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Name Level Req. Level Slot Source Type
Light-Bound Chestguard
138ChestQuest Plate
Loam-Stained Greaves
138FeetQuest Plate
Lost Crusader Chestplate
138Chest Plate
Lost Crusader Waistguard
138Waist A Visit to the Curator Plate
Master Artilleryman Boots
138FeetQuest Plate
Mendicant's Treads
138FeetQuest Plate
Mightstone Breastplate
138ChestQuest Plate
Mightstone Helm
138HeadQuest Plate
Mightstone Legplates
138LegsQuest Plate
Mightstone Pauldrons
138ShouldersQuest Plate
Moral Sabatons
138Feet Kaw the Mammoth Destroyer Plate
Munificent Legguards
138LegsQuest Plate
Onyx Grips
138HandsQuest Plate
Plainwatcher Legplates
138Legs The Culler Cometh Plate
Ramshorn-Inlaid Shoulders
138ShouldersQuest Plate
Runeplate Helm
138HeadQuest Plate
Scavenged Tirasian Plate
138ChestQuest Plate
Seabone Heaume
138HeadQuest Plate
Seabone Legplates
138Legs The Emissary Plate
Seething Waistguard
138Waist Rescuing Evanor Plate
Shaleground Bracers
138WristsQuest Plate
Silversteel Gauntlets
138HandsQuest Plate
Sinking Pauldrons
138Shoulders Oh Noes, the Tadpoles! Plate
Worgblood Berserker's Hauberk
138ChestQuest Plate
Wristguards of Edification
138Wrists Plate
Myrmidon's Headdress
115Head Plate
Sha'tari Vindicator's Waistguard
115Waist How to Break Into the Arcatraz Plate
Sha'tari Wrought Armguards
115Wrists The Soul Devices Plate
Sha'tari Wrought Greaves
115Feet Into the Heart of the Labyrinth Plate
Dauntless Handguards
114HandsQuest Plate
Ascendant's Boots
114Feet A Job Unfinished... Plate
Ash-Covered Helm
114HeadQuest Plate
Crushing Grasp
114Hands Emblem of the Fel Horde Plate
Demolisher's Bracers
114Wrists The Flesh Lies... Plate
Earthmender's Plated Boots
114Feet Escape from Coilskar Cistern Plate
Girdle of the Lost Vindicator
114Waist Aldor No More Plate
Horns of the Illidari
114Head Subdue the Subduer Plate
Kaylaan's Spaulders
114Shoulders Aldor No More Plate
Midrealm Leggings
114Legs Sabotage the Warp-Gate! Plate
Overmaster's Shoulders
114Shoulders Dealing with the Overmaster Plate
Protectorate Headplate
114Head Delivering the Message Plate
Skybreaker's Pauldrons
114Shoulders Enraged Spirits of Air Plate
Starcaller's Plated Belt
114Waist Arconus the Insatiable Plate
Starcaller's Plated Stompers
114Feet Escape from the Staging Grounds Plate
Torn-Heart Family Tunic
114Chest The Cipher of Damnation - The Second Fragment Recovered Plate
Uvuros Plated Spaulders
114ShouldersQuest Plate
Zephyrion's Belt
114Waist Surveying the Ruins Plate
Andrethan's Masterwork
111Chest Master Smith Rhonsus Plate
Blued Steel Gauntlets
111Hands Securing the Celestial Ridge Plate
Engraved Cattleman's Buckle
111Waist When the Cows Come Home Plate
Kirin'Var Defender's Chausses
111Legs The Sigil of Krasus Plate
Kirin'Var Defender's Greaves
111Feet Building a Perimeter Plate
Nexus-Guard's Pauldrons
111Shoulders Success! Plate
Reinforced Heaume
111Head Master Smith Rhonsus Plate
Runed Sketh'lon Legplates
111Legs Thwart the Dark Conclave Plate
Singed Vambraces
111WristsQuest Plate
Thadell's Bracers
111Wrists When the Cows Come Home Plate
Zaxxis Gloves
111Hands Warp-Raider Nesaad Plate
Blackened Chestplate
109ChestQuest Plate
Borak's Belt of Bravery
109Waist The Cipher of Damnation - The Third Fragment Recovered Plate
Chestplate of A'dal
109Chest Special Delivery to Shattrath City Plate
Gauntlets of the Vanquisher
109Hands Turning Point Plate
Leonine Breastplate
109ChestQuest Plate
Lightwarden's Girdle
109Waist Deathblow to the Legion Plate
Overlord's Helmet of Second Sight
109Head Plate
Starcaller's Plated Legguards
109Legs Dimensius the All-Devouring Plate
The Hands of Fate
109Hands The Cipher of Damnation - The Third Fragment Recovered Plate
Area 52 Engineering Gloves
108Hands Elemental Power Extraction Plate
Belt of the Soul Saver
108Waist There Can Be Only One Response Plate
Blackwing Helm
108Head Maxnar Must Die! Plate
Bloodguard's Greaves
108Feet Information Gathering Plate
Boot's Boots
108Feet That Little Extra Kick Plate
Field Agent's Bracers
108Wrists Retrieving the Goods Plate
Goblin Girdle
108Waist Breaking Down Netherock Plate
Inkling's Leggings
108Legs Whelps of the Wyrmcult Plate
Junior Technician 3rd Grade Bracers
108Wrists You're Hired! Plate
Lost Chestplate of the Reverent
108Chest Wanted: Annihilator Servo! Plate
Mech Tech Shoulders
108Shoulders Pick Your Part Plate
Nether Protector's Chest
108Chest Slay the Brood Mother Plate
Scavenged Breastplate
108Chest It's a Fel Reaver, But with Heart Plate
Soul Saver's Chest Plate
108Chest Show Them Gnome Mercy! Plate
Sparky's Discarded Helmet
108Head Dr. Boom! Plate
Spiritualist's Gauntlets
108Hands A Fate Worse Than Death Plate
Sylvanaar Champion's Shoulders
108Shoulders Planting the Banner Plate
Whiteknuckle Gauntlets
108Hands Whispers of the Raven God Plate
Legguards of the Resolute Defender
106Legs Destroy Naberius! Plate
X-52 Technician's Helm
106Head Back to the Chief! Plate
Clefthoof Helm
105Head Clefthoof Mastery Plate
Clocktock's Jumpers
105Feet What Came First, the Drake or the Egg? Plate
Expedition Defender's Shoulders
105Shoulders ...and a Time for Action Plate
Fairweather's Wristguards
105WristsQuest Plate
Judicator's Gauntlets
105Hands Murkblood Corrupters Plate
Last Year's "In" Belt
105Waist Gauging the Resonant Frequency Plate
Murkblood Avenger's Chestplate
105ChestQuest Plate
Murkblood Avenger's Legplates
105LegsQuest Plate
Muscle Toning Belt
105Waist Ride the Lightning Plate
Nether Drake Wristguards
105Wrists Spirit Calling Plate
QR 9863 Warrior Chest
105Chest Plate
Windroc Greaves
105Feet Windroc Mastery Plate
Breastplate of the Warbringer
103Chest Forge Camp: Annihilated Plate