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Name Level Req. Level Slot Source Type
Bracers of Umbral Mending
33383WristsLooted Plate
Breastplate of the Risen Land
33383ChestLooted Plate
Drystone Greaves
33383FeetVendor Plate
Earthshape Pauldrons
33383ShouldersLooted Plate
Fingers of Light
33383HandsLooted Plate
Greaves of Wu the Elder
33383FeetLooted Plate
Greaves of Wu the Younger
33383FeetLooted Plate
Helm of Setesh
33383HeadLooted Plate
Legguards of Noon
33383LegsLooted Plate
Omega Breastplate
33383ChestLooted Plate
Redsteel Breastplate
33383ChestCrafted Plate
Sand Dune Belt
33383WaistLooted Plate
Stone-Wrapped Greaves
33383LegsVendor Plate
Stormforged Helm
33383HeadCrafted Plate
Redsteel Helm
33383HeadCrafted Plate
Stormforged Breastplate
33383ChestCrafted Plate
Ben-Son's Royal Crown
31683HeadLooted Plate
Soulheart Bindings
31683WristsLooted Plate
Troubled Steps
31683FeetLooted Plate
Stonewrought Breastplate
30683ChestLooted Plate
Stonewrought Gauntlets
30683HandsLooted Plate
Stonewrought Girdle
30683WaistLooted Plate
Stonewrought Helm
30683HeadLooted Plate
Stonewrought Legplates
30683LegsLooted Plate
Stonewrought Pauldrons
30683ShouldersLooted Plate
Stonewrought Sabatons
30683FeetLooted Plate
Stonewrought Vambraces
30683WristsLooted Plate
Davidian's All-Seeing Eyes
42582HeadLooted Plate
Greatheart Pants
42582LegsLooted Plate
Stormforged Legguards
32582LegsCrafted Plate
Stormforged Shoulders
32582ShouldersCrafted Plate
Redsteel Legguards
32582LegsCrafted Plate
Greaves of Sullen Earth
30882LegsLooted Plate
Helm of Fatal Vision
30882HeadLooted Plate
Ravencrest Breastplate
30082ChestLooted Plate
Ravencrest Gauntlets
30082HandsLooted Plate
Ravencrest Girdle
30082WaistLooted Plate
Ravencrest Helm
30082HeadLooted Plate
Ravencrest Legplates
30082LegsLooted Plate
Ravencrest Pauldrons
30082ShouldersLooted Plate
Ravencrest Sabatons
30082FeetLooted Plate
Ravencrest Vambraces
30082WristsLooted Plate
Redsteel Shoulders
30082ShouldersCrafted Plate
Bleached Plate Belt
19982WaistLooted Plate
Bleached Plate Boots
19982FeetLooted Plate
Bleached Plate Bracers
19982WristsLooted Plate
Bleached Plate Chestpiece
19982ChestLooted Plate
Bleached Plate Gloves
19982HandsLooted Plate
Bleached Plate Helmet
19982HeadLooted Plate
Bleached Plate Pants
19982LegsLooted Plate
Bleached Plate Shoulderpads
19982ShouldersLooted, Mined Plate
Plankwalking Greaves
41981Feet Equipment Locker Plate
Radiant Seafarer's Boots
41981Feet Equipment Locker Plate
Errick's Woundbinder Gauntlets
41781HandsLooted Plate
Legplates of the Wandering Warrior
41781LegsLooted Plate
Sollerets of Immovability
41781FeetLooted Plate
Waistguard of Flaming Words
41781WaistLooted Plate
Belt of the Ringworm
31681WaistLooted Plate
Cinnabar Shoulders
31681ShouldersLooted Plate
Darksky Treads
31681FeetLooted Plate
Headcover of Fog
31681HeadLooted Plate
Hematite Plate Gloves
31681HandsLooted Plate
Legguards of Winnowing Wind
31681LegsLooted Plate
Lunar Halo
31681HeadLooted Plate
Redsteel Belt
31681WaistCrafted Plate
Redsteel Boots
31681FeetCrafted Plate
Stormforged Belt
31681WaistCrafted Plate
Stormforged Boots
31681FeetCrafted Plate
Firm-Set Treads
30081FeetLooted Plate
Gauntlets of Chattering Valves
30081HandsLooted Plate
Girdle of Heated Deeds
30081WaistLooted Plate
Greaves of the Outcast Knight
30081LegsLooted Plate
Fargodeep Breastplate
29581ChestLooted Plate
Fargodeep Gauntlets
29581HandsLooted Plate
Fargodeep Girdle
29581WaistLooted Plate
Fargodeep Helm
29581HeadLooted Plate
Fargodeep Legplates
29581LegsLooted Plate
Fargodeep Pauldrons
29581ShouldersLooted Plate
Fargodeep Sabatons
29581FeetLooted Plate
Fargodeep Vambraces
29581WristsLooted Plate
Qu'nas' Apocryphal Legplates
44080LegsLooted Plate
Torik-Ethis' Bloodied Legguards
44080LegsLooted Plate
Chestplate of Manifest Dread
44080ChestLooted Plate
Ancient Krasari Helm
42080HeadLooted Plate
Shen-zin Shell Headguard
42080HeadLooted Plate
Unearthed Dojani Headcover
42080HeadLooted Plate
Grain Warden's Gauntlets
41080HandsLooted Plate
Plough Driving Grips
41080HandsLooted Plate
Cheng's Irrepressible Girdle
40980WaistLooted Plate
Deathspite Breastplate
40980ChestLooted Plate
Shoulderguards of Honest Labor
40980ShouldersLooted Plate
Zoid's Scorched Bracers
40980WristsLooted Plate
Leggings of Forgotten War
40080LegsLooted Plate
Leggings of Fractured Reflection
40080LegsLooted Plate
Hardened Obsidium Helm
30880HeadCrafted Plate
Hardened Obsidium Shoulders
30880ShouldersCrafted Plate
Stormforged Gauntlets
30880HandsCrafted Plate
Bracers of Bloody Business
29280WristsLooted Plate
Breastplate of Solemn Vows
29280ChestLooted Plate
Pauldrons of Toil
29280ShouldersLooted Plate