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Name Level Req. Level Slot Source Type
Warpwood Shield
41Off Hand Alzzin the Wildshaper Shield
Chromie's Mirror
41Off Hand Villains of Darrowshire Shield
Forcestone Buckler
41Off Hand Shield
Tharg's Disk
41Off HandQuest Shield
Vile Protector
41Off Hand Shield
Baroque Shield
40Off Hand ... and Bugs Shield
Basalt Buckler
40Off Hand Shield
Lunar Buckler
40Off Hand Shield
Shield of Maraudon
39Off Hand Princess Theradras Shield
Vigilant Buckler
39Off Hand Shield
Anchorhold Buckler
39Off Hand Ghost-o-plasm Round Up Shield
Secretion-Coated Carapace
39Off Hand Stinglasher Shield
Secretion-Coated Carapace
39Off Hand Stinglasher Shield
Studded Ring Shield
38Off Hand Shield
Visionary Buckler
38Off Hand Galen's Escape Shield
Grom'gol Buckler
37Off Hand Shield
Highlord's Favor
37Off Hand Turning Yourself In Shield
Modified Spell Shield
37Off Hand Ogre Abduction Shield
Modified Spell Shield
37Off Hand Ogre Abduction Shield
Captain Rackmore's Wheel
36Off Hand Shield
Energized Stone Circle
36Off Hand Shield
Plague Cauldron Lid
36Off Hand Who Needs Cauldrons? Shield
Spiritual Barrier
36Off Hand Ambushed! Shield
Marbled Buckler
35Off Hand Shield
Claw-Scarred Bulwark
35Off Hand Infernal Encroachment Shield
Claw-Scarred Bulwark
35Off Hand Infernal Encroachment Shield
Crest of Darkshire
35Off HandUnobtainable Shield
Black Gold Buckler
34Off Hand Drive-By Piracy Shield
Shield of the Righteous Cause
33Off Hand Shield
Deadskull Shield
32Off HandUnobtainable Shield
Forceful Shield
32Off Hand Kill-Collect Shield
Hawthorne's Shield
32Off Hand A Line in the Dirt Shield
Pewter Slab
32Off Hand Marching On Our Stomachs Shield
Pewter Slab
32Off Hand Siegebreaker Shield
Sternhorn's Shield
32Off Hand A Line in the Dirt Shield
Shield of the Stockades
30Off Hand The Gnoll King Shield
Shield of Battlescar Valley
30Off Hand To Battlescar! Shield
Shield of the Faith
30Off Hand Shield
Arctic Buckler
29Off Hand Shield
Shield Against the Evil Presence
28Off HandQuest Shield
Shield Against the Evil Presence
28Off HandUnobtainable, Quest Shield
Clink Shield
28Off Hand Shield
Sentry Buckler
28Off Hand Shield
Shield of Control
28Off Hand Schemin' That Sabotage Shield
Shield of the Panther
28Off Hand Panther Mastery Shield
Driftmire Shield
27Off HandUnobtainable Shield
Fire Hardened Buckler
27Off HandUnobtainable Shield
Ward of the Vale
27Off Hand Shield
Shield of Uncurbed Appetite
25Off Hand Yetimus the Yeti Lord Shield
Baobab Fruit Shell
25Off Hand The Last Stand Shield
Bastion of Stormwind
25Off Hand Shield
Aegis of Faith
24Off Hand The Cries of the Dead Shield
Shield of Darkshire
24Off Hand Cry For The Moon Shield
Groundwork Shield
23Off Hand Breathing Room Shield
Raynewood Shield
23Off Hand Defend the Tree! Shield
Royal Treasury Courier's Shield
23Off Hand The Mosshide Job Shield
Detective Buckler
22Off Hand Security! Shield
Monstrous Shield
21Off Hand Freedom for Lydon Shield
Deathgate Shield
20Off Hand Counterattack! Shield
Shield of Azsharan Conquest
20Off Hand The Conquest of Azshara Shield
Shield of Talrendis Point
20Off Hand The Conquest of Azshara Shield
Shield of the Barrens
20Off Hand Counterattack! Shield
Buckler of the Seas
20Off Hand The Coastal Menace Shield
Furen's Favor
20Off Hand Shield
Portable Lap Desk
20Off Hand Welcome to the Machine Shield
Reforged Quel'dorei Crest
20Off Hand Dar'Khan's Lieutenants Shield
Steelcap Shield
20Off Hand Shield
Darkshore Warder's Shield
19Off Hand The Battle for Darkshore Shield
Wheel of the Lost Hope
19Off Hand Ending the Bloodcurse Shield
Professor's Sandwich Plate
18Off Hand The Titans' Terminal Shield
Blackrock Shield
17Off Hand Surveying Equipment Shield
Dwarven Defender
17Off Hand Shield
Honorary Gob Squad Shield
17Off Hand Extermination Shield
Peacekeeper's Buckler
17Off Hand WANTED: Deathclaw Shield
Shield of the Lesson
16Off Hand Lake Everstill Clean Up Shield
Welding Shield
16Off Hand Shield
Faerleia's Shield
15Off HandUnobtainable Shield
Ironplate Buckler
15Off Hand Shield
Scorched Shield
15Off Hand Mutual Aid Shield
Shield of Inner Glow
15Off Hand Shield
Gilnean Shield
14Off Hand The Battle for Gilneas City Shield
Hobart's Spare Hubcap
14Off Hand The Terrible Tinkers of the Ruined Reaches Shield
Scrap Metal Shield
14Off Hand Read the Manual Shield
Blood Offering Platter
13Off Hand The Waters Run Red... Shield
Farstrider's Shield
12Off Hand Report to Captain Helios Shield
Stillpine Defender
12Off Hand The Prophecy of Akida Shield
Bone Buckler
12Off Hand Shield
Algaz Shield
11Off Hand Shield
Forlorn Shield
11Off Hand A Love Eternal Shield
Heat-Applied Metallic Cooking Container
11Off Hand Wild Mine Cart Ride Shield
Silver Platter
11Off Hand The Heads of the SI:7 Shield
Silver Stream Shield
11Off Hand Filthy Paws Shield
Wax Catcher
11Off Hand "I TAKE Candle!" Shield
Tribal Warrior's Shield
11Off Hand Shield
Crag Buckler
10Off Hand Mist Shield
Militia Buckler
10Off Hand Shield
Reaper's Buckler
10Off Hand A Little Oomph Shield
Broken Barn Door
10Off HandLooted Shield
Charging Buckler
9Off Hand Shield
Farstrider's Buckler
9Off Hand The Ring of Mmmrrrggglll Shield