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Name Level Req. Level Slot Source Type
Shoulderplates of the Beholder
17575ShouldersLooted Plate
Slippers of the Mojo Dojo
175FeetQuest Plate
Spaulders of Ichoron
17575ShouldersLooted Plate
Tempered Saronite Bracers
17577WristsCrafted Plate
175FeetQuest Plate
Void Sentry Legplates
17575LegsLooted Plate
Battlescar Spirebands
174Wrists Not-So-Honorable Combat Plate
Eternal Observer's Legplates
17474Legs Zul'drak Sentinel Plate
Girdle of Eternal Memory
174Waist Light Within the Darkness Plate
Iron Colossus Legplates
174Legs The Iron Colossus Plate
Mantle of Volkhan
174Shoulders Diametrically Opposed Plate
Pauldrons of Extinguished Hatred
174Shoulders Diametrically Opposed Plate
Pauldrons of Morbidus
174Shoulders The Flesh Giant Champion Plate
The Argent Crown
174Head The Crusaders' Pinnacle Plate
The Crusader's Resolution
174Head The Crusaders' Pinnacle Plate
The Darkspeaker's Iron Walkers
174Feet Mind Tricks Plate
Accelerator Stompers
174FeetQuest Plate
Astrid's Riding Gloves
174Hands Making a Harness Plate
Backhanded Grips
174Hands Krolmir, Hammer of Storms Plate
Belt of Rising Hope
174Waist Plate
Bjornrittar's Chilled Legguards
174Legs The Slithering Darkness Plate
Blackened Breastplate of the Vault
174Chest Shadow Vault Decree Plate
Bloodstained Helmet
174HeadQuest Plate
Bracers of Icy Resolve
174Wrists Plate
Breastplate of Splattered Blood
174Chest The Rider of Blood Plate
Chestguard of the Frozen Ascent
174Chest They Took Our Men! Plate
Chestplate of the Glacial Crusader
174Chest Eliminate the Competition Plate
Coldblooded Legplates
174LegsQuest Plate
Crown of Hyldnir
174Head Taking on All Challengers Plate
Cultbreaker's Chestguard
174ChestQuest Plate
Demolisher's Grips
174HandsQuest Plate
Ebon Pauldrons
174Shoulders Ebon Blade Prisoners Plate
Enchanted Plate Waistguard
174Waist Defending The Vanguard Plate
Gauntlets of the Holy Gladiator
174Hands Revenge for the Vargul Plate
Goblin Damage Absorber
174Waist Demolitionist Extraordinaire Plate
Golem Breastplate
17478ChestLooted Plate
Golem Gauntlets
17478HandsLooted Plate
Golem Girdle
17478WaistLooted Plate
Golem Helmet
17478HeadLooted Plate
Golem Legplates
17478LegsLooted Plate
Golem Pauldrons
17478ShouldersLooted Plate
Golem Sabatons
17478FeetLooted Plate
Golem Vambraces
17478WristsLooted Plate
Grimy Saronite Pauldrons
174Shoulders Seeds of Chaos Plate
Gutbuster of Aldur'thar
174WaistQuest Plate
Hardened Bone Wrist Protectors
174Wrists Killing Two Scourge With One Skeleton Plate
Helmet of the Dedicated
174Head You'll Need a Gryphon Plate
Icewalker's Spikes
174FeetQuest Plate
Iva's Boots
174Feet Off With Their Black Wings Plate
174FeetQuest Plate
Jayde's Reinforced Handguards
174Hands The Air Stands Still Plate
Jotunheim Shackles
174Wrists The Art of Being a Water Terror Plate
Legplates of Dominion
174Legs The Vile Hold Plate
Light-Touched Mantle
174Shoulders The Drakkensryd Plate
Mantle of Long Winter
174Shoulders Fate of the Titans Plate
Mountaineer's Helm
174Head Plate
Plated Bracelet of the Skies
174WristsQuest Plate
Plated Legs of the Unholy
174Legs The Rider of the Unholy Plate
Plated Skullguard
174Head A Delicate Touch Plate
Polished Tusk Shackles
174Wrists Ample Inspiration Plate
Ring of Jokkum
174Wrists Forging an Alliance Plate
Rings of Nergeld
174Wrists The Sum is Greater than the Parts Plate
Rockshaper Stompers
174Feet Valduran the Stormborn Plate
Rockshaper's Resolve
174Chest The Gifts of Loken Plate
Scourgebane Pauldrons
174ShouldersQuest Plate
Stability Girdle
174Waist The Stone That Started A Revolution Plate
Steel-Tipped Snowboots
174Feet Valkyrion Must Burn Plate
Thorim's Grasp
174Waist The Earthen Oath Plate
Vrykul Training Helm
174Head Discipline Plate
Brighthelm of Guarding
17174HeadLooted Plate
Brilliant Saronite Belt
17176WaistCrafted Plate
Brilliant Saronite Boots
17176FeetCrafted Plate
Brilliant Saronite Bracers
17176WristsCrafted Plate
Brilliant Saronite Pauldrons
17176ShouldersCrafted Plate
Enticing Sabatons
171FeetQuest Plate
Muradin's Lost Greaves
17174LegsLooted Plate
Tempered Saronite Helm
17176HeadCrafted Plate
Tempered Saronite Shoulders
17176ShouldersCrafted Plate
Skullcage of Eternal Terror
17077HeadLooted Plate
Kraken Breastplate
17077ChestLooted Plate
Kraken Epaulets
17077ShouldersLooted Plate
Kraken Gauntlets
17077HandsLooted Plate
Kraken Girdle
17077WaistLooted Plate
Kraken Greaves
17077FeetLooted Plate
Kraken Helm
17077HeadLooted Plate
Kraken Legplates
17077LegsLooted Plate
Kraken Vambraces
17077WristsLooted Plate
Reinforced Cobalt Chestpiece
17077ChestCrafted Plate
Battlechest of the Twilight Cult
16773ChestLooted Plate
Battlechest of the Twilight Cult
167ChestLooted Plate
Besieging Breastplate
167Chest Aces High! Plate
Brilliant Saronite Gauntlets
16775HandsCrafted Plate
Crawler-Emblem Belt
16773WaistLooted Plate
Crawler-Emblem Belt
167WaistLooted Plate
Dalaran Warden's Legplates
167Legs Containment Plate
Tempered Saronite Boots
16775FeetCrafted Plate
Tempered Saronite Breastplate
16775ChestCrafted Plate
Volazj's Sabatons
16773FeetLooted Plate
Volazj's Sabatons
167FeetLooted Plate
Agin's Crushing Carapace
16677ChestLooted Plate