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Name Level Req. Level Slot Source Type
Savage Gladiator's Scaled Shoulders
20080ShouldersPvE (Justice) Plate
Savage Plate Chestpiece
11570ChestVendor Plate
Savage Plate Gauntlets
11570HandsVendor Plate
Savage Plate Helm
11570HeadVendor Plate
Savage Plate Helm
11570HeadVendor Plate
Savage Plate Legguards
11570LegsVendor Plate
Savage Plate Shoulders
11570ShouldersVendor Plate
Savage Saronite Bracers
18778WristsCrafted Plate
Savage Saronite Gauntlets
18778HandsCrafted Plate
Savage Saronite Hauberk
18778ChestCrafted Plate
Savage Saronite Legplates
18778LegsCrafted Plate
Savage Saronite Pauldrons
18778ShouldersCrafted Plate
Savage Saronite Skullshield
18778HeadCrafted Plate
Savage Saronite Waistguard
18778WaistCrafted Plate
Savage Saronite Walkers
18778FeetCrafted Plate
Scarab Plate Helm
4944HeadLooted Plate
Scarlet Champion's Belt
440Waist Just for Safekeeping, Of Course Plate
Seafarer's Sturdy Boots
41986Feet Equipment Locker Plate
Serenity Bracers
434Wrists The Fall of Shai Hu Plate
Serenity Gloves
434Hands The Leader Hozen Plate
Serenity Legplates
434Legs Prophet Khar'zul Plate
Sergeant Major's Plate Wristguards
6358WristsPvP (Honor) Plate
Sergeant Major's Plate Wristguards
5045WristsPvP (Honor) Plate
Serpentstrike Shoulderpads
46390ShouldersLooted Plate
Serpentstrike Shoulderpads
41085ShouldersLooted Plate
Serrated Forearm Guards
45890WristsPvE (Justice) Plate
Shackles of Undeath
34685WristsLooted Plate
Shalehusk Boots
5651FeetLooted Plate
Shardling Legguards
20080LegsLooted Plate
Sha'tari Vindicator's Waistguard
115Waist How to Break Into the Arcatraz Plate
Sha'tari Wrought Armguards
115Wrists The Soul Devices Plate
Sha'tari Wrought Greaves
115Feet Into the Heart of the Labyrinth Plate
Sha-Trapper Waistguard
420Waist The Path to Respect Lies in Violence Plate
Shen-zin Shell Headguard
42085HeadLooted Plate
Shieldplate Sabatons
56Feet Plate
Shoulderguards of Honest Labor
40980ShouldersLooted Plate
Shoulderguards of Painful Lessons
46390ShouldersLooted Plate
Shoulderguards of Painful Lessons
4339ShouldersLooted Plate
Shoulderguards of the Bold
11570ShouldersLooted Plate
Shoulderplates of the Abolished
163Shoulders The Faceless Ones Plate
Shoulderplates of the Beholder
17575ShouldersLooted Plate
Siegeworn Bracers
46390WristsLooted Plate
Siegeworn Bracers
45089WristsLooted Plate
Sightfinder Helm
46390HeadLooted Plate
Sightfinder Helm
45089HeadLooted Plate
Silver Spur Boots
288Feet Return to Aviana Plate
Silver-Plated Battlechest
187Chest Junk in My Trunk Plate
Silvershell Leggings
5550LegsLooted Plate
Skadi's Iron Belt
20080WaistLooted Plate
Skullcage of Eternal Terror
17077HeadLooted Plate
Skul's Cold Embrace
5348ChestLooted Plate
Skyshredder Battleplate
333Chest Krazz Works! Plate
Skywall Striders
20080FeetLooted Plate
Slamshot Shoulders
6055ShouldersLooted Plate
Slatesteel Boots
10970Feet Ethereum Prisoner Plate
Slatesteel Bracers
11570WristsLooted Plate
Slatesteel Breastplate
11570ChestLooted Plate
Slatesteel Gauntlets
11570Hands Plate
Slatesteel Girdle
11570WaistLooted Plate
Slatesteel Helm
11570Head Plate
Slatesteel Leggings
11570Legs Terokk Plate
Slatesteel Shoulders
11570Shoulders Ethereum Prisoner (Group Energy Ball) Plate
Slaughterhouse Sabatons
18778FeetLooted Plate
Slayer's Leggings
10066LegsVendor Plate
Slayer's Waistguard
10066WaistVendor Plate
Slime Kickers
7360FeetLooted Plate
Slippers of the Mojo Dojo
175FeetQuest Plate
Snake Den Spaulders
20080ShouldersLooted Plate
Sollerets of Immovability
41781FeetLooted Plate
Soulforge Belt
65Waist Plate
Soulforge Bracers
65Wrists Plate
Soulforge Legplates
66Legs Plate
Soulforge Spaulders
65Shoulders Plate
Soulheart Bindings
31683WristsLooted Plate
Soul-Sealed Belt
15970Waist Vigdis the War Maiden Plate
Sparkbreath Girdle
46390WaistLooted Plate
Sparkbreath Girdle
43587WaistLooted Plate
Sparkly Shiny Gloves
18778HandsVendor Plate
Spaulders of Elder's Square
20080Shoulders Plate
Spaulders of Heroism
65Shoulders Plate
Spaulders of Ichoron
17575ShouldersLooted Plate
Spaulders of Immovable Stone
46390ShouldersLooted Plate
Spaulders of Immovable Stone
45089ShouldersLooted Plate
Spaulders of Slaughter
11570ShouldersLooted Plate
Spaulders of the Giant Lords
20080ShouldersVendor Plate
Spaulders of the Righteous
11570ShouldersLooted Plate
Spaulders of Valor
6055Shoulders Plate
Special Issue Legplates
18778LegsVendor Plate
Spiderfang Carapace
5247ChestLooted Plate
Spiked Metal Cilice
18778WaistLooted Plate
Spike-Soled Stompers
46390FeetLooted Plate
Spike-Soled Stompers
43587FeetLooted Plate
Spinebreaker Chestpiece
44085ChestLooted Plate
Stalwart Bands
55WristsLooted Plate
Stalwart Belt
60Waist Satchel of Helpful Goods Plate
Stalwart Clutch
56Waist Plate
Stalwart Grips
64Hands Satchel of Helpful Goods Plate
Stalwart Shoulderguards
70Shoulders Satchel of Helpful Goods Plate
Stalwart Shoulderpads
45ShouldersLooted Plate
Stalwart Treads
55FeetLooted Plate