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Name Level Req. Level Slot Source Type
Felbane Bracers
650100WristsLooted Plate
Felbane Breastplate
650100ChestLooted Plate
Felbane Gauntlets
650100HandsLooted Plate
Felbane Girdle
650100WaistLooted Plate
Felbane Greathelm
650100HeadLooted Plate
Felbane Greaves
650100FeetLooted Plate
Felbane Legplates
650100LegsLooted Plate
Felbane Shoulderguard
650100ShouldersLooted Plate
Felbane Shoulderguard
650100Shoulders Baleful Spaulders Plate
Felforged Chestplate
700Chest Large Legion Chest Plate
Felforged Gauntlets
700HandsLooted Plate
Felforged Helmet
700Head Large Legion Chest Plate
Felforged Legplates
700Legs Large Legion Chest Plate
Felforged Pauldrons
700Shoulders Large Legion Chest Plate
Felforged Vambraces
700WristsLooted Plate
Felforged Waistplate
700Waist Small Legion Chest Plate
Felforged Warboots
700FeetLooted Plate
Felsteel Gloves
11470HandsCrafted Plate
Felsteel Helm
11570HeadCrafted Plate
Felsteel Leggings
11470LegsCrafted Plate
Felstone Pauldrons
10968ShouldersLooted Plate
Ferocious Pauldrons of the Rhino
20080ShouldersLooted Plate
Ferocious Pauldrons of the Rhino
200ShouldersLooted Plate
Ferocious Plate of the Golden Lotus
46390ChestUnobtainable, Quest Plate
Festival Lane Girdle
20080Waist Plate
Fiery Plate Gauntlets
5853HandsCrafted Plate
Fingers of Light
34685HandsLooted Plate
Fingers of Light
33383HandsLooted Plate
Fire Hardened Hauberk
30Chest Plate
Firm-Set Treads
30081FeetLooted Plate
First Sergeant's Plate Bracers
6358WristsVendor Plate
First Sergeant's Plate Bracers
5045WristsVendor Plate
Fists of Loken
18778HandsLooted Plate
Fists of Phalanx
5651HandsLooted Plate
Fists of the Legion
820101HandsLooted Plate
Fists of the Pack
49Hands Report to the Denmother Plate
Flamebane Bracers
11269WristsCrafted Plate
Flamebane Breastplate
11570ChestCrafted Plate
Flamebane Gloves
11470HandsCrafted Plate
Flamebane Helm
11370HeadCrafted Plate
Flame-Bathed Steel Girdle
200WaistLooted Plate
Flameseared Carapace
1813ChestLooted Plate
Flashing Bracers of Warmth
39785WristsVendor Plate
Flesh Beast's Metal Greaves
97Feet Plate
Fleshripper's Bladed Chestplate
85Chest Plate
Flynn's Favorite Chestplate
333Chest Doing It Like a Dunwald Plate
Fobbly's Fabulous Legplates
53792LegsLooted Plate
Force Imbued Gauntlets
4540HandsLooted Plate
Foreman's Head Protector
5651HeadLooted Plate
Forgemaster's Shattered Shackle
288Waist Forgemaster Pyrendius Plate
Forlorn Breastplate of War
17976ChestLooted Plate
Forlorn Breastplate of War
179ChestLooted Plate
Foundry-Fired Plate Chestplate
543ChestQuest Plate
Foundry-Fired Plate Legguards
534LegsQuest Plate
Frostwolf Plate Belt
6055WaistVendor Plate
Frostwolf Stalwart Cap
525Head The Battle of Thunder Pass Plate
Frostwolf Stalwart Legguards
518Legs Lurkers Plate
Frostwolf Stalwart Shoulders
518Shoulders Pool of Visions Plate
Frozen Pendulum Shoulderguards
820101ShouldersLooted Plate
Frozen Steel Vambraces
6358Wrists Plate
Fungus-Stained Legplates
318Legs Wrath of the Fungalmancer Plate
Fury Visor
52Head Plate
Furybound Waistplate
333Waist Narkrall, The Drake-Tamer Plate
Gallant's Wristguards
4944WristsLooted Plate
Gan Shi Warlord Legguards
40085LegsLooted Plate
Garr's Girdle of Memories
34685Waist Plate
Gauntlets of Blurring Fingers
44284HandsLooted Plate
Gauntlets of Capture
20080HandsLooted Plate
Gauntlets of Chattering Valves
30081HandsLooted Plate
Gauntlets of Cruel Intention
11570HandsLooted Plate
Gauntlets of Disembowelment
15876HandsLooted Plate
Gauntlets of Divine Blessings
11568HandsLooted Plate
Gauntlets of Divine Blessings
11568HandsLooted Plate
Gauntlets of Grievous Storms
615100Hands Plate
Gauntlets of Jade Sutras
48990Hands Plate
Gauntlets of Legion Devastation
700Hands Hiding in the Stacks Plate
Gauntlets of Mending Touch
20080HandsVendor Plate
Gauntlets of Purification
8861HandsLooted Plate
Gauntlets of Rattling Bones
34685HandsVendor Plate
Gauntlets of Raw Strength
49Hands Fire in the Hole! Plate
Gauntlets of Resolute Fury
46390HandsLooted Plate
Gauntlets of Resolute Fury
46390HandsLooted Plate
Gauntlets of Resolute Fury
43587HandsLooted Plate
Gauntlets of Restraint
45890HandsVendor Plate
Gauntlets of Righteous Conviction
440Hands Unto Dust Thou Shalt Return Plate
Gauntlets of Shattered Pride
20080HandsVendor Plate
Gauntlets of Temporal Interference
37885HandsLooted Plate
Gauntlets of the Bold
11570HandsLooted Plate
Gauntlets of the Cheerful Hearth
13470HandsLooted Plate
Gauntlets of the Chosen
11570HandsVendor Plate
Gauntlets of The Culling
187Hands A Royal Escort Plate
Gauntlets of the Disturbed Giant
155Hands Postponing the Inevitable Plate
Gauntlets of the Kraken
26480HandsVendor Plate
Gauntlets of the Righteous
11570HandsLooted Plate
Gauntlets of the Righteous
115HandsLooted Plate
Gauntlets of the Sha'tari Defense
600100HandsVendor Plate
Gauntlets of the Silver Hand
810110HandsVendor Plate
Gauntlets of the Skullsplitter
9764HandsLooted Plate
Gauntlets of the Solemn Charge
44284HandsLooted Plate
Gauntlets of the Vanquisher
109Hands Turning Point Plate