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Name Level Req. Level Slot Source Type
Mismatched Plate Gauntlets
472Hands Shattered Hand Torturer Plate
Jungle-Chopper Wristplates
470Wrists Bleeding Hollow Savage Plate
Breastplate of the Witness
333Chest Closing a Dark Chapter Plate
Captain Hadan's Pauldrons
333Shoulders Targets of Opportunity Plate
Clear-Eyed Waistguard
333Waist Fury Unbound Plate
Detective's Shoulderplates
333Shoulders Plate
Flynn's Favorite Chestplate
333Chest Doing It Like a Dunwald Plate
Furybound Waistplate
333Waist Narkrall, The Drake-Tamer Plate
Offline Greaves
333Legs Penetrating Their Defenses Plate
Ramkahen Front Boots
333Feet The Source of Their Power Plate
Repository Gauntlets
333Hands Penetrating Their Defenses Plate
Skyshredder Battleplate
333Chest Krazz Works! Plate
Treads of Terror
333Feet Skullcrusher the Mountain Plate
Treads of Terror
333Feet Skullcrusher the Mountain Plate
Twilight-Heart Shoulderplates
333Shoulders Traitor's Bait Plate
Fallen Brotherhood Gauntlets
325Hands The Fall of Neferset City Plate
Gloves of Gnomebliteration
325Hands Gnomebliteration Plate
Helm of Vicious Direction
325Head Plate
Pharoah's Burial Spaulders
325Shoulders Harrison Jones and the Temple of Uldum Plate
Statue Climbers
325Feet Do the Honors Plate
Fungus-Stained Legplates
318Legs Wrath of the Fungalmancer Plate
Awestruck Bracers
318Wrists Unfamiliar Waters Plate
Blundy's Breastplate
318Chest Fight Like a Wildhammer Plate
Bracers of Gleaming Shards
318Wrists A Little on the Side Plate
Commander's Stompers
318Feet Pressing Forward Plate
Coregrip Gauntlets
318Hands Any Portal in a Storm Plate
Crazed Pilot's Gloves
318Hands Quality Construction Plate
Dunwald's Finest Bindings
318Wrists A Steady Supply Plate
Gate-Breaker Treads
318Feet Pressing Forward Plate
Gatecrasher Shoulderguards
318Shoulders Call in the Artillery Plate
Gatekeeper's Helm
318Head Precious Goods Plate
Gateshattering Hauberk
318Chest The Wrong Sequence Plate
Gateshattering Hauberk
318Chest The Wrong Sequence Plate
Grips of the Damned Mind
318Hands Water of Life Plate
Grips of the Damned Mind
318Hands Water of Life Plate
Gryphon-Seeker Waistplate
318Waist Finding Beak Plate
Heartblood Gauntlets
318Hands Dangerous Compassion Plate
Heartsmoke Legplates
318Legs Mercy for the Bound Plate
Helm of Durable Hatred
318Head Precious Goods Plate
Helm of Verdant Explosion
318Head Breach in the Defenses Plate
Keg-Sized Chestplate
318Chest Anything But Water Plate
Klem's Rusted Gauntlets
318Hands Distract Them for Me Plate
Klem's Rusted Gauntlets
318Hands Distract Them for Me Plate
Krazzworks Climbing Belt
318Waist Parting Packages Plate
Lava-Melted Legplates
318Legs A Fiery Reunion Plate
Legguards of Samophlangination
318Legs Smoot's Samophlange Plate
Legplates of Cooled Magma
318Legs Magmalord Falthazar Plate
Legplates of Remnants
318Legs Small Comforts Plate
Legplates of Riven Futures
318Legs Paint it Black Plate
Muffled Bracers
318Wrists Dark Assassins Plate
Ogre-Slayer Chestplate
318Chest Dressed to Kill Plate
Scavenger Bracers
318Wrists Plate
Shredder-Salvage Spaulders
318Shoulders Mo' Better Shredder Plate
Signal Smoke Shoulderpads
318Shoulders Call in the Artillery Plate
Skyfallen Plate Belt
318Waist Twilight Skies Plate
Song-Reflecting Spaulders
318Shoulders Siren's Song Plate
Stormhammer Gauntlets
318Hands Dropping the Hammer Plate
Stoutwaist Girdle
318Waist The Loyalty of Clan Mullan Plate
Tank-Defending Treads
318Feet Siege Tank Rescue Plate
Tool-Bracing Armguards
318Wrists Everything But the Kitchen Sink Plate
Treads of the Common Man
318Feet Death to Mor'ghor Plate
Weapon-Bearer Bracers
318Wrists Somethin' for the Boys Plate
Weeping Scar Cover
318Head Nightmare Plate
Wound-Binder Chestguard
318Chest Total War Plate
Wound-Heart Bracers
318Wrists Dark Assassins Plate
Wyrmhunter Spaulders
318Shoulders Blackout Plate
Greaves of Orsis
316Legs Vengeance for Orsis Plate
Pauldrons of Unholy Rituals
316Shoulders Followers and Leaders Plate
Ankh-Inscribed Bracers
312Wrists A Favor for the Furrier Plate
Bracers of the Dark Pyramid
312Wrists Venomblood Antidote Plate
Bullet-Pierced Chestplate
312Chest Fashionism Plate
Caimas' Spaulders
312Shoulders The Pit of Scales Plate
Canopic Chestplate
312Chest Fire From the Sky Plate
Colossus Smasher Breastplate
312Chest Fortune and Glory Plate
False-Face Mask
312Head The Great Escape Plate
Femurbreak Stompers
312FeetQuest Plate
Gauntlets of Delicate Aim
312Hands Battlezone Plate
Gloves of the Stela
312Hands Minions of Al'Akir Plate
Grave Protector Shoulderplates
312Shoulders Punish the Trespassers Plate
Great General's Crown
312Head Salhet the Tactician Plate
Guardian-Killer Waistplate
312Waist I'll Do It By Hand Plate
Helm of the Siltwater Slayer
312Head Trespassers in the Water Plate
Hevna's Eye Socket
312Waist The Root of the Corruption Plate
Legplates of Heilopolis
312Legs The Element of Supplies Plate
Misappropriated Girdle of Khartut
312Waist The Curse of the Tombs Plate
Qebnet Greaves
312Feet The Bandit Warlord Plate
Rediscovered Delta Walkers
312Feet Shroud of the Makers Plate
Staffseeker Shoulderplates
312Shoulders Just the Tip Plate
Sunwatcher's Legplates
312Legs The Scepter of Orsis Plate
Tomb-Curse Chestplate
312Chest A Disarming Distraction Plate
Weaponseeker Bracers
312Wrists Ancient Weapons Plate
Belt of a Thousand Deaths
308WaistQuest Plate
Raz's Breastplate
308Chest Ascendant Lord Obsidius Plate
Catapult Loader's Gloves
305Hands Close Escort Plate
Geodecrack Shoulderguards
305Shoulders Clingy Plate
Girdle of Bolete Explosion
305Waist Gone Soft Plate
Gyreworm Waistguard
305Waist A Rock Amongst Many Plate
Helm of Silenced Blathering
305Head Fight Fire and Water and Air with... Plate
Petrified Stone Bracers
305Wrists Rock Bottom Plate
Rune-Scribed Gauntlets
305Hands Therazane's Mercy Plate