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Name Level Req. Level Slot Source Type
Heavy Lamellar Shield
5550Off HandLooted Shield
Heat-Applied Metallic Cooking Container
11Off Hand Wild Mine Cart Ride Shield
Headhunter's Buckler
3429Off HandLooted Shield
Hawthorne's Shield
32Off Hand A Line in the Dirt Shield
Hawkeye's Buckler
3732Off HandLooted Shield
Hatchlings' Protector
50Off Hand Done Nothing Wrong Shield
Hatchlings' Protector
50Off Hand Done Nothing Wrong Shield
Hardened Steel Shield
9060Off HandLooted, Pick Pocketed Shield
Hardened Obsidium Shield
28980Off HandCrafted Shield
Gypsy Buckler
127Off HandLooted, Fished Shield
Guardian Buckler
2520Off HandVendor Shield
Gryphon Mail Buckler
5146Off HandLooted Shield
Grunt's Shield
2419Off HandLooted Shield
Groundwork Shield
23Off Hand Breathing Room Shield
Grom'gol Buckler
37Off Hand Shield
Grizzly Buckler
138Off HandLooted Shield
Green Carapace Shield
2116Off Hand Druid of the Fang Shield
Gothic Shield
4944Off HandLooted Shield
Gold Lion Shield
34Off Hand Shield
Glyphed Buckler
3934Off HandLooted, Fished Shield
Glorious Shield
6055Off HandLooted Shield
Glimmering Shield
3126Off HandLooted Shield
Ghostwalker Buckler
3631Off HandLooted Shield
Furen's Favor
20Off Hand Shield
Frozen Shield
18280Off HandLooted Shield
Fortified Shield
2520Off HandLooted Shield
Formidable Crest
5247Off HandLooted Shield
Forlorn Shield
11Off Hand A Love Eternal Shield
Forged-Iron Shield
13468Off HandLooted Shield
Forest Buckler
2419Off HandLooted, Skinned Shield
Forcestone Buckler
45Off Hand Shield
Forcestone Buckler
41Off Hand Shield
Forceful Shield
32Off Hand Kill-Collect Shield
Flamecaller's Shield
414Off Hand Call Out Their Leader Shield
Fire Hardened Buckler
27Off Hand Shield
Field Plate Shield
4338Off HandLooted Shield
Feral Buckler
1914Off HandLooted Shield
Fel-Iron Shield
11167Off HandLooted Shield
Farstrider's Shield
12Off Hand Report to Captain Helios Shield
Fargodeep Shield
29581Off HandLooted Shield
Faerleia's Shield
15Off Hand Shield
Faded Forest Shield
37285Off HandVendor Shield
Faded Forest Barrier
37285Off HandVendor Shield
Eye of the Wakener
437Off Hand The Scent of Blood Shield
Exalted Shield
6560Off HandLooted Shield
Engraved Wall
6055Off HandLooted Shield
Energized Stone Circle
36Off Hand Shield
Enduring Shield
3934Off HandLooted Shield
Emperor Shield
8458Off HandLooted Shield
Emerald Shield
5954Off HandLooted Shield
Embossed Plate Shield
4540Off HandLooted Shield
Embossed Brazen Shield
16275Off HandLooted Shield
Emblazoned Buckler
3025Off HandLooted Shield
Ebonhold Buckler
5651Off HandLooted Shield
Earthclasp Barrier
43Off Hand Shield
Dwarven Defender
17Off Hand Shield
Dust Bowl Shield
46Off Hand The Good Stuff Shield
Dust Bowl Shield
46Off Hand Forcible Acquisition Shield
Dust Bowl
1813Off HandLooted Shield
Driftmire Shield
27Off Hand Je'neu of the Earthen Ring Shield
Dreadmaul Shield
27277Off HandLooted Shield
Dragonscale Shield
12070Off HandLooted Shield
Domed Buckler
16676Off Hand Shield
Dokebi Buckler
3126Off HandLooted Shield
Direforge Shield
28980Off HandLooted Shield
Detective Buckler
22Off Hand Security! Shield
Dervish Buckler
2823Off HandLooted Shield
Demon Guard
6358Off HandLooted Shield
Defender Shield
2318Off HandLooted Shield
Deadskull Shield
32Off Hand Shield
Darkhide Barrier
399Off Hand Mushan Mastery: Darkhide Shield
Cutthroat's Buckler
3328Off HandLooted Shield
Crystalvein Shield
31284Off HandLooted Shield
Crusader's Shield
5550Off HandLooted Shield
Crest of Darkshire
35Off Hand Shield
Crag Buckler
10Off Hand Mist Shield
Corpse Dragger's Shield
53Off Hand Shy-Rotam Shield
Constable Buckler
27Off Hand Shield
Combat Shield
3631Off HandLooted Shield
Collection Plate
44Off Hand Shield
Cobalt Triangle Shield
14270Off HandCrafted Shield
Cobalt Buckler
20Off Hand Shield
Clink Shield
28Off Hand Shield
Claw-Scarred Bulwark
35Off Hand Infernal Encroachment Shield
Claw-Scarred Bulwark
35Off Hand Infernal Encroachment Shield
Chromite Shield
4641Off HandLooted Shield
Chromie's Mirror
41Off Hand Villains of Darrowshire Shield
Chiselgrip Shield
50Off Hand Golem Training Shield
Chief Brigadier Shield
4035Off HandLooted Shield
Champion's Wall Shield
4843Off HandLooted Shield
Ceremonial Buckler
1510Off HandLooted Shield
Catapult Loading Scoop
289Off Hand Fixer Upper Shield
Captain's Buckler
4439Off HandLooted Shield
Captain Rackmore's Wheel
36Off Hand Shield
Cannonball-Dented Shield
372Off Hand Regroup! Shield
Cadet Shield
138Off HandLooted, Fished Shield
Burnished Shield
2116Off HandLooted, Fished Shield
Bulwark of Leaders
45Off Hand Behind You! Shield
Buckler of the Seas
20Off Hand The Coastal Menace Shield
Brutish Shield
5045Off HandLooted Shield