
BT49 Plate Physical Bracer
138Wrists Plate
Baleheim Vambraces
13869WristsLooted Plate