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Name Level Req. Level Slot Source Type
Crusader's Shield
5550Off HandLooted Shield
Crest of Darkshire
35Off Hand Shield
Crag Buckler
10Off Hand Mist Shield
Corpse Dragger's Shield
53Off Hand Shy-Rotam Shield
Combat Shield
3631Off HandLooted Shield
Collection Plate
44Off Hand Shield
Cobalt Triangle Shield
14270Off HandCrafted Shield
Clink Shield
28Off Hand Shield
Claw-Scarred Bulwark
35Off Hand Infernal Encroachment Shield
Claw-Scarred Bulwark
35Off Hand Infernal Encroachment Shield
Chromite Shield
4641Off HandLooted Shield
Chromie's Mirror
41Off Hand Villains of Darrowshire Shield
Chiselgrip Shield
50Off Hand Golem Training Shield
Chief Brigadier Shield
4035Off HandLooted Shield
Champion's Wall Shield
4843Off HandLooted Shield
Ceremonial Buckler
1510Off HandLooted Shield
Catapult Loading Scoop
289Off Hand Fixer Upper Shield
Captain's Buckler
4439Off HandLooted Shield
Captain Rackmore's Wheel
36Off Hand Shield
Cannonball-Dented Shield
372Off Hand Regroup! Shield
Cadet Shield
138Off HandLooted, Fished Shield
Burnished Shield
2116Off HandLooted, Fished Shield
Bulwark of Leaders
45Off Hand Behind You! Shield
Buckler of the Seas
20Off Hand The Coastal Menace Shield
Brutish Shield
5045Off HandLooted Shield
Broodmother's Protector
174Off Hand Territorial Trespass Shield
Bristlebark Buckler
2520Off HandLooted Shield
Brightpolish Shield
305Off Hand Rock Bottom Shield
Brigade Defender
4540Off HandLooted Shield
Brick Shield
37784Off HandLooted Shield
Brackwater Shield
149Off HandLooted Shield
Borean Ward
138Off Hand The Nefarious Clam Master... Shield
Bonelink Wall Shield
4742Off HandLooted Shield
Bloody Bulwark
154Off Hand Sasha's Hunt Shield
Bloodwater Shield
49Off Hand Enemy at our Roots Shield
Bloodspattered Shield
1813Off HandLooted Shield
Bloodlust Buckler
5954Off HandLooted Shield
Bloodforged Shield
5146Off HandLooted Shield
Bloodforged Guard
111Off HandQuest Shield
Blood Offering Platter
13Off Hand The Waters Run Red... Shield
Blackrock Shield
17Off Hand Surveying Equipment Shield
Blackforge Buckler
4742Off HandLooted Shield
Black Husk Shield
2419Off HandLooted Shield
Black Gold Buckler
34Off Hand Drive-By Piracy Shield
Bioluminescent Buckler
272Off Hand The Horde's Hoard Shield
Bejeweled Ship's Wheel
300Off Hand Shield
Bear Buckler
2318Off HandVendor Shield
Bayeaux Shield
10866Off HandLooted Shield
Battleforge Shield
2924Off HandLooted Shield
Bataari Warshield
414Off Hand Call Out Their Leader Shield
Bastion of Stormwind
25Off Hand Shield
Basalt Buckler
40Off Hand Shield
Baroque Shield
40Off Hand ... and Bugs Shield
Bard's Buckler
1611Off HandLooted, Fished Shield
Baobab Fruit Shell
25Off Hand The Last Stand Shield
Bandit Buckler
2015Off HandLooted, Fished Shield
Banded Shield
3328Off HandLooted Shield
Archer's Buckler
3631Off HandLooted Shield
Arcanum Shield
138Off HandQuest Shield
Anti-Trogg Shield
46Off Hand Troggish Troubles Shield
Ancient Draenei Crest
99Off Hand Escaping the Tomb Shield
Ancient Defender
4641Off HandLooted Shield
Anchorhold Buckler
39Off Hand Ghost-o-plasm Round Up Shield
Algaz Shield
11Off Hand Shield
Alabaster Shield
5752Off HandLooted Shield
Aegis of Faith
24Off Hand The Cries of the Dead Shield
Admiral Taylor's Spellguard
575Off Hand Shield
Admiral Taylor's Shield
575Off HandQuest Shield
Adamantine Kite Shield
81Off HandQuest Shield
Zulian Swirling Shield
33385Off HandLooted Shield
Zulian Defender
6860Off Hand Shield
Zora's Ward
34685Off HandLooted Shield
Zora's Ward
33383Off HandLooted Shield
Worn Turtle Shell Shield
2116Off HandLooted, Skinned Shield
Warsong Stormshield
16678Off HandVendor Shield
Warpwood Shield
41Off Hand Alzzin the Wildshaper Shield
Viryx's Indomitable Bulwark
630100Off HandLooted Shield
Vigilant Buckler
39Off Hand Shield
Twilight Mirrorshield
333Off Hand Traitor's Bait Shield
Turpster's Sonorous Shield
45085Off HandLooted Shield
Truthbreaker Shield
333Off Hand A Villain Unmasked Shield
Troll Protector
4944Off HandLooted Shield
Tor's Crest
18778Off HandLooted Shield
Tian Protector
404Off HandQuest Shield
Tian Defender
404Off HandQuest Shield
Thermaplugg's Central Core
2924Off HandLooted Shield
Tharon'ja's Aegis
17174Off HandLooted Shield
Talador Spellbarrier
553Off HandQuest Shield
Sunsoul Shield
610100Off Hand Big Crate of Salvage Shield
Sunsoul Bulwark
610100Off Hand Big Crate of Salvage Shield
Streamtalker Shield
610100Off Hand Big Crate of Salvage Shield
Streamtalker Aegis
610100Off Hand Big Crate of Salvage Shield
Stormwind Shield
60090Off HandVendor Shield
Stormwind Guard Shield
2015Off Hand Shield
Stormshield of Renewal
11570Off HandLooted Shield
Stoneshell Guard
5247Off HandLooted Shield
Spellbreaker's Buckler
109Off HandQuest Shield
Skyrider's Shining Shield
44284Off HandLooted Shield
Skullance Shield
3833Off HandLooted Shield
Silvermoon Crest Shield
11570Off HandLooted Shield